Enjo versus Norwex versus e-cloth – Real, honest reviews by real people.

Cruising around the net looking for real, honest, reviews of Enjo, Norwex and e-cloth can be a frustrating experience. Just when you think you’ve finally stumbled upon one, you realize it has actually been written by someone who sells Enjo, Norwex or e-cloth. OR, the comments below the review are littered with sales pitches by people who sell Enjo, Norwex or e-cloth.

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The truth is, all three companies make fantastic microfiber cleaning cloths/mitts that will clean your house like it’s never been cleaned before. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with ANY of these. The shape and colour may be different, but they all work the same way (with water), and they are all amazing at cleaning grease, dirt, grime, bacteria…

There is one other BIG difference, and that is price. Don’t let anyone tell you that just because it costs more, Enjo must clean better than Norwex or that Norwex must clean better than e-cloth. They all clean great.

Admittedly, I sell e-cloth. I’ve also sold Norwex. And I have friends that own Enjo products. In fact it was an Enjo party that got me into the whole microfiber cleaning business in the first place. I loved Enjo. I just couldn’t afford it. I loved Norwex. I just felt guilty selling it at their prices.

By now, you’ve probably seen some of my reviews of Norwex and e-cloth products. I don’t own any Enjo products so I can’t review them. But I’d like to read YOUR reviews of Enjo, Norwex and /or e-cloth. Good or bad. Just post them as a comment below.

I have no idea whether this is going to work or if we’ll get any comments, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It’s my hope that this can become a bit of a forum for people to find REAL and HONEST reviews of Enjo, Norwex and e-cloth. So please, no sales pitches from salespeople and no trash-talking. Comments will be moderated and I’ll delete any inappropriate ones.

For you skeptics out there, I’ll just add that as long as the comments meet the “no sales pitches” and “appropriate” rules, they won’t be deleted or edited. Of course I can’t prove this so you’ll just have to believe me (my worry is that if we get a lot of great e-cloth reviews – certain people may think I’m being biased and only allowing the good ones.) These are honest reviews by real people.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m sure others who are in the market for some high quality cleaning microfiber products will appreciate your honest reviews too.

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111 Responses to Enjo versus Norwex versus e-cloth – Real, honest reviews by real people.

  1. Art says:

    I would recommend to anyone looking for a more affordable but still the same quality as Norwex, E-cloth and Enjo to look at http://www.purasolutions.com. I am not selling the cloths, just stating that this is the industrial version used by hospital and cleaning institutes. The only way to buy these cloths is through a commercial distributor of theirs. The cloths are of the same caliber but the pricing is way better. The website has a phone number on it and they can direct you to a commercial distributor near you. I hope that this is not taken as a sales pitch it is only for information to those looking for an alternative to the expensive cloths/floor mops or tools with the same results.

  2. ErinC says:

    Hi there. I love the Norwex glass cloth, and the multi-use cloth, and am glad to hear about the e-cloth alternatives. Wondering though if there is another “cleaning paste” product around?

  3. VIctoria says:

    I love my ENJO! We switched to cleaning with only ENJO and water over 6 years ago and I am so happy to have removed all the chemicals from our home. ENJO is an upfront investment, which is why I hosted a demo to get it half-price (as have most of my friends). We have saved a ton of money, but more importantly half our cleaning time! ENJO is the most effective clean and cleans pore deep, not just smooth surfaces. I don’t find it fussy. We have 4 kids and lots of laundry and don’t pamper the ENJO – just wash with no fabric softener, bleach or dryer. Other microfibres I tried before (e-cloth, shaklee, etc) didn’t compare to the clean you get with ENJO. There is no other cleaning system like it! It is so simple that by 18months my youngest 2 kids figured out that when they spill they grab the ENJO and clean it up. The kids can help me with all the cleaning and do a great job. When I first got ENJO I did a comparison test on my own counter. The counter was so much smoother with ENJO and you could feel the difference.

  4. treena says:

    Hi Kate,

    Does ecloth have a silver cloth like norwex does?

    • E-cloth stopped making cloths with silver in them last year. There were several reasons for this – including the fact that people were very confused by how it worked – but the main one is that the silver in NO WAY improves upon the cleaning ability of any microfiber cloth.

      All e-cloths pick up over 99% of bacteria from smooth surfaces (counters, sinks, ovens, tubs, toilets, floors, etc.). Once the bacteria is in the cloth, if you rinse it in warm/hot water, over 99% of that bacteria will be rinsed down the drain and in all likelihood, the remainder will die as the cloth dries.

      Silver in microfiber cloths acts to speed up the killing of any bacteria in the cloth, but as mentioned above, as long as you’re rinsing your e-cloth after use, there’s no bacteria left to kill. So it really didn’t make any sense to put the silver in e-cloths. I think they may have started because people who had tried norwex started asking about it.

      In the end, the silver added confusion and expense to the customer and an added strain on the environment.
      There is a lot of confusion about the silver in microfiber cloths. Many people think that it makes the cloths “antibacterial” and that the cloths “sterilize/disinfect” the surface. This isn’t true of any microfiber cloth. e-cloth (and Norwex – and any other GOOD microfiber cloth) works by picking up bacteria and trapping it in the fibers.

  5. Let me start out by saying that I am not affiliated with any of the companies being reviewed/compared! I have tried both Norwex and Enjo, and I have to say I like my Enjo supplies better. I had problems with stinky Norwex kitchen cloths and towels, and I also had problems with the Norwex cloths not being absorbent when they were dry.

    For my kitchen, the Enjo fibres GREATLY outperformed the Norwex cloths, and the tea towel from Enjo doesn’t leave little microfibres all over my dishes like my Norwex towels did.

    The mirror/window polishing cloths I found to be about the same in effectiveness between Norwex and Enjo, but the bathroom cleaning cloth (norwex) doesn’t work as well for me as the Enjo bathroom fibre. I find the Norwex cloths take more work to do the same job.

    I do have to say, though… the Enjo prices are kinda insane! Might have to do with their being made in Austria – Europe isn’t exactly the cheapest place to manufacture stuff, but still…

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi Kate,

    I would like to let everyone know that I work in a Nursing Home in Ontario, and our company of 7 homes uses ONLY microfibre and water to clean our resident’s home areas. No chemicals come in direct contact with our vulnerable residents!

    I have been using Norwex for about a year now. To be honest, I love it! But to be even more honest, I have been searching for a product with the same effectiveness at a lower price point. I have looked at e-cloth a number of times and was skeptical because “How can a product have the same effectiveness as Norwex but be SO much cheaper?”

    I have spent so much time reading all your reviews and comments and I am happy to say that I just made my first e-cloth purchase this morning! I am truly looking forward to receiving my products and trying them out finally! (I am also super excited the e-cloth mop pads fit my Norwex mop!)

    • Hi Michelle – saw your order come in. Thank you! You’re not that far away from me… I’m just in Cambridge.

      I’m very happy to hear about the healthy cleaning choices at your Nursing homes. I’ll be very interest to hear what you think of the e-cloth products and how you think they compare to Norwex.

      Thanks for giving e-cloth a try and for sharing on my blog!

      • Michelle says:

        Hi Kate,

        After using my new e-cloth products for a while now, I must say that the reviews are true! My e-cloth products work the same, if not better than my Norwex cloths. I ordered the wet mop, dry dust mop, and multi-purpose cloth from e-cloth as I have the comparable products from Norwex. The e-cloth multi-purpose cloth works better than my Norwex envirocloth in my opinion. I also like the texture a lot better of the e-cloth. I find with the Norwex cloth, I need to use more effort to clean tough grime but with the e-cloth, it only takes a few swipes.

