Win Your e-cloth Mop!

win your ecloth mopONLY AT ECLOTHUSA.COM

We’re discontinuing the “International” Deep Clean Mop which is GOOD NEWS for international deep clean mopYOU!

Purchase this mop and you’ll automatically be entered to win your money back!*
Contest runs from Dec. 21, 2014 until the mops are gone.
This offer is only available at

This is the same great Deep Clean Mop that RealSimple magazine raves about except it does not have a telescopic handle.  Instead, the handle breaks down into 3 pieces (you can take one piece out for kids to mop!).

While Supplies Last, these are priced to sell at only $29.99 (Reg. $39.99).
Oh, and YES, this mop comes with one of the blue Damp Mop Pads.

For more information, visit

How Does the e-cloth Mop Compare to Norwex?

I knew you’d ask that question.  I wrote a blog post with lots of details about that some time ago.  Here’s the link.


*Winner will be notified by email once all mops are sold. Purchase price of the mop will be refunded.  Refund will not include shipping charges or purchase price of items other than the mop.  Each mop sold is an eligible entry so if you purchase more than one, you get an entry for each mop. Good Luck!

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4 Responses to Win Your e-cloth Mop!

  1. Pam Spicer says:

    Does the regular dust mop head fit on the international mop?


  2. Sandy says:

    What do you think about the new non scratch scouring cloth? Would it work to clean food stuck on my glass top stove and not scratch the surface?



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