Kate’s Bathroom Roundup Review: Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt vs. e-cloth Cleaning Pad vs. e-cloth Bathroom Cloth

norwex and ecloth bathroom mitt cloth review

In a Nutshell:

Every one of these will clean your bathroom faster and more safely than any chemical cleaning solution ever could but for me, the e-cloth Cleaning Pad wins by a hair.


Warning #1: This could be a long one.  I’ve been meaning to do individual reviews for each of these cloths separately but… well crap… I just never got around to it.

Warning #2: Keep in mind that these are my thoughts on how they work in MY bathroom and MY preferences so please don’t get angry if you don’t agree with me – although I welcome your comments and thoughts below.

Warning #3: Remember that I sell e-cloth products.  I used to sell Norwex products. I use products from both companies in my house interchangeably and daily.  I try to keep my reviews honest and unbiased but sometimes I mess up.

What is the e-cloth® Bathroom Cloth?

The e-cloth Bathroom Cloth (the yellow one in the picture above) is essentially a General Purpose cloth (or Norwex Enviro Cloth) with slightly longer fibers. It is not shaggy but the slightly longer fibers make it more absorbent than the General Purpose or Norwex Enviro cloth.

It is a 12.5″ by 12.5″ square cloth that I use by folding in half and then in half again so I end up with 8 smallish square sides that I can clean with.

What is the e-cloth® Cleaning Pad?

The e-cloth Cleaning Pad is a sectioned sponge wrapped in a General Purpose cloth.  The fibers are shorter than on the Bathroom Cloth but because of the sponge, it is more absorbent.

The Cleaning Pad is 6.5″ x 9″ and is sectioned to make it easy to fold.

What is the Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt?

The Norwex Bathroom Mitt is… ummm… a mitt. 😉  It’s the pink one in the picture above. The mitt has very shaggy microfiber on one side and a scrubby mesh on the other side.  The inside is lined and there is a very thin sponge between the outer shaggy/scrubby side and the inner liner.

Please excuse the appearance of my Norwex mitt.  It’s 5 years old and starting to look a bit shabby but it still works great. It is 9″ x 6.5″.

General Performance Pros and Cons

E-cloth® Bathroom Cloth


  • It cleans well and picks up over 99% of bacteria
  • Lightest when wet of the three cloths reviewed here
  • Used folded, there are 8 sides that can be used for cleaning so I don’t have to rinse it out often
  • Easily fits behind all my bathroom fixtures
  • Removes “recent” soap scum but not weeks of buildup
  • Dries quickly


  • Tiring on the hand and bunches up when used on large areas
  • Does not old soap scum buildup by itself

What Kate Would Change:

  • There are times when I’d like longer fibers so maybe longer fibers on one side like the High Performance Dusting Cloth (or maybe I should just use that cloth… hmmm…)
  • A mitt would be useful for large areas – although then I’d only get 2 cleaning sides instead of 8.  See my comments about that with the Norwex mitt, below

 E-cloth® Cleaning Pad

Admittedly, I had one of these sitting in a box for over a year before I finally tried it.  I didn’t think I’d like it.  Wrong! It is probably the cloth I use most often of the three. I prefer it for washing the walls around the tub and the sink/counter.


  • Cleans well and picks up over 99% of bacteria
  • Folds easily and fits well into my hand
  • Very absorbent so good for cleaning out the bottom of the shower. I also like to wring it out well and use it to dry off the walls of my glass shower.
  • Does not come unfolded or bunched when used on large areas.
  • The sponge makes it comfortable to hold and my hand doesn’t tire when cleaning large areas
  • Dries remarkably fast
  • Fits behind fixtures
  • When folded, it has 4 cleaning sides so less rinsing required


  • Does not remove old soap scum buildup by itself

What Kate Would Change:

  • Probably nothing.  It would be awkward with longer fibers.

Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt

This was one of my first Norwex purchases.  It has held up well and I love the mittness of it.


  • It’s a mitt.  That alone is worth a whole lot of points.
  • It fits well on my hand (and also my husband’s) and doesn’t bunch up at all
  • The long fibers are good at getting into grout
  • The sponge inside gives a bit of “cushioning” so it’s easier on the hand
  • Removes “recent” soap scum and the scrubby will remove some older buildup
  • For some reason, the mitt kinda takes the “ick” factor out of wiping toilets for me


  • Half of the mitt is a scrubby.
  • It takes a long time to dry.
  • Only 1 cleaning side so I have to rinse it often
  • The long fibers get under – and lift up – the grout/sealant along the edge of my tub. I have to be very careful around that area otherwise it practically removes the grout and mold builds up under it.

