e-cloth ® for Beginners – What Microfiber Products Should you Start With?

Been looking at the e-cloth website and finding yourself overwhelmed? Asking yourself “What do I REALLY need? Where do I start?“. Sooooo much to choose from.

Well don’t worry. You’re NOT alone. I get the question a lot and believe me when I say, I was in the exact same, bewildered “deer in the headlights” spot 3 years ago.

Well, hopefully I can save you a little angst and a LOT of money (especially if you just came from a Norwex Party and decided to do a bit of research before you spent your hard-earned money on boring old cleaning supplies – if this is the case, take a look at my “ecloth vs Norwex” reviews for further info).

Kate’s 3 Suggestions for e-cloth ® Beginners

  1. Start with a General Purpose cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth. You can clean almost everything with these two cloths and it’s a great introduction to how the microfiber works. Before you add either of these items to your cart, read #2 below, it’ll save you money. If you get to the point where you feel you need a more specialized cloth for certain cleaning tasks, then you can move on. Feel free to contact me for more info if this is the case.
  2. With that in mind, the “Starter Pack” is my top pick for beginners. I honestly feel e cloth starter pack is perfect for beginnersyou can’t go wrong with this. It’s got 4 General Purpose cloths (I’m going to refer to these as GP cloths from now on to save my fingers) and 1 Glass & Polishing cloth (I’ll refer to this as the Glass cloth from now on), which gives you 1 GP for Kitchen, Bath, and rest of house and then 1 extra for “emergencies” or when the others are being laundered. Depending on how much “shiny” stuff you have in your house, you may want to consider a second Glass cloth (one for windows/mirrors, one for everything else such as faucets, stainless appliances, granite counters, glass stovetops, etc.)
  3. If you have an abundance of hard-surface floors in your house (tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, cork, concrete, whatever), consider the mop and spend the extra $14 and get the “dust mop pad“. If, in addition to the hard surface floors you have pets, stop thinking and buy the mop.

3 Reasons why you Might want to Consider “Specialized” e-cloths:

Please note that I suggest you wait until after you try the GP and Glass e-cloth combo before spending the extra cash on these.

  1. If you find that you’ve frequently got hardened sticky stuff on your stovetop, counter and/or fridge, you might want to take  a look at the various kitchen e-cloths.
  2. If you’re a fanatic window cleaner or have french doors in your house, you may be interested in the window pack, but you can do it with the GP and Glass cloth.
  3. Dusting – you can use the GP cloth (dry) but the Dusting Cloths are waaaaaaay better.

Actually, there are likely more reasons why you’d want to consider some of the great “specialized” e-cloths (bathroom, kitchen, dusting, cars, etc.) but as a beginner, try the Starter Pack and then come back for more if you need it.

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18 Responses to e-cloth ® for Beginners – What Microfiber Products Should you Start With?

  1. April says:

    Thank you so much for all your help. I decided to buy the GP cloths…. and then ended up buying everything else too ;-). I hope I like them! I really appreciate the time you have dedicated to blogging and providing information. I’ll be back for more blog reading as soon as I get my cloths! One question, can these cloths be used with DIY cleaners/essential oils? Or should I just stick to water?


    • Hi April. Glad to help. Sorry I’ve neglected your question for so long. I took some time off from the blog to really enjoy our time living in Japan. You can use natural cleansers with your e-cloths but really, I recommend using only water. There is really no need to use anything else. Be sure to rinse your cloths well after use with any cleanser to ensure that none is left in the cloth otherwise you may end up with stink issues and/or fibres that don’t perform correctly.


  2. Renee says:

    I can’t find the dry dusting mop head anywhere! Do you have to have two separate floor tools? The duster & the mop? Or is there a velcro attachment for the mop that will sweep/ dust the floors?


  3. Jessica H. says:

    Hi! I have a really basic question that I’ve tried to find an answer to on your blog and can’t seem to find it. How are e-cloths (or Norwex) different from regular microfiber towels? I understand about the embedded silver, but without that is there really a difference? I’m really interested but haven’t loved other microfiber for standard cleaning (except dusting).


    • Jessica – Just be clear, e-cloths do not contain silver. The difference between e-cloths and other microfiber cloths is the size and number of fibers. The fibers in e-cloths (and norwex) are cut much thinner and there are millions more fibers than in other cloths. The smaller and more fibers there are, the more effective the cloth is at trapping dirt, grease, bacteria.