        I am very happy with my e-cloth products and I am especially happy with the prices!

  7. Sarah says:

    I am really interested in all 3 of these brands and I want to purchase a floor cleaning system for high gloss timber and tiles.

    In my research I can’t see much difference between norwex and e-cloth. However Enjo offers a high gloss floor cloth for their mops. Will the e-cloth and norwex offer a streak free finish for high gloss flooring?

    Apart from cost is there any differences?

    Are you able to contact me about shopping to Australia?

    Thanks for a great site!

    • Hi Sarah – I’ve had many customers with high gloss floors rave about the e-cloth and norwex mops. The secret is to rinse the pad regularly and make sure it’s not too wet. I’m sure Enjo will provide equally good results.

      All 3 brands are slightly different but they’ll all give great results.

      We do ship to Australia however, since USPS raised their rates earlier this year, most Australians who have contacted me have found that it’s now cheaper to buy locally. But if you contact me through my website: eclothusa.com with a list of items and your full mailing address, I can get a quote for you.

  8. Anita says:

    I’m not a Norwex consultant and don’t see me becoming one as I have small children and am time poor. BUT. I absolutely LOVE my Norwex!! I’ve tried Enjo but couldn’t afford to buy much and therefore gave it up. I’ve gradually built up my stash of Norwex over 18mths now and there’s always more I want. I give them as gifts to family and friends and they love them too. It does look expensive at first glance but compared to what I used to spend on chemicals, it’s much cheaper :) Being pregnant, I love that I can still breathe while cleaning my showers. I love how easy it is for the kids to wipe their bathroom basin and counter top down. All my kids use the Norwex baby cloths in the shower and bath and voila my youngest doesn’t get thrush as much anymore :) I use the body cloth for my face now and while I’ve suffered from acne from age 9, I no longer have bad skin and rarely get pimples – even now I’m pregnant. My family rarely gets sick anymore as I clean my whole house with Norwex and they’ve not been sick (except for 1 bout of gastro – thanks school!) since I started using Norwex throughout my whole house. My husband even loves how easy it is and cleans much more now :) Bonus for me lol. I don’t know anything about e-cloth and have never heard of it to be honest but between Enjo and Norwex, Norwex wins hands down. It takes me no time to clean now and my home smells like a home instead of chemicals. My kids love mopping and it’s easy for them too and I’ve just bought a kids mop for my daughters 2nd birthday so she can mop to her hearts content lol. Easy and simple to wash and they stay nice. My baby cloths have lost some of their colour over the last year but they still work the same and don’t look horridly feral but have only been used in the bath and shower :) I take my cloths with me camping and holidays too.

    The only bad experience I’ve had with Norwex is the body glove – mine and friends who had them, have had them get mouldy and now Norwex doesn’t sell them anymore. But everything else has been awesome :) can’t recommend them enough :)

  9. Sandra says:

    Hi Kate: I have read your reviews and I would like to try them both to see the difference between the two. I have a Norwex mop but would like to try the E-cloth mop. Can you use the e-cloth mop pad on a Norwex mop? Or do I have to buy a whole another mop again? I think if I can interchange them on the mop I have, I would be able to get a good idea of the differences.

    • Sandra – sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I’ve been on vacation and this poor blog has suffered.

      Yes, you can use the Norwex pads on the e-cloth mop and vice-versa. I own both and use all the pads interchangeably.

  10. Kandi says:

    thank you this is been a informative read

  11. Natalie says:

    The Norwex Mattress Cleaner looks very tempting as we’re planning to move overseas and rent furnished housing…but can anyone suggest a cheaper alternative?

  12. Angela says:

    I love my enjo products and really don’t think the price is a factor when you compare the price of all of the chemical cleaners and cloths you might have used during the lifetime of your enjo product.
    I would not consider changing because the results speak for themselves and the hygiene tests (available online) are superior.

  13. Mahala says:

    There is alot of misinformation out there about ENJO. The cloths DO NOT trasfer bacteria, they do require rinsing / washing after being used to remove the bacteria. Any cloth left wet will breed bacteria and become smelly.
    It is the “washing action” that removes the bacteria, not the temperature. Boiling cloths is an outdated cleaning method from victorian times . You wouldn’t dream of boiling your clothes to clean them.
    Bacteria can not live without moisture which is why it is so important to make sure you keep your surfaces dry. This goes for every surface and cloth, leave them wet and bacteria will grow.
    The fibres are not delicate, you use a light touch so the fibres are not compressed and can reach into the microscopic crevices to remove dirt, grime and bacteria. Again, dry your surface so bacteria doesn’t grow.
    I keep making the analagy to clothes, as ENJO is a “fibre”. You roll and squeeze the cloths to remove excess water which really isn’t hard, just a different way of doing things. When you twist and wring out the cloths you stretch the fibres and seams which decreases their life expectancy, just as you wouldn’t get the same life out of any cloth when you twist them. You can do it, just don’t expect them to last as long. The same goes for your clothes if you keep wringing and twisting them it ruins the shape of the clothes and they don’t last as long.
    The glove fibres – consist of microscopically thin fibers – each is 1/100th the size of a strand of hair – and these fibers are lined with barbs; the fibers + barbs lift and hold the dirt, reaching into micrscopoically small crevices found on all surfaces, and therefore picking up dirt that typical household sponges, cloths, cleaners, etc. can’t reach.
    ENJO glove fibres are microscopic and go down into the smallest pores and thinnest cracks and removes dirt and bacteria. The surface is up to 100% bacteria free. ENJO fibres are scientifically proven to clean up to 6 times better than chemical cleaners.

    • Hi Mahala – thanks for your comments and the information. I’m not sure this is the right spot for your information though. I would like to keep this page open to reviews and opinions of the various cleaning cloths. If you can find a better spot somewhere on my blog to post this, I welcome you to copy and paste it. I’ll leave your comments for a day or two here but then I’m going to remove them.

    • This reads like a sales pitch to me, and some of what is stated is not true. Bacteria do not need moisture to live. (Some bacteria do not even need air to live!) Bacteria have been found under polar ice caps. Rinsing, wringing, and airing will minimize mold growth–molds DO require moisture to live–but these practices won’t get rid of bacteria. Boiling will. If anyone wants to spend a lifetime boiling expensive cleaning cloths, that is her choice. :)

      • penny says:

        There is always bacteria around. they just lay dormant until the danger zone is reached between temperatures of 4-60°. seem to b sale pitching still going on.

  14. Marissa says:

    Kate! I feel the need to do a little rave on the e-cloth bathroom cloth.

    This cloth is bloody fantastic!! I think the shaggy-ish fibres get into the grout better than my beloved Enjo, my shower looks better using e-cloth. I also love the fact it’s a CLOTH and not an awkward mitt… I love my kitchen mitt but in the bathroom where your mitt gets rather wet it also gets awkward, so I think the e-cloth is more ergonomic.

    Also a very special mention to the dusting cloth, again the ergonomics of this make me like it more than my Enjo dusting mitt and it picks up dust just as well if not better. I am also loving the dish scrubber!! It gets cooked on grubbies off of dishes pretty much instantly.

    I do also like the general purpose cloth/kitchen cloths…. for the kitchen though my Enjo all purpose cloth cleans the same but is more absorbent, it’s got very long fibres which suck spills up. Like I said though they both work well, and the e-cloth leaves less moisture behind.

    I’ve got my future MIL’s e-cloths sitting under the Christmas tree all wrapped up and pretty, can’t wait to see how she likes them! She seemed very excited about the concept when I was telling her about them.