What Kate Would Change:

  • I would replace the scrubby side with microfiber.  I can count the number of times I’ve used the scrubby side of my 5 year old mitt on one hand.  Maybe three times.

Performance on Kate’s Bathroom Cleaning Pet-peeves

This is where you find out that I’m a real person.  A real person with a dirty bathroom.  Actually I’m writing this post today as a form of procrastination from actually cleaning my bathrooms.

Petpeeve #1: the upstairs sink and fixture

Look at this sink.  Hideous.  It came with the house and there’s a “gorgeous” 5 foot counter that goes with it.  It’s full of little cracks – that you can see in the picture – that fill up with gunk (and probably bacteria of some sort or another). It’s an embarrassment.

And what would a hideous sink be without a cheap faucet?  This darned thing is so close to the back splash thing that it’s hard to clean the gap.  Also, the knobs are so close to the fixture that it’s dang irritating to clean under them.

DSC_0068 2Here are the three cloths tackling that tiny space between the fixture and the backsplash:

  1. The e-cloth Bathroom Cloth fits easily but I have to place one hand on either side of the cloth and pull it back and forth to clean out the area.  It’s easy to get the fixture side of the gap because I pull the sides forward a bit too, but very difficult to get up next to the back splash area.
  2. The e-cloth Cleaning Pad fits PERFECTLY! I simply hold the top of the folded pad and wipe back and forth. Easy and fast.
  3. This is not an easy task with the Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt 😦 . I have to work to squish it down there and when I finish the faucet side of the gap, I have to flip it around to do the back splash side.

Sadly, none of the cloths get into the miniscule cracks in the sink.  The only thing I’ve found to work is to put baking soda and vinegar into the sink and let the bubbles do the work.

Winner: e-cloth Cleaning Pad

Pet-peeve #2: Stupid soap rack-dish thingy in the shower

As an engineer, I can see what whoever designed this was thinking: the soap will sit on top and won’t get mushy because any water will drip off into the grooves, away from the soap.

Norwex ecloth clean soap dishesAs an engineer, here’s what I’m thinking: Dunh! put a bit of a slant on those grooves, Dingbat! The soapy drips just build up and sit in those grooves.  And do you know what soapy drips build up into?  SLIME.  Bleck. And do you know who thinks to draw their fingers through the grooves to push the drippy slime out while they’re in the shower?  Nobody but me, that’s who the heck who!

Little rant there, sorry.

PS: Do you like how I left the hairs in the picture?  Gross, eh?  But I gotta keep it real and hair in the shower is real!

To clean the soapy grooves out, I put a bit of cloth over the groove and pull the cloth with my finger.

  1. Folded, the Bathroom e-cloth fits well into the grooves and I can reposition my hand on the cloth so I get a fresh bit of cloth for every groove – which I have found to be necessary.
  2. I need to use a bit more pressure with the e-cloth Cleaning Pad to push the sponge down into the grooves but it works well. Like with the Bathroom e-cloth, I can easily adjust my hand to get a fresh piece of pad on each groove.
  3. The long fibers on the Norwex Bathroom Mitt are perfect for those grooves but I can’t wear it as a mitt for this task.  I put my hand on the outside so that I can adjust it like for the two e-cloths.

Winner: e-cloth Bathroom Cloth

Pet-peeve #3 – Toilet Seat and Hinge Area

cleaning toilets with norwex and eclothIn many ways, I am thankful that my boys prefer to pee sitting down rather than standing up but why, oh, why, oh WHY can they not remember to point their peters down before starting the job?

Just look at the pee on the bottom of the seat.  Yuck! I know exactly who to blame for that. It’s not me.

Then the older male of the household (who shall remain nameless since he’s the one who brings home the bacon) lifts the seat to do his business and the wet pee on the bottom of the seat drips down into the hinge area of the seat.

That little stretch of porcelain that you see under the seat and between the two bits that attach the seat to the toilet is my pet-peeve area.

When the lid is up, my hand does not fit under there easily.  When the seat is down, you can’t even see it.

  1. The Bathroom e-cloth easily fits in there. I usually pass it through the space and pull it back and forth along the edges. Awkward, but it works.
  2. The e-cloth Cleaning Pad is great here.  It fits in well and is stiff enough that I can push/pull from one side and get right up against the edges.
  3. The Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt would be perfect here – except I can’t easily get it in there. It’s very awkward which is a shame because the longer fibers would otherwise make it the best tool for getting right into the little crack/seam where the seat meets the toilet.