  4. Sydnee says:

    Do you use ecloth for everything, so you no longer have any cotton cloths/towels (besides bathroom ones)? Do you have the ecloth kitchen towel for drying dishes and hands in the kitchen instead of cotton? Would it be okay to use a vinegar spray or hydrogen peroxide spray in the bathroom to disinfect it once a week while wiping with the ecloth? I don’t have any harsh chemicals in my home, but I have used vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and dr. bronners castile soap to aid in my cleaning, would those be okay to use in conjunction with the cloths for disinfecting? Have you used the ecloth bathroom mat? (Actually, I thought I saw a bathroom mat at one point, but I just looked on your website and didn’t see it, I may have been imagining it, I guess). The one I have is worthless and holds puddles of water even within hours of showering. Also, I have a towel drying rack under the counter in a small cabinet. Would that be okay to use to hang all the ecloth products on to dry or do you think they wouldn’t dry all the way? Thanks for you tips! You are so helpful!!!!


    • Hi Sydnee – I am sooooo far behind in responding to comments. I do apologize for the very long delay in getting back to you. Lots of questions in your comment and I’m going to answer them in point form:
      * I still have some cotton dish towels that I use for hand and dish drying in the kitchen. The e-cloths work better and as my old cotton ones wear out, I’ll probably replace them with the e-cloth ones but that’ll be years from now 😉
      * I’m not certain about hydrogen peroxide but you can certainly use vinegar with your e-cloths. I use it frequently on my kitchen sink to get rid of the hard water stains around the top. Dr. Bronners is also OK BUT, make sure to rinse the cloth well afterwards to ensure that all the soap is out of it.
      * e-cloth does not have a bathroom mat
      * I suggest drying your cloths in a ventilated area but if you leave your cupboard door open for a while, they should be ok. If you’re hanging cotton cloths there now and they aren’t getting stinky than the e-cloths should be ok as they dry faster, but like everything, e-cloths dry better in ventilated areas.


  5. Michele says:

    I ordered the professional ecloth mop because I have about 1300 square-foot of hardwood and a 1200 square-foot stained concrete basement floor. I love it ! (Sigh of contentment) I have two wet pads and one dusting pad. I can do all the floor s with that at one time. I rinse the wet ones after doing the main floor then I carry them to the basement to do the floor down there. I use a rubber brush, like the one norwex sells, to brush of the dusting pad between floors. The amazing part of how well it gets food and drink splatters off without applying any pressure to speak of. It sounds like a lot to clean but it’s not much more work with my new mop.


  6. Chris says:

    I have granite countertops and travertine floors and it’s been a challenge to find cleaning products ‘safe’ for use on these surfaces, so I was excited to find a product that will let me clean with just water. But I’m hesitant to use micro-fiber because using anything but soft, natural fibers like cotton is not recommended as it will scratch and damage the surfaces. Are e-cloths okay for use on granite and stone?


  7. Eva says:

    Forgive me if I am asking previously answered question! First, if I wanted to try the ecloths on my floor before I bought the whole mop package, could I use a GP cloth in my old Swiffer dry mop? If so, would it also work with the silver embedded cloths for an antibacterial clean or would that scratch my wood floors? My MIL told me about Norwex and I am on a mission to find something similar. Thank you for any advice you may be able to give!


    • Hi Eva – good questions, and lucky for me I’m actually one step ahead of you :). I wrote a post a few months ago about using the e-cloths on your swiffer. Here’s the link.

      Just to clarify the silver embedded cloths: e-cloth actually discontinued selling cloths with silver in them a few weeks ago. Why, you may ask? I’ve really got to write a post for this because a lot of people are asking why.
      1) The silver does not in any way improve upon or impact the cleaning ability of the cloth. The silver only starts working after the cloth has been used. It will work to kill some bacteria in the cloth so that it doesn’t get stinky. but if you rinse the cloth out with hot water (and a bit of dish soap if it got really dirty/greasy) and then hang it to dry, you’ll rinse out most of the bacteria and it won’t get stinky. If you’ve used the cloth to clean areas of high bacteria (like the toilet or raw meat juices) the cloth should be rinsed and then not used again without laundering. This is true regardless of whether the cloth has silver in it or not.
      2) It causes a lot of confusion/misunderstanding amongst customers
      3) It causes extra strain on the environment.

      All that being said, any silver in microfiber cloths will NOT scratch your wood floors.

      If you want to give e-cloth a try, we’ve got our best-selling (and top pick by Real Simple magazine) General Purpose e-cloth on sale right now 2 for the price of 1. It will work wonderfully on your floors and as you can see from my previous post it will fit in your swiffer.

      Any other questions, feel free to ask.


  8. sarah says:

    Do these products offer the same virus protection as norwex? Thanks!


  9. Missy234 says:

    Why are there so many e-cloth websites? And, are they all the same thing?


    • HI Missy234, there are 5 or 6 e-cloth websites. A few of us (me included) are “Independent On-line Retailers”. Then there is one site for the headquarters in New Hampshire and another site for E-cloth.com, which is in England and deals mainly with European customers. The England site is the original and offers some products that aren’t yet available in North America. The others (like mine) all offer the same products so I guess it’s a matter of finding the one that gives you the best customer service – and hopefully that’s me ;o) eclothusa.com



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