    • Marissa – what a great comment for me to wake up to this morning. Thanks! You should be adding these reviews to my ecloth website (hint hint ;o) ). Have a Merry Christmas, I’ll be interested to hear what your future MIL thinks.

  15. Jess says:

    I’ve been invited to a Norwex party this week nd found this site while researching in preparation. So, here is my underlying concern with all of this — are the fibers themselves Eco-friendly? I’ve always thought of microfiber as a petroleum based synthetic and avoided it. Also, I’d be interested to know what products people who have a housekeeper find most useful on those in between days. I just recently justified that expense so to spend money on cleaning products seems almost ironic! The other 2 reasons I avoid mf are that I use vinegar in my washer rinse cycle and it couldn’t handle that (who needs more hassle to clean their cleaning tools?) and in the cloth diaper world people use it as a stay dry diaper material but then suffer chronic stink issues with their laundry. I prefer natural fibers and dealing with diaper stink is not something I want to be faced with!

    • Hi Jess. I’ll let others comment on the best products to have around between professional cleanings as I don’t have a house cleaner. But I will comment on the vinegar issue. We also use cloth diapers. I’ve never had a stink problem but I do occasionally use vinegar in my washer. The vinegar will NOT cause a problem with e-cloth microfiber cloths. The only things you have to avoid are fabric softener and bleach. Some people actually use their e-cloths with vinegar to clean. I also do at times to get rid of hard water buildup.

      Oh – back to the house-cleaning issue. My sister-in-law has a cleaning lady. She’s purchased several of the General Purpose and Glass & Polishing cloths. She uses them daily (for any job that needs a “wipe”) and also has her cleaning lady use them.

  16. Anita H says:

    I’m trying to do some research on these products, and I’ve come across another one called BlueWonder. From the brief reviews I’ve seen so far, the only thing I’ve learned is that the Blue Wonder does not contain the silver (which some folks are concerned about using). I would like to try at least one Norwex (I have a friend who is a rep), but my husband really wants me to be a good steward on this, and has encouraged me to do lots of research. By the way, I appreciate all the dialogue here, it’s really helping me to learn a lot.

    • Hi Anita – I’ve also heard of BlueWonder but have not used it. Perhaps someone will post here. If you haven’t read it already, I have a post on here about how the silver in microfiber cloths works. Might be worth a read.

    • queensny2011 says:

      We use the Blue Wonder cloths and they are fantastic. A friend told me about them and she’d been using the same one for 10 years and it still worked perfectly. I like the fact Blue Wonder does not have silver in it. So many things are promoted as being fine and then 5 or 10 years down the road, you find out it’s not good for you. This way, I won’t have that worry. And, I really think society has gone overboard with antibacterial everything.

  17. Lisa says:

    Haven’t tried the other two types of cloths but I can’t live without my Enjo broom with dust fibre. My house is full of light coloured tiles and the wide cloth with non moving or moving head means I can clean everywhere without having to change to a smaller broom which I found just flicked the dust into the air and brought on my allergies. I can also use the handle of the broom with other attachments for dusting/window cleaning so it is handy in many different ways. Was not even interested in the broom before the demo until I saw all the dirt and hair it picked up!

    • Lisa – thanks for adding your review! I remember coveting that broom at the Enjo presentation I went to. That and the little toilet brush. But then the price list went around and reality hit. If someone gave me one, I’d use it and love it but I also love my e-cloth mop. The dust pad is my best friend.

  18. Reina says:

    I love Enjo as some products are amazing , I clean my black granite / stainless steel in half the time with perfect results. Others ( floormop) seem to be as good as others but last longer ( my friends tell me they ‘ve had theirs for years.
    The colour coding is really practical as well : the e cloths all look a bit the same so the cleaner will end up mixing them all up.I agree it is expensive and probably overpriced, but I’m very, very enthusiastic about it !!

    • Reina – thanks for taking the time to comment. Actually e-cloth has several packs that are also color-coded and when in doubt, the ecloths come with a tag on them with the cloth name/purpose on it.

      • Reina says:

        Hi Kate,
        You’re right. I went to have a look in my untilty room yesterday – but the cleaners have ruined my e- cloths with bleach etc.
        Somehow Enjo is easier to explain.
        I’m raving about Enjo – my 11 year old son makes fun of me saying he wants an Enjo cleaning pack for Christmas !
        Admittingly, this is mainly is my huge kitchen with large granite work tops, glass induction hob, big stainless steel fridge etc.
        I own a small apartment in my home town, and a holiday home in Italy, both with kitchens that are far easier to clean.
        There I use the Vileda cloths, which you can’t buy in the UK, but they are brilliant and more then good enough. I guess I’ll try the e cloth glass cleaning system to try out for the bathrooms ( mirrors) over there.I also would need a good system for glass window doors , without having to use chemicals. The good old vinegar ? Or will e- cloth do the job ?

        • Reina says:

          I’m going to give a full review of my Enjo experience !
          First : the party. I found it quite annoying that the representative gave an 1 hour talk about saving money , not using chemicals etc …yawn. In fact I already avoided use of chemicals and my 10 yr old Hoover costed half of an Enjo mop !
          I was rolling my eyes and whispered to the lady next to me that I wouldn’t buy a thing.
          So why did I end up buying the whole lot ?
          The demonstration convinced me.
          I do think it is important that you get explained properly how to use them, for example : to rob only lightly.
          Also, two of my friend who were present had used the products for 10 years, and were still using their 10 year old cloths !
          So far :
          Mop : well made .Cleaning doesn’t seem so different from other systems .The tougher mop cloth works well on the rough tiles in my pool.( pleased about this).
          Kitchen : amazing. Both an extra drying cloth as it does get wet.( glove + drying cloth.i also have the little sponge but use my old scourer when needed).
          Polishing cloth for glass : brilliant as well.
          Dusting cloth : ok. I have a very good cheaper one as well, can’t find it anymore though ( in the shops )
          Blue for the house : ( glove +drying cloth) : works really well on surfaces like black shiny piano.
          Bathroom : glove + drying cloth : works well on surfaces and mirrors. For small areas , you would need a thin microfiber cloth and/ or non scratch sponge.
          For the toilets , I use something else. I ‘ve got lots of bathrooms in the house so doing the toilet last and then wash, would ‘t work for me. I also keep using some bleach.
          I do ‘t use the toilet stick that came with my package.
          Polishing glove with balm : not sure yet. I used the glove dry on shiny blach surfaces, but left some dust.Not 100 % sure if i use it in the right way.
          Shoes etc get very shiny, but not sure if that ‘s the balm or the cloth.
          Window clean system : I think it is very good .
          Face cloths : only used two days, so far so good as I am lazy and it is faster then exfoliating.
          Garage / outside glove : got this one in the package, am probably going to use it on garden furniture and bikes.
          I also have the marble paste, it is too aggresive for walls and doors, but ok for the sink.
          The products I would recommend most are : gloves + drying clothes. No idea if they are different or basically the same but different colours.
          Mop and window cleaning ok as well.Drying cloth for glass. So far less impressed with yellow polishing glove : soft side on blue glove will clean black piano just as well or better.