Winner: e-cloth Cleaning Pad

Pet-peeve #4: Glass Shower

The main thing that peeves me about this shower is that I never use it.  But I’m the only one that has EVER cleaned it.  I’m holding myself back from growling here.

clean glass shower with norwex and ecloth

  1. The Bathroom e-cloth does a wonderful job on this and with a regular wipe-down, I’ve managed to keep hard water spots and soap scum at bay. I do find that the cloth bunches up though and my hand gets more tired using this cloth than either of the other two.
  2. The e-cloth Cleaning Pad is perfect for all that glass. It stays folded and the padding of the sponge makes it comfy in your hand. I wring it out when I’m done and give the glass a final wipe to get it as dry as possible.
  3. The Norwex Mitt really shines here.  The mitt is comfy on my hand and makes cleaning the entire shower a quick and easy job.  The longer fibers get into the corners of the shelves well. I do wish that both sides were microfiber though.  I have to rinse it out several times during cleaning.  With 2 sides of microfiber, I’d clean this thing much faster.

Note: all three of these cloths leave some water behind so I need to use a polishing cloth on the glass afterwards to avoid water marks.

Winner: it’s a toss up between the Cleaning Pad and Norwex Mitt

What About Hard Water Spots and Soap Scum?

All three of these cloths/mitts are great for removing light buildup of soap scum.  By “light” I mean an average week’s worth.  The cloth/mitt will drag across the soap scum and you’ll feel the cloth move more easily as the soap is removed.

If you’ve got weeks/months/years of soap scum, none of these will work.  The scrubby side of the Norwex mitt might put a dent in it but you’ll need to put a lot of elbow grease into that.  The Norwex Descaler is great for removing soap scum but I find vinegar works just as well.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the “old” soap scum, a weekly wipe (or maybe 2-3 times/week if a lot of baths/showers are happening) with the mitt/cloth is all you’ll  need.

I do not find any of these cloths to be effective on hard water spots.  The Norwex Descaler will also work on this but again… I find vinegar works just as well (so fill a spray bottle and keep it in your bathroom).

What about Cost?

  1. Bathroom e-cloth: $7.99US (or $14.99 as a part of a package with a Glass and Polishing cloth)
  2. e-cloth Cleaning Pad: $7.99US
  3. Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt: $24.99US

Is there a Winner?

Honestly, I use all three of these cloths/mitts all the time.  Lately, I’ve been grabbing the e-cloth Cleaning Pad the most often – and as you read, it did best on my pet-peeve areas – but typically, I put them all in a drawer and grab whatever is on top.

Now that I no longer sell Norwex products (or get a discount), I probably wouldn’t get another mitt.  I like it but it’s pricey. If they come out with a two-sided microfiber mitt I may reconsider.

Are you listening, Norwex and e-cloth?  We need a two sided, shaggy microfiber mitt!

Where Can I Buy These Amazing Cloths?

All e-cloth products can be purchased at eclothusa.com.

My friend Deja Peterson has a great blog – Healthyhomecleaning.com – that provides lots of great info and where you can purchase Norwex products.


As always, I’m more than happy to help.  Just leave a comment below!


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41 Responses to Kate’s Bathroom Roundup Review: Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt vs. e-cloth Cleaning Pad vs. e-cloth Bathroom Cloth

  1. Lorena Boley says:

    Was wondering if you used the yellow scrubbing sponge from the bathroom stater kit from ecloth. I was going to purchase a Norwex mitt because my bathroom shower glass doors has lots of soap scrum and dry spots that won’t go away. So I came across your post and now I am very interesting about these ecloth. Because Norwex is very costly and pricey. I tried my Norwex blue diamond and the cleaning paste using my Norwex eviro gray cloth to clean soap scrum off my shower glass door, but it’s not working. Figured it’s because I am using the wrong cloth.


