2015 e-cloth® Earth Day Sale – Kate’s Tips on What to Buy when it’s on Sale

Geez, there are a lot of e-cloth products, aren’t there?  Hard to know where to begin.  And when you see those 4 magic letters… S…A…L…E, you want to go crazy and buy, buy, BUY!

But before you get carried away, let me help you.  Here are my Top 5 Picks for what to get while the 20% off Earth Day Sale is on (Coupon Code: Earthday15 .Sale ends at midnight central time, Wed April 22, by the way).

Kate’s Top 5 “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks

  1. Universal Stone – this stuff is amazing and everyone should have some.  But yup, it’s universal stonepricey so maybe hard to justify (even though it’ll replace many of your other cleansers). Try searching on this blog for Universal Stone – I’ve got lots of examples with pictures of how well this stuff works. So get it while it’s on sale.  We also have the Universal Stone Cleaning Set that includes a General Purpose Cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth and will save you even more money (but save even more by getting the Universal Stone and a couple of the 2 for 1 General Purpose/Glass & Polishing cloths instead – see below)
  2. Deep Clean Mop – another big-ticket item that people covet.  Probably something you win an ecloth mop contest - even a baby can use it!hum and haw over, wondering if it’s really any better than your existing mop.  Well stop wondering… it IS better. WAY better! Again, I’ve got reviews on here so check them out. If you’ve got pets, this is a must-have. Especially this time of year when the shedding is on full tilt and muddy paw prints prevail. We also have lots of mop “bundles” that’ll save you big money if you’re looking at getting multiple items.  But the bundles aren’t on sale right now. NOTE – I highly recommend that if you get the mop that you also purchase the dusting pad for it.  The mop dusting pad is my MOST USED ITEM and it’ll save you lots of time – and frustration.
  3. drinkware-cleaning-clothDrinkware Drying and Polishing Cloth – This little beauty is often over-looked. It’s kinda hard to find on the website and likely not something you’d search for.  But it’s a gem of a dish-dryer and it’s a couple of bucks cheaper than our Kitchen Towels.  Use if for all your dish-drying – not just glasses. You’ll be impressed by how quickly – and how much – water it absorbs. Not to mention the streak-free finish on your glasses!
  4. Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel4Luxury Bath Towel – The title says it all. Luxury… Bath… Towel. This thing IS pure luxury. It dries you quickly and feels like velvet against your skin.  And here’s a little secret for those of you that don’t like the fact that it’s white… shhhh, don’t tell anyone… the Large Pet Towel is exactly the same. So if you’re afraid of white, try the brown pet towel instead. And while I’m at it, I’ll just mention that the pet towel is the 2nd best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog (the best thing is #5, below). If you’ve got a dog that likes to swim or run in the rain, you’ll love how quickly you can dry them off with the pet towel. Search this blog for my reviews of the luxury towel. We still only have one that the entire family fights over.
  5. Pet Grooming Mitt – This is the single best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog. She loves how it feels and I love ecloth microfiber pet grooming mitthow it cleans her coat and removes dander.  Note, this is not a brush and it isn’t great for removing hair. This mitt makes my dog’s coat shine! I use it AFTER I brush her to remove the dead skin that the brush brings to the surface. And I use it a LOT in spring, summer and fall to remove dust and dirt from her hair. Roxy loves the feel of the bristly side on her face and in her ears.

Why Aren’t Any of the Cleaning Cloths on Kate’s Top 5 Sale List?

You know I love my e-cloths. You know I love the way they clean. So why aren’t they on my Earth Day Sale Must Buy list?

Because we’ve still got 2 for 1’s available and they aren’t eligible for the 20% off. You could get any of our regular priced cleaning cloths and use the Earthday15 Coupon Code to get 20% off them, but you’ll save money by getting the 2 for 1’s instead.

Spring 2015 2 for 1 sale at eclothusa.comAND…

we’ve still go the MOST AMAZING DEAL EVER on our Kitchen and Window Packs.

Window and kitchen packs on super saleSo get your luxury, coveted items from the list above at 20% off (Coupon Code: Earthday15) and get our best-selling General Purpose and Glass & Polishing cloths at 2 for the price of 1.



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6 Responses to 2015 e-cloth® Earth Day Sale – Kate’s Tips on What to Buy when it’s on Sale

  1. Chrisi prasad says:

    Hi Kate
    I hope you are still selling the e clothes etc. I have had a look at norwex and think the e cloth products suit my budget much better. I’m now on a low income and would like to know what to start with. I have a lot to sweep and mop and am trying to make it easier for myself as I have immune disease. I have light coloured tiles with light grout. I want to buy the items when on promotion if that’s possible. I’m in Melbourne , Australia. I’m happy to contact someone local if they are sold here. If you can email me back as soon as possible, I would appreciate it very much. I believe if I buy the right products, cleaning can be much easier. Thankyou very much
    Kind regards
    Chrisi Prasad


    • Hi Chrisi – I would look at finding a distributor on Australia. The new(ish) international postal rates from the US will make any purchase from me expensive for you. The e-cloth mop will make sweeping easier but note that I find the one downfall of it is that the fibers on the damp pad do not reach down into the grout between tiles.


  2. Connie says:

    Hey Kate, Just found your website and just finding out about Norwex & E-cloth. Have to say, I appreciate your honesty and am now considering the E-cloth. My question is Walmart sells an E-cloth, are these the same products as what’s on the E-cloth website?


    • Connie – I can’t know for sure unless I see the box. “e-cloth” is a registered name, and all e-cloths will come with an e-cloth package (typically cardboard box around part or entire cloth) and will have the official logo and tagline on it (“e-cloth, perfect cleaning with just water). They will also have the TADgreen Inc. contact info in New Hampshire on the back.


  3. Kim says:

    Could u shoot me an email please? I could use your help as soon as possible! Thank you!



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