          • Reina – it’s taken me days to respond. Sorry. Kids monopolizing my time. Thanks so much for adding all this detail and your thoughts on Enjo. I’m sure it will be very useful to others. Funny that you don’t use the toilet stick be cause when I went to the Enjo presentation 3 yrs ago (that’s what got me so interested in the cleaning with microfiber thing), the toilet stick was what I REALLY wanted. If you’re ever up my way, you can just drop it off ;o)

        • Reina – you’re singlehandedly keeping me busy! Bleach? Sh!t, eh? I’ve come to realize that I must become your new best friend. House, apartment, holiday home in Italy? I think we were destined to meet. I’m in dire need of a friend with a holiday home in Italy ;o). E-cloth will do an amazing job on your windows. Did you get one of the glass and polishing cloths? Check out my review on here if you haven’t already

          • Reina says:

            Hello my new best friend ! My cleaner is on holiday so keeping this big house clean on my own. Very happy with the Enjo broom. : it is very well made and the duster really picks up a lot. Very good as I can keep wooden floors, marble floors, wooden stairs , rougher stone ( pool area) clean in no time.Using both Enjo and E cloth in the kitchen. Using E cloth around the house for general dusting and polishing. Using it on glas doors etc – works really well.Also, as it is cheaper, have e cloth in every bathroom and it works really well ( don’t have shower pack: the general purpose + polishing cloths are fine ).
            Not using my Enjo mitts that much – too stiff for polishing small areas.
            Loving Enjo polishing cloth – used it to wax kitchen – brilliant results in no time.Also use it on shool shoes and leather : pleased with it .
            O yes, and loving Enjo Spa : exfoliates face and gets mascara off with water only .
            What else ? Drying cloth for glass : e cloth works very well as well.
            So far the best Enjo buy seems to be the mop and the Spa – kitchen cloths really good but E cloth comes very close / maybe even same. Advantage is that it is much cheaper so can buy more polishing cloths – as they do get wet.
            Am having fun cleaning , it is the tidying u that gets to me !

          • Reina – so nice to hear from you again. I’m with you 100% on the tidying. I try not to “collect” things but we don’t have any closets in our house and the darned 1-yr old is into everything these days so I have piles of stuff on the high tables and hutches. Absolute mess. Merry Christmas, my friend!

      • Reina says:

        Listen, Kate. Bought e – cloth today.
        Me and my cleaner trying it out. Brilliant ! Even if it would not last as long as Enjo, still soooo much cheaper.Bummer ! ( don’t tell my husband !!)

  19. Joy pearce says:

    Hi I,m a professional cleaner and i have used enjo,ecloths and norwex all 3 were good but the one i keep buying is norwex. My clothe do a lot of work in a week and i found the norwex lasted the longest out of the three

    • Joy – thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Out of curiosity, how many cloths do you use per house? Do you use a new cloth for every house? Do you do a load of laundery every day? I’ve had several professional cleaners interested in making the switch to e-cloth but I’m never able to answer these questions for them. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

  20. queensny2011 says:

    Here is a link to a test comparison of microfiber cloths done by Adria Vasil. She is the author of the book Ecoholic Home. It includes Enjo and the E-cloth and a couple of others. The rating for each product is under (not above) the write up.

    • Thanks Queensny2011. I’ve read both her books. I find her reviews of most products (from shampoos to diapers to cleansers) simplified and with a lot of info missing but definitely to the point and great as a starting point. Thanks for the link!

    • Marissa says:

      To be honest I don’t think that’s a very fair assessment of the Enjo cloths. They work much better than spit when you use them properly.

    • Anita H says:

      I wanted to forward the nowtoronto link to my husband, but there are some “very disturbing” ads at the bottom….some things I just hate about the internet :(

  21. Tammy says:

    Thanks for all the great discussions here!

    I’d saw a ENJO demo last week and was very impressed. I’ve never used microfiber before and still use chemicals. I’ve three babies (under 3) at home thus hesitant switching to just cleaning with water. Anyway I did buy some ENJO kitchen products (glove, enjofil, duocloth and tea towel). They did a great job cleaning my stone kitchen table top (black back to white!!) and general dish washing. However I find that it does leave some food smell on plastic containers although all the grease has been removed. I’m also uncomfortable that it is so “delicate”… cannot be twisted and etc.

    I’ve read in some research articles that it is important to wash the cloths out to remove the bacteria collected (ideally at higher temperature) and to dry them properly. If not, you might risked transferring the bacteria back to clean surfaces. The ENJO cannot be washed over 60oC. Because of this, I started looking for microfiber clothes that can with stand higher temperature. Correct me if I’m wrong… I think the e-cloth can handle boiling temperature but the Norwex / ENJO cannot.

    The other thing I was comparing was the fiber size / density. The thinner and more dense the better the cleaning ability. I read that the e-cloth is 1/200th of hair while Norwex is 1/100th of hair. I couldn’t find this info on ENJO online.

    I’ve gone ahead and order some e-cloth to trial. I’ll post my reviews once I get them (will take a while as I’m in Asia).

    • Hi Tammy – thanks for taking the time to comment. Both the e-cloth and Norwex products can be boiled and I recommend doing that occasionally to really open up the fibers. You’ll be amazed (and disgusted) at the color of the water afterwards. I’ve got a post on my blog somewhere about how/when to launder Norwex and e-cloths and it touches upon the boiling.

      You’re right, e-cloth is about 1/200th the width of a hair. Norwex recently took another look at their cloths and have bumped up their claim to 1/200th as well.

      I’ll be interested to hear what you think of the e-cloths (and why you didn’t order from me – hee hee). Kate

    • Tammy says:

      hi kate – i found your blog only after i’d ordered. will you ship to hong kong (mop too? i read all your good reviews and am quite interested). happy to get it from you.

      • Hi Tammy – yes, we’ll ship anywhere in the world. You just need to email me with what you’re interested in and then we get the shipping quote. I’ve sent the mop as far as Australia – that was a pricey at $40US – but that package also included a large number of cloths and mop pads.

    • Tammy says:

      Here is my feedback.

      Enjo duocloth vs e-cloth washing-up pad: Enjo cleans slightly faster. It took less effort to remove grease from dishes (ie number of circular motions or scrubs). e-cloth pad nicer to hold when washing. End results (ie cleanliness) is similar.

      Question: Sometimes dishes still smells after cleaning using either of these cloths. Any tips?

      Enjo vs e-cloth tea towel: Enjo is better. It is more absorbent and holds the water better within the towel. The e-cloth tea towel was worse than my old cotton tea towels.

      Enjo kitchen glove vs e-cloth professional cloth: I used them to clean the stone kitchen counter tops (uneven surface with many cavities). I have not been able to clean this properly since we renovated the kitchen 2.5 years ago. Enjo did an amazing job with just water! It basically lifted most of the dirts out. The e-cloth didn’t seem to work at all. I think this is because the Enjo glove is made of long fluffy fibers and they can reach into the cavities. The e-cloth may perform ok if the surface was flat.

      I’ve also tried the Enjo bathroom glove & enjofil. They work really well.

      However, downside for Enjo is… it’s expensive, need to be extra gentle (can’t be twisted and have a special way to squeeze out water), cannot undergo water temperature of over 60oC (I feel more comfortable if they can be washed out at higher temperature) and they’re only 1/70 hair (not as fine although seems it’s cleaning power is just as good or even better).

      • Tammy – thanks for the detailed response. For dishes, I still use dish soap, even with the Washing up pad. You don’t need to but it might help with the smell issue.

        Interesting about the tea towel. We don’t offer those here in North America – just the Drinkware Polishing cloth. I have heard reports that it takes a while (a couple of washings) for the fibers in some e-cloths to loosen enough to become absorbent. Maybe that’s what is happening with your tea towels? I’d return them if you’re not happy with them.