    • Hi Lorena. The Washing Up Pad (the yellow sponge) is good at getting soap scum off, particularly if you’re using the cleaning paste. My biggest tip for lots of build-up (months/years) is to saturate paper towels (or cloths) with vinegar and stick them to the surface for a while (10 minutes to hours… I usually forget about them for a few hours). Then wipe/rinse off. That should get rid of most of the build up. Then, after every shower, I give the tub/shower a quick wipe with a General Purpose e-cloth (similar to the Norwex Enviro). No one else in my family does this – it’s only me. So there are lots of showers/baths happening when it doesn’t get wiped. But my once or twice weekly wiping of each shower has been enough to keep the soap scum away.
      That being said, when I was a Norwex retailer, I found the Descaler to work best on soap scum and hard water stains. I had NO luck with the cleaning paste on that. Now at e-cloth, we have the Universal Stone which I’ve found more effective on soap scum than the Norwex Paste – but it’s pricey and I’d keep working with what you have first.


  2. Shanna says:

    So I’m a little late to the ecloth party, but mine came in the mail today and I am so excited!! My hubby is too because I’ve been trying them out all afternoon which means I’ve cleaned more today than the last few months combined 😊. I haven’t used mine in the shower yet and from what I’m reading, since the ecloth isn’t quite a miracle worker, I’m going to have to stick with my tried and true method which is about as close to a miracle as you can get. It seems like I’m not the only one with “shower issues” so I thought I’d share.
    1 part warm vinegar to 1 part blue Dawn in a spray bottle. Spray on, let it sit about 20-30 minutes and even the toughest shower yuck will come off with little to no scrubbing with a scrub brush. Try it and you will never use anything else to clean your tub and shower.


    • HI Shanna – it has taken me months to respond. Sorry! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hopefully in my delay to respond, you’ve had lots of opportunity to try the cloths. How are they working out for you?


  3. Toni Rice says:

    Love Norwex and after reading a lot of your stuff will be buying ecloth to test them out!! So exciting to find something more reasonable..and the silver component of Norwex..still wondering what that is suppose to do anyway!! My question is..(I am taking about my kitchen cloths and kitchen towels) my cloths all smell like paint, a couple really stinky, but the biggest problem…it takes ages to wet them! It is like the fibers are seriously coated with something and the water just runs off. I have tried boiling for 10 mins in water, with no soap, washing in the laundry machine with no soap, boiled with soap and a bit of vinegar, soaked in detergent and hot water for well over 30 min, but they are still stinky and still the water just runs off. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much!! Going to try the baking soda boil today, followed by the vinegar boil.


    • Toni, it’s my hope that the baking soda/vinegar combo will work for you. Without knowing how you use your cloths, I can’t really know what they’re coated with but generally stink and/or crunch are caused by build up of grease/oil and/or detergent. If you manage to get them smelling good and absorbing again here are a few suggestions:
      1) make sure to rinse them well with hot water after every use. if you’ve been cleaning oily/greasy surfaces, rinse with a bit of dish soap. I usually just let mine soak in a bit of soapy water in the sink for a while, swishing them around a bit. Then rinse with hot water to get the soap out.
      2)if you’re using them to wash dishes, ensure to rinse them well afterwards to get the dish soap out
      3) ensure that they have time to fully dry at least once within 24 hours. You may need to have 2 out at a time.
      4) check your laundry detergent to make sure it doesn’t have a “softener” in it. Fabric softener will coat the fibres horribly – the good news being that it can be washed out. You also should be using the bare minimum of detergent with your cloths (especially if your machine is a front loader) to ensure that it all gets rinsed out.

      How frequently are you laundering your cloths? if you get them fixed up, you may want to consider washing them more frequently.

      Let me know what happens!


  4. Erin says:

    Love your comments and great reviews. I just recently ordered the ecloths and am using them. I have glass shower doors and was thinking these would take off the scaling like magic but um…not so much. I’m glad I read your comments as now I know they just don’t work that well in that application.


    • Erin, yes, the darned scaling. I also have glass shower doors and incredibly hard water. My trick is to saturate paper towel in vinegar and stick it to the glass. I leave it there for 15 minutes to 5 hours (depending on what I’m doing that day… or if I forget about it). Then peel it off and wipe with an e-cloth. That has always worked for me.


  5. Alyssa Glasscock says:

    I am looking at buying Norwex or this brand of cloths. I have none of either so could you tell me which you prefer. I clean houses for people and recently used the window cloth and was impressed to say the least. You say you use both products so which is which?


  6. Janet Miller says:

    Hi Kate! I am currently a new consultant for Norwex and a big fan of them as well. However, with that being said, after reading some of your posts and reviews/replies on the e-cloth and the Norwex system, I am a bit overwhelmed. I am not making good progress on selling the Norwex cloths (I don’t know why) and am considering just stopping completely. I would like to learn more about the e-cloths for future needs if I decide to switch or use both. Thanks for the information. I enjoyed reading and learning.