        A stone counter! Sounds beautiful, but a pain to clean. Yes, the fibers on the e-cloths are shorter. I wonder if you tried a bathroom or furniture cloth instead. They have a bit longer fibers but maybe not as long as you need. But then don’t go buy them if you don’t already have them. Sounds like you’ve found a solution with enjo.

        Thanks again for the comments.

  22. Marissa says:

    I’ve been using Enjo for about 6 months after having a party (no I’m not a consultant) back in March and I’m still really happy with my fibres.

    I have the kitchen system, bathroom system, dusting glove + indoor miracle, the long dusting flexi, laundry glove & miracle + lint glove, car system, window cleaner (with outdoor & indoor fibre), outdoor glove + outdoor miracle. I also have some of the method products (foaming handwash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid) as well as the citric acid and marble paste.

    I use the kitchen system + marble paste once a week for bench tops and once a month to clean my kitchen thoroughly (we’re talking rangehood, the covers under the rangehood, cupboards, inside the oven, inside the fridge). The all purpose cloth (followed up with the miracle cloth) is my everyday bench wipe downerer and dish cleaner, it does a good job. I know that the kitchen fibre is good for eliminating bacteria but does anybody know what the all purpose cloth is like for this? The method dishwashing detergent leaves my dishes sparkling, it’s one of my favourite method products.

    The bathroom system gets pulled out once a week (bathroom glove/indoor window cleaner, bathroom miracle, citric acid spray, bathroom mini) . To be honest my bathrooms were new when i started using Enjo on them so there hasn’t been a miraculous change between BE (before-Enjo) and AE (after-Enjo), but they have stayed mould free and surfaces don’t have any visible residue on them. The citric acid I THINK makes a difference… but like I said it’s hard to tell because I have a new bathroom. I use the bathroom mini for a quick wipe down of the sink and benchtops a couple of times a week. My favourite part of cleaning the bathroom is making all the chrome wear shiny with the miracle cloth :)

    Dusting glove… It’s ok… I use it once a week. I find if i don’t wash it for a couple of weeks, even if i bang it out and dust it off with dustpan brush, it just moves dust around instead of picking it up. It’s great when it’s been freshly washed but the Enjo consultant said that you could wash it every few weeks if you brushed it down inbetween uses. To be honest, I find the Sabco glove in Woolworths (supermarket here in Australia) is just as good as this glove. The indoor miracle however is GREAT! It makes the TV, TV unit, picture frames, glass, mirrors etc etc etc really shiny and has light cleaning abilities too. My boyfriend uses it to shine up the glass on his pinball machines! The long dusting flexi is really handy for getting behind, inbetween and under things… I use it under the fridge, TV unit and couches and I’m always shocked at what comes out from under there.

    The laundry items get used the least but I like them when I do use them. I have a microfibre couch which I use the lint glove on, and then use the laundry glove to give it a wipe over. The first time i did this the glove was brown afterwards. I’ve also used the laundry glove to wipe down roller blinds. It does work on getting out stains from clothes, I pulled out a ball dress the other day that had a couple marks on it from last time I wore it and it came straight off. Sometimes stains are tougher but if you use velvet soap in conjunction with the glove it will usually get rid of it. The laundry miracle I sometimes use to try and dry clothes after using the glove, however I mostly use this in my bathroom when my bathroom miracle gets too wet! I have the laundry mini too which I keep in the bathroom as I’ve found it useful for when you have a toothpaste accident in the morning.

    The window cleaner is my favourite I think. The amount of time, water and faffing about you’ll save when you use this is incredible. It’s literally a spray with water, clean with the fibre, flip over to the squeegy side and wipe it off. The outdoor miracle is also handy for drying off any spots the squeegy misses. No buckets, cleaners or rinsing! I also love the indoor window cleaner for cleaning the shower. Most of the time I’ll use this for doing my weekly shower clean because it’s so quick (the bathroom glove comes out about once a month).

    The floor cleaner and fibres are very good. I have the dust fibre and t’s much quicker than lugging out the vaccuum cleaner to do a daily kitchen sweep, and even if you do the whole house wit picks up all the micro dust and hairs really well without spreading them everywhere as you go. I also have the matt floor fibre and my floors look really good after using it. The only thing that irritates me about this system is that the dust fibre tends to not get right up to the edge of the walls, so it leaves dust and sand and whatever else there unless you really get into it. The matt floor fibre does tend to pick up whatever the dust fibre has left behind though.

    The outdoor fibres don’t get used as much, as we don’t really have outdoor furniture at the moment. However when we DID have a little setting it cleaned it very well, and the rough side is fantastic for cleaning fly screens. The outdoor glove is also very good for cleaning around door frames and tracks.

    The car system I’ve also found great. You just need a bucket of water and the glove, no detergents or hoses for rinsing. The glove cleans really well and the exterior miracle makes the car sparkle. The interior miracle is OK, it does give a light clean but I still feel the need to put armaguard protectant on whenever I clean the car. I find the little car flexi great for getting into the hub caps, it works really really well.

    So that’s what I think of my Enjo products. For the most part I love them and my house looks great. Unfortunately I can only speak about my experience with Enjo because I haven’t tried the other types of microfibre systems available… but I have been honest!

    • Marissa – thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed review of Enjo. I’m sure it will be very helpful to others. I admit I was was super-impressed by Enjo when I first saw the products a few years ago. I just couldn’t afford them. I find e-cloth to be more to my budget but there is certainly no faulting the performance of Enjo!

      • Marissa says:

        Hi Kate,

        I’m very curious about e-cloth too, and for the price I feel like it would be worth having another couple of cloths on hand. I have a friend who is also interested in a microfibre + water system and I’ve directed them to e-cloth as Enjo is very expensive. When we both decide what we want to purchase I’ll let you know :)

      • Marissa says:

        Also, I found your comment about the entertainment unit causing the dusting cloth to loose it’s dusting abilities interesting since that’s where I start dusting first, I’m going to try turning everything off for 15 mins before I start and see how I go! Thanks!

        • Marissa, if you have the time, I’d be interested to hear if it made a difference.

          • Marissa says:

            Didn’t particularly make a difference, I think I’ve done something to my dusting glove :( My boyfriend uses fabric softener with his washing (yes I’ve trained him to do his own washing :)), maybe he used too much and has left some residue in the dispenser which went in the next time I washed my Enjo…

  23. Karen says:

    I’ve never tried Norwex or ecloths, but I’ve been using ENJO for almost a year and love it (and am admittedly, an ENJO consultant…there it is…the truth…I debated whether to put that or not!).

    In terms of the science, ENJO is different because it removes the the dirt and germs that cause bacteria from down in those pores/crevices as opposed to killing them which is what I’m told the other products do. Our bodies and environment need a certain amount of bacteria to live. We don’t want to be killing the bacteria. But removing them and sending them into our septic tanks or drainages systems actually helps those systems to perform better. A friend of mine who was a Norwex user has now just become an ENJO consultant. She said the biggest differerence that she found in terms of how it cleans is that there is no “elbow grease”. It was much easier to use.
    In terms of the price, I can say that by buying the home starter pack for $249, I have not had to buy a chemical since so I know I’m saving money that way! It’s going to last me 3-5 years. With the amount of chemcials I was buying before (and that the average household uses…count them up!) I know I’ll be saving about $1000 over 3 years so $249 is a drop in the bucket.
    On the same vane as your opening satement…as long as you’re going chemical free, you’re on the right path!
    How long do the ecloths and Norwex last? I know ENJO has a manufacturer warranty of 2 years and anyone I’ve talked to says they’ve had their ENJO for at least 2 years, most people saying 3, 4 even 5 years. And…ENJO will recycle all used fibres. So…for the environment alone, ENJO is making a difference.
    I say let’s keep making a difference in the world by cleaning using water and microfibres.

  24. Carrie says:

    I just found your website after a Google search for Norwex reviews. All of a sudden, I’m suffering from terrible acne (after successfully using Proactiv for 17+ years) and a friend recommended the Norwex body pack microfiber cloths for facial cleansing. Have you ever used these cloths for personal care? The Norwex consultant suggested I also purchase the creams and serum but the price is close to $200 for a package deal and wow, that’s a lot! Now I’m not sure what to do – when a gal has nasty breakouts, we tend to feel desperate and will try anything at any price!

    • Hi Carrie. How frustrating to face acne again! I get occasional outbreaks but thankfully it’s controllable. I certainly never thought I’d still be fighting zits at 42!

      The norwex body pack cloths can be very drying/exfoliating and are really only recommended for use on the face 2-3 times/week (less when you first start, more as your skin gets used to it)

      I have not tried the norwex makeup removal cloths but I’ve heard a lot of really good comments about them for fighting acne. One thing that seems to be common is that it takes your skin a while to get used to the new method of cleaning so the acne may actually get worse for a week or two before it improves. I’ve heard rumours that we’ll be getting something similar at e-cloth in the fall – they already have them available in Europe – so I’m waiting to try those.

      As for the creams and serum… I have had some of the previous version of their day/night creams that went on clearance (plus my consultant discount when I was a consultant). I liked it a lot but never would have paid full price for it and likely wouldn’t have used either of them if I was having trouble with acne – they felt a little thick to me. The face and neck gel is nice and provides a bit of moisturizing with no thick, cloying feeling. But again, it’s pricey. A friend of mine tried it after years of using a similar product made by Avon. Apparently Avon stopped selling it so she tried the Norwex. She was astounded by how little she got for how much she paid (I gather the avon product was substantially cheaper – I have no idea how the ingredients compare) and never bought it again.

      I’ve also tried the anti-aging serum or whatever it’s called and was not impressed. I saw no difference and was almost afraid to use it, it cost so much. But then I’m not one to pay a lot for creams and lotions.

      Personally, I’d start with the makeup cloths and see how that works. The Norwex creams and serums are just too expensive for me to even consider. Although – I believe Norwex now has sample sizes that the Consultants can buy and give to customers. I don’t think they’re allowed to sell them but I don’t know about that. If your Norwex Consultant is keen on selling you $200 worth of lotion, the least she could do is provide you with a few samples before you commit.

      • Carrie says:

        Thank you so much! I ended up ordering the body pack via Norwex. A friend recommended them to me. But I chose not to try the creams and serum. When the consultant mentioned the collection price on the phone, I could’ve sworn I heard wrong! Then I checked her site and was taken aback by the cost and product size. Plus I had no idea how long the creams would last me and therefore could not justify the expense. You’re absolutely right – she should’ve offered me a trial size! Who knows? I could’ve loved the creams and bought the regular package! I pray the body pack doesn’t irritate my skin more, time will tell. I’m also going to try unrefined coconut oil for my skin. Hopefully these two combined will help me stop feeling like a pimply-faced teen!! Thanks again for all the helpful information!

        • Carrie – if you think of it, can you leave a comment here after you’ve used them for a while to give us all an idea of whether they worked or not?

          • Carrie says:

            I certainly will!

          • Carrie says:

            I promised a follow-up on my experience using Norwex. Please forgive the long comment! I bought the Natural body pack which cost $19 plus about $8 shipping. I was told by a friend to give the cloths about three weeks to work. This isn’t the best message to receive when your face is erupting into cystic acne! I had never experienced this type of acne before and it was painful. Keep in mind that I still used store bought products like Neutrogena face wash. I got to day 19 and gave up! My face wasn’t improving and I began to seek dermatologist recommendations. At the time I was out of state visiting family and I felt desperate. My last ditch effort, switch to a 3-part Neutrogena line. At first I started to see slight improvement using Neutrogena, then nothing! The cystic acne came back in full force! So, I went cold turkey.

          • Carrie says:

            Part 2! I stopped ALL store bought products. I ONLY used the Norwex cloths and hot water to clean my face. Guess what? Cystic acne improved and eventually disappeared in less than five days! I was stunned. My skin is still recovering and I still get pimples but no cystic breakouts. I’ve also begun reading the book, Clear For Life, limited my whole wheat and dairy. I feel all of these steps – but most importantly using Norwex microfiber cloths with only hot water – has helped my acne tremendously! So much in fact, I’ve ordered another set for my preteen daughter to use. I highly recommend!!

          • Carrie – thanks so much for taking the time to follow up. I’m really happy to hear that your acne is clearing up. I haven’t had a chance to try the Norwex Makeup removal cloths but have heard really great things about them for dealing with acne. It’s my hope that e-cloth will have an equally good product available in the very near future, so stay tuned…

        • Naomi says:

          I have been using the cloth for about a week now as I won it at a party. It is one of the baby pink cloths, but I was told to use it as a face cleaner….. just wondering – is the material the same as the larger eco cloths? I have found the cloth gets all the makeup off but my skin feels squeaky clean – which I was once told was a bad thing to constantly strip the skin back. I havent had a breakout yet, but I dont think I would use it if I had any skin problems.

          • Hi Naomi – A couple of things about the Norwex Baby Cloths. They have less fibers, but are more plush (longer fibers) than the Norwex Enviro Cloth (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by the “larger eco cloth“). It can be used for your face but take care because, like you noticed, they will strip your skin of all oils. They can be quite drying and exfoliating. I recommend using the Baby Cloths (or any other plushy Norwex/e-cloth cloth) just a couple of times/wk to begin with to let your skin get used to it. Now, I have not tried the Makeup Removal cloths, but I hear that they are great for face washing and you can use them daily. I’ve heard that we’ll be coming out with some great e-cloth® body cloths in the very near future. If you care to “follow” my blog, I’ll be adding a post when that happens.

          • Naomi says:

            Are you in US? Do you know where the best place to buy E-Cloth is in Australia?

          • Naomi – I’m in Canada but everything is shipped out of the US. I’ve had several Australians order (maybe 15) from me because they found that even with the shipping it was cheaper to buy from me. The most recent order was for a mop and a couple of pads. The shipping on that was $43US. Shipping of 6-8 cloths seems to run in the $12US range. Hope this is of some help. Unfortunately I have no idea where to buy e-cloth in Australia.

      • Natalie says:

        Thank you for mentioning that the body cloths can be drying. I was considering buying a set of the Norwex body cloths for my own face washing (every other day) and the baby cloths for my young children (bathing & after meals)…but we can all tend to have dry skin. I haven’t been using any type of wash cloth after meals for the kids because they fight against the rough fabric…so I carry them to the sink and just use my hand. What alternative would you recommend for a gentle clean that won’t dry our skin?

        • Hi Natalie: I use the Norwex baby cloths on my boys’ hands and faces MANY times a day. It’s just a quick wipe on the face and more on the hands. Their skin seems to be OK now but I did notice in the beginning that their cheeks were really dry. e-cloth® just came out with the e-body® line which includes a face cleansing mitt. It’s white so maybe not what you want for after-meal wiping but definitely great for everyday face washing. Also, Norwex has the makeup removal cloths that are good for face washing too. They won’t clean messy after-meal hands/faces well but again, good for everyday face washing.