  7. nat says:

    hi, is a vinegar/water mix safe to use with the cloths? I always have a bottle with a mix in and use it on showers and kitchen sides. I am worried it will damage my cloths ( recently purchased enjo and e cloths)


    • Nat – vinegar is fine for you new cloths although you likely don’t need it. I only use vinegar these days to fight hard water stains. I’ve found the e-cloths clean almost everything else all on their own with a little water. The only things your absolutely must avoid with the cloths is bleach and fabric softener.


  8. Roni says:

    So Kate, do the e-cloths contain silver just like the norwex. I am reading around and some people say the e-cloths don’t


  9. Roni says:

    Okay, so I am new to these cloths. I have never used them before, and had a friend tell me about them. I have been reading alot about the norwex/e-cloths, I just don’t get it. You are telling me I can clean my disgusting toilet with this rag and no chemicals and just keep on using it and it’s fine? Do you wash yours after everytime you clean the bathroom with it? I just think that sounds sickening. Can I clean up raw chicken juice and not wash the cloth, and not use any chemicals? Do the cloths start to stink? Can you help me get past this maybe I am just misunderstanding.


    • Roni – I’m going to point you in the direction of a post I wrote some time ago about when to launder cloths. It talks about when you can use them again and when you shouldn’t. I think it will answer your questions but if not, let me know! This is the link.


  10. Tam says:

    I use the Scrubby side of the bathroom mitt to clean the pebbly floor of my tub/shower. I spray the floor with a diluted Blue Diamond mixture, let it set for 5-10 minutes, then take a shower. I put the bathroom mitt on my foot scrubby side down and scrub while I shower. 🙂 Works beautifully! You can really put some weight into it! 😀 Regarding your wish for a double sided shaggy microfiber mitt, couldn’t you just use a dusting mitt since they are shaggy on both sides? If I understand correctly, the shag is the same on the dusting mitt and the bathroom mitt.


    • Yes, I guess you could using the Norwex dusting mitt in the bathroom. good idea! Now if only they would get rid of that piping on their dusting mitt 😉


      • Tam says:

        Do you know anything about Rosco Rags? There is a mitt on their website. It’s blue, no piping, and seems to be similar to the shaggy side of the Bathroom mitt. $10.00 Rosco Rags microfiber seems to be very affordable, made in Korea, 70% polyester 30% polyamide. I’m just curious.


        • Tam – I’m not familiar with Rosco Rags. Sounds like the materials are similar to the e-cloth one, the question would just be the quality of the materials and the fiber count. The more fibers, the better the picker upper.


      • Tam says:

        One other question. Do you have any idea what is the Norwex Envirocloth GSM weight? I’ve looked and looked and can’t seem to find the GSM numbers anywhere!


      • Kelly says:

        I’m new to Ecloth and don’t own any Norwex. I love Tams method of placing mitt on her foot and cleaning while showering. Do you think the Ecloth dusting mitt could do this? I have one of those. The hairs are pretty long and thick. My tub is the general material like yours, except the floor isn’t smooth, it’s got some lines in it, for traction I assume. I have a chronic back issue, so bending over and scrubbing the floor of tub is a task I never look forward too. So reading Tams method, I thought brilliant. I have tiny feet, like size 5, so the mitt would definitely fit my foot. However looking at images of the norwex bath mitt the hairs are not as long as Ecloth dust mitt. So I’m not sure the Ecloth dust mitt would work same. My question is would the shag of the Ecloth dust mitt be beneficial in cleaning shower floor? I read earlier that you wished the norwex mitt was micro on both sides. The other thought that comes to mind would bodywash and hair care destroy the Ecloth dust mitt, as I don’t want to ruin my new dust mitt, I love it. And a final question or thought Ecloth makes a babycare cloth designed to clean toys etc, the hair looks like the dust mitt to me. They call it chemical free cleaning toy and nursery cloth, just a thought if you own one already.


        • Kelly – yes the ecloth dust glove has longer fibers that are good for the tub but… it’s a glove and not a mitt, so may not fit nicely on your foot. You could sew two of the high performance dusting mitts together to make a mitt. you don’t have to worry about cleaning body wash and shampoo up with your ecloths. Just make sure to rinse the cloth out well afterwards to get the soap/shampoo/conditioner out of the cloth.