        • Beth says:

          I get really dry skin on my cheeks and I have switched to the enjo face glove so I just use that and water on my face…no product and my dry cheeks are gone. I rarely even put moisturizer on either. I started with the face glove and have now also purchased the body glove and love it!!!

  25. Ebony says:

    Thanks for the extensive, honest review. I found a Norvex dealer’s website and viewed their products. They are expensive for a start up cleaning business but I do want to eventually try the Norwex De-Scaler, Odour Eliminator and the Cleaning Paste as Matthew suggests. In the meantime, I will go with the e-Cloth start up kit on Amazon.com.

    • Hi Ebony. I think you’ll like the e-cloth products (although I can’t believe you’re not buying them directly from me ;) ). If you have the time after you try them out, I’d love it if you leave a review here. I’m sure others would appreciate it too.

    • Baysidegal says:

      I purchased the Norwex De-Scaler for water marks on my car. I also used their Blue SCRUB towel. It was a $50 dollar purchase. I’m miffed. The water spots are still there. I recently purchased their purple POLISH cloth. Worked on my glass kitchen table but not so well with my car windows. I seem to be a gluten for punishment. I have well over a $100 invested in cloths now (shh donn’t tell hubby) and I’m not really satisfied yet. Poodles!!!

      • Baysidegal – interesting about the watermarks on your car. I had never thought to use the descaler there but good thing, I guess since it doesn’t appear to work. What a bummer! What was the issue with the Norwex polishing cloth on your car window? did you use it on the inside or out? If the window was overly dirty, it’s best to use a more shaggy cloth first to get the real dirt and then follow up with a polishing cloth to leave it streak-free. But in any case, it sounds like you’re not happy. I’d just return everything. Are you over the 30 day return period?

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  27. Daisy says:

    Good for you for wanting to get true trials and reviews of these products. In order to do this I think its important to really understand the science behind the different types of fibres as well as using them yourself.

    I have done extensive research and trials with many different fibre based cleaning systems. Included in this is interviewing many different individuals and cleaning companies that have also tried out the different systems.

    What I found is that there are many great microfibre based systems out there, that are all very similar in their quality and how they work. There are many more than what was mentioned here. There’s Norwex, ecloth, blue wonder, kd cloth, magic cloths, and many available at grocery stores as well. They are all similar and based on microfibre cloths for cleaning.

    The issue that I have found is a little statement that you will often find somewhere on their literature “for cleaning of hard non porous surfaces”… very few surfaces in our homes are truly hard & non porous surfaces. This could be why products like odour eliminators are sometimes needed after one cleans with microfibres. If you are not cleaning out the pores of the surface, you are leaving behind organic matter that can cause smells and stains. I have actually found on some microfibre sites that they suggest that for surfaces that aren’t hard and non porous, like change tables and cutting boards that one should use vinegar, lemon juice or bleach!!

    ENJO was the only one that was truly different, it definitely stood out from the pack. This is because it is not a microfibre based cleaning system. Yes ENJO does have very high end microfibres but not for cleaning, only for drying and shining. They use a very special and different fibre that is exclusive to ENJO that allows them to really clean out the pores of the surfaces removing organic matter, smells and stains. The testing and studies are pretty amazing. To see a little video comparing different cleaning methods (including basic microfibres and ENJO) you can go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRwRmjBVQq0&feature=relmfu for a kitchen test video and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wm2ZCTN2jIc&feature=relmfu for a bathroom test video. I have personally seen some of these comparative tests done when I was in Germany. Have a look the results are surprising!

    I have recently interviewed a lady that runs her own cleaning company. She had been a Norwex consultant for 2 years. She had heard of ENJO before but didn’t really look into it because she was told that it was the same as Norwex. One of her cleaning customers bought the ENJO bathroom pack, so she tried it out and was blown away by its cleaning power! She researched ENJO and tried out more ENJO products in homes and business’s. It didn’t take long to for her to see how different ENJO is! She is converting her company over to ENJO. She also did a true price comparison and found that ENJO really isn’t more expensive. She found herself needing to buy alot of products to use with the microfibres, with ENJO it really is just water.

    Another lady used Norwex in her home for 5 years, her cleaning lady was even a Norwex consultant. She was proud of herself for being environmently friendly. She had young boys and her bathroom smelled like urine the whole time, she just figured it was a price she would have to pay for cleaning healthy. Then someone gave her a sample of the bathroom fibre with the simple instructions of just make this little square wet and wash down your whole bathroom. She was very skeptical, but was blown away by the results, it was cleaner and shinier than ever with absolutely NO SMELLS!! What she was smelling before wasn’t new pee – it was old pee stuck in the pores of the surface. Microfibre cloths or chemicals cann’t get that out – ENJO fibres can!

    I have talked with many others that have tested out different types of fibre systems, and when comparing quality, science, cleaning power and wow stories – ENJO comes out way ahead!

    It’s great to compare different products to make sure your using the right one. But when comparing its important to understand the science behind what you are comparing.

    • Daisy – thanks for taking the time to add such a detailed comment! Can I ask why you were “interviewing” people about cleaning? Do you have any affiliation with Enjo or are you just a fan?

      I’ve actually seen those 2 videos before and have often thought of doing something similar – but then I’d have to show people my house :). I was impressed by the videos but have a couple of issues with the comparison:

      (1) I wish they would add a high quality microfiber to the comparison (not a cheap one bought at the local grocery store – or if it isn’t cheap, at least give some details as to the quality). The video is good in that it shows people that poor quality microfiber isn’t necessarily your friend.
      (2) Most commercial chemical cleaners have to be left on the surface for up to 10 minutes before being wiped off to kill bacteria. I don’t know anyone that does this – and they obviously didn’t do it in the video – but I think it should have been mentioned.

      Your story about the urine smelling bathroom intrigued me. I’ve been using Norwex and e-cloth microfiber products exclusively in our bathroom for 3 years and have never had an issue like that. And if ever there was a bathroom where there would be an issue like that, it’s mine. We have no fan and very little circulation. I have a potty trained 3 year old boy who frequently misses (no comment about my husband :) ). And the floor around our toilet is 140 year old pine planks with huge gaps between them and spots without any finish so it’s beyond porous! So I can’t even imagine what was going on in that woman’s bathroom. Odd.

      As for the science, e-cloth and Norwex both have extensive lab testing to show over 99.9% removal of bacteria with their microfiber so I’m not sure that Enjo is any better.

      Thanks again for your comment. I’ll be interested to hear why you were interviewing and talking to so many people about fiber systems.

      • Jacqui says:

        Hi Kate,
        You mentioned that e-cloth and Norwex have extensive lab testing – do you have any links to the research on this? I’d be interested to read it, thanks!

  28. zippy says:

    I like the way you’re up front about selling e-cloth. I’m a Norwex rep – as I love their ethics and also for the pocket money. We have websites too for those party plan shy folk (of which I’m ironically one of!) but love presenting them.
    I love the stuff but mainly the mattress cleaner, paste (which has lasted me 3 years including chipping bits out to give as samples!) the veggie wash and the carpet stain buster.

    I used Enjo for two years before Norwex and HECK! they are so expensive. $60AUD for one cloth and you needed a cleaning mitt and a drying cloth FOR EACH ROOM!! I loved the idea but there was no way conscionable that I would ask people to pay those prices!! So high maintenance too:
    Had to wash them straight away or keep them wet, couldn’t press or you break the fibers, paste was a must as the mitts took AGES to clean – softly softly, only lasted up to 2 years.

    So I think any microfiber is better than none. though Enjo is proven, it’s way too much effort!

    Take care and happy cleaning!

  29. Marg says:

    I just wanted to say that I am over the moon about the ecloth products.

    Those window ecloths are the absolute best. I consider myself a very fussy person in my house and windex and paper towel just do not cut it. These cloths when used as the directions say are AMAZING!!!!!

    There is not one streak or lint on my windows and they look like they have been just put in by a window company. When I say no streaks or smudges I mean it. Also they are also fabulous on my stovetops, fridge and on my stainless steel sink.

    Will definately be ordering again.



  30. KWood says:

    I have a few questions. Is the Professional Line the only e-cloth with silver? Orig. price is 14.99 for one of those (guaranteed for 1000 washes?!/6 years), but it is on sale for 11.99. That is in direct competition to the Norwex Antibac for 16.99?! Are there always sales on e-cloths, b/c the orig. price is not that far from Norwex!? I realize that e-cloths are cheaper than the others you mentioned so that would be nice if you just needed the microfiber. I guess the benefit of hosting a party would be free and discounted product. Of course, you have to have a party to receive the benefit. Also, one benefit of buying Norwex is the variety of products. Being interested in chemical free cleaning/etc. is that it’s hard to find good products and have to shop in different places just to save a little money. If you don’t mind that, then fine. It just takes a lot of trial and error and research.

    • Kwood – The Professional cloth IS the only e-cloth with silver. If you haven’t read my post on how the silver works in microfiber cloths, I’d recommend it. Personally, I don’t think you need silver in your microfiber cloths. It causes a lot of confusion about how the cloth works and people tend to launder them less frequently than they should.

      e-cloth lowered the prices on most of it’s cloths in March of this year and the Professional cloth is now $11.99. That is NOT a sale price.

      e-cloth does offer sales (we’re having an amazing sale on the General Purpose, Glass & Polishing, and Glassware cloths right now). I think some websites are also showing the “old” (before March 2012) e-cloth prices along with the new, lowered prices so it looks like a sale when actually the new price is the only price.

      Personally, the problem I have with hosting a Norwex Party is that your friends and family are essentially paying for your “free” stuff.

      As for green cleansers, I’m not sure if you’ve seen it or not, but I recently posted a contest for an e-cloth mop. I’ve asked people to submit their favorite “green cleaning tip” as an entry. There are a lot of very good tips there that you can use instead of cleansers.

  31. Amber A says:

    I just heard about Norwex for the first time a week ago when I went to a friends party and I was very impressed by the presentation. I have a nephew that has very bad eczma and heard about the body cloths, the consultant has been using them with her daughter who also has eczma and she has noticed a big difference. I was searching online for reviews about Norwex and came across your website and i am very grateful for all the information you have posted. I have looked briefly on your e-cloth webiste but did not notice and body line. Does e-cloth offer that or do you just use a normal e-cloth rag? What do you recommend? I would like to get some new rags and I am all for the lowest price as long as the product is good.


  32. Lisa says:

    I just received my ecloths and used them for the first time to clean my bathroom. I noticed the same thing that you mentioned about the ecloth leaving more water behind. But I used the polishing cloth and was very pleased with the results. I love my Norwix products but the ecloths are every bit as good.

    • Lisa – I’m really glad to hear that you’re liking the e-cloths. And I’m so pleased to hear that it’s not just me that finds them as good as Norwex. Sometimes I’m afraid I’m biased in my reviews and it’s good to have feedback from others.

  33. Esther J. says:

    Interesting post! I have been a longtime fan of Norwex cloths because they work amazingly well. In fact, I still have some cloths from before the days when they started putting silver in everything, and those work just as well as my newer silver cloths. I have also recently tried ecloths and they appear to work exactly as well as my Norwex ones. I would like to try Enjo as well because I’ve heard good things about them, but OMG are they ever expensive. So I guess for me it would come down to price. Ecloth definitely has the other companies beat hands down on that, but that stands to reason since Enjo and Norwex are both home party companies where there are “teams” of people on different “levels” and a certain number of levels have to be paid on every sale. From my understanding, ecloth does not work that way, but rather is a direct-to-consumer company. Obviously this would make a huge impact on the consumer pricing of the products.

  34. Maura McT. says:

    I stumbled on your blog looking for ecloth reviews because I have been a staunch Norwex user for about 3 years but recently received some ecloth products as a gift and was incredibly impressed with them. I wanted to see what other people thought because I really can’t tell the difference. The one notable thing about ecloth stuff that for me makes it the “winner” is the price: I was looking online to order more of the cloths and have found that they’re about half as much as the Norwex ones. I live on a fixed income so for me, this price difference is a huge factor is which cloths I will buy from now on. As for the other company you mention, Enjo, I have never heard of them. Before posting here I did a cursory search for them and couldn’t find any pricing information on them so I can’t really comment.

    • Maura – Thanks for taking the time to add your review and opinion. Enjo is like Norwex in that it’s a direct marketing company and relies mostly on home “parties” for sales. Unlike Norwex, I believe Enjo Consultants are not permitted to have a website, which is why you don’t see their prices online. To be honest, I can’t remember what their pricing was like – I only remember that I was mighty impressed and was interested in the bathroom “set”, until I discovered it was going to cost me about $100. I think it included a mitt and a polishing/drying cloth. Perhaps one other item. Which was when I choked and started looking at other options.

      I am, of course, thrilled to hear that you’re impressed with the e-cloth products. The decision to switch from selling Norwex to selling e-cloth was not one that I made easily and it’s important to me to know that others are as happy with the e-cloth products as I am.

      PS – We’re having a fantastic sale on the General Purpose cloth and the Glass & Polishing cloth right now.

  35. Matthew Stauber says:

    I love the Norwex DeScaler as well and also the Odour Eliminator and the Cleaning Paste. They are expensive but worth it. I don’t think the other companies sell enzyme-based cleaners, or actually any cleaners, so to me there is no comparison. Norwex totally wins for having these incredible products.

    • Hi Matthew – thanks for the comment. If you have the time, I’d love to hear your review of the Norwex Microfiber products. Enjo does sell cleaning solutions (I haven’t tried them), but you are correct in that e-cloth sticks to the microfiber side of things.

  36. Neveah says:

    I don’t sell any of these but my neice is a Norwex rep. so I have definately tried Norwex (lol) and really, really love it. My fave products are the De-scaler for showers, plus the window cloth and the main cleaning cloth. So awesome! Me and my hubby just bought a new house and our realter gave us some e-cloth products as a moving in gift. So I have now gotten to try both and can compare them. The e-cloth product that is like the Norwex window cloth is called a Glass and Polishing Cloth. It is FANTASTIC, I think actually works better than the Norwex version. The e-cloth main cleaning cloth is called the General Purpose cloth and to me it works exactly the same as a Norwex cleaning cloth. I can;t tell any difference between the two. So that’s my two cents.

    • Neveah – thanks for the review and comments. I also really like the Norwex descaler. I’ve had the same bottle for almost 3 years now because I manage to keep the soap scum and calcium deposits at bay with my microfiber cloths now and only occasionally need the “extra power”. Since I no longer get the Norwex Consultant discount (35%) I likely won’t buy it again. To be truthful, I’ve been using vinegar in a spray bottle lately and it seems to be working as well as the descaler.

      I like that your realtor is gifting e-cloths. I’ve been trying to convince local realtors that it would make a nice welcoming gift. I also think that realtors could benefit from a General Purpose cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth in their bag for open houses. A quick wipe of the counter, faucets, stovetop etc for a gleaming kitchen.

      Can you possibly tell me who your realtor is? I’d love to get his/her opinion on e-cloth as a welcome gift.


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