          The new Toy cloth is actually the same as the High Performance Dusting cloth. It has longer fibers on one side and shorter on the other.


  11. Sande s says:


    Sent from my iPhone



  12. tamra johnson says:

    mainly you just use water with the products right? No cleaning products or solutions except vinegar sometimes?


    • Tamra, that is correct. 90% of the time, I only use the cloths with water. The rest of the time, I use some vinegar to help get rid of hard water buildup and the Universal Stone for the odd job where the cloths alone don’t work or on my glass shower doors to prevent soapscum and hard water buildup.

      I’ve been cleaning like this for 5 years now and love it. It’s so much easier and I have no worries of my kids getting into dangerous chemicals.


  13. loelmu says:

    Here is another question: I really do love using my enviro-cloth (Norwex) for the bathroom, but it doesn’t grab any of the lint. Or long hairs. It’s annoying, and I find I have to deal with this every time I use it. Thoughts?

    How do you deal with lint/whiskers/hair in the bathroom?


    • Loelmu – have you tried using the cloth dry (as a duster) first to pick up hair and dust? I usually wipe the counter around my sink first with the cloth dry to collect any hair and dust and then dampen it to do the real cleaning. Like you, I find there the Norwex enviro-cloth doesn’t pick up hair or lint when wet. There’s just something about that bathroom dust 😉 Particularly, I notice this when I clean the top, sides and base of my toilet tank. By the time I get to the toilet, the cloth is damp. My only solution is to wipe in a figure-eight motion so that one side of the cloth continuously leads and the dust/hair collects at the front. Then I kind of scoop it with the cloth when I get to the end.

      I’m open to other suggestions if people have them.


  14. Monica Turk says:

    Kate, you are so right on about the mitt being two-sided microfiber. I never, or almost never use the other side, useless! You really know your stuff. I hope someone is listening and making notes!


  15. Nikki says:

    Thanks so much for the detailed review on all three! I’m gonna have to check out that e-cloth pad. Quick question though, both my bathroom e-cloth and Norwex mitt (and basically all my other norwex and e-cloths) no longer absorb water. I have to wring them once or twice to get them to take water again when wetting them from dry. I’ve soaked them in vinegar and use Charlie’s soap for laundering. What am I doing wrong? Is it the static electricity from the dryer? Help!


    • Nikki – I’m not sure but baking soda might help. Try a 1/2 cup in with the wash cycle and wash on hot. If it’s possible, turn the washer off after it has agitated a bit and let the cloths soak for 15 or 20 minutes before turning it back on.

      If that doesn’t help, let me know and I’ll pick my brain a bit more.


      • Nikki says:

        I’ll give it a whirl and let you know. 😉 Thanks!


        • Looking forward to hearing back from you, Nikki!


          • Nikki says:

            Okay, so I did a full cup of baking soda and 2 super hot soak/agitate cycles and still the same. Then a local consultant said to try vinegar so I did another cycle on super hot and 1/2 a gallon of vinegar, although they are cleaner and a bit softer, still they repel water 😦 I let them line dry to make sure my dryer wasn’t the culprit and I am at a loss. Help me super Kate! 😉


          • Nikki – have you tried boiling them? Put them in a big pot with lots of water and a drop 1/2 tsp of dish detergent. Then boil for 10-20 minutes (keep an eye on the pot to ensure there’s lots of water in it – as they cloths will actually fry if the pot dries out!). Then empty the water and boil again with no detergent. I’m going to recommend that you DO put them in the dryer afterwards to open up the fibers. Please let me know if that works or not. I’ve GOT to figure this out!

            If it does work, maybe give this old post of mine a read afterwards as it might help prevent your repelling issue from recurring. http://cleaninup.com/2013/07/04/how-to-fix-crunchy-or-stiff-norwex-and-e-cloth-cloths/


          • Nikki says:

            Alrighty, so I boiled them in 1/2 tsp of original blue Dawn (had to take out the big guns in case of fabric softener residue) and then put half the rags in the dryer and half on a drying rack to air dry. The verdict is they don’t repel HOT water anymore but still take a bit of wringing to absorb room temp or cold water. So, better but still not that like new cloth when you use it.


          • Well Nikki, it sounds like we’re “getting” there. I repeat the boiling every few weeks or so and wash them only in hot water (even if you just do it by hand in the sink), they might improve, but maybe not to the brand new condition. Not the news you were hoping for but just know that even if they’re stiff or a bit repellent, they still work.



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