Buy One Get One Sale at

I get sooooooo  many emails asking “Kate, when is the next Buy One Get One Sale?“.

Well wait no longer! Now’s the time.

While supplies last we’ve got the General Purpose and Glass & Polishing Cloths on sale: TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

And double-jackpot-jump-for-joy-kiss-me-hot-DANG, the 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths are DARK this Fall.  That means they’ll hide the stains… which I KNOW is a dream for many of you.

GASP! Brown and Dark Green! Looooove it! Now my boys can clean their bikes without me having a hissy-fit about the stains on my precious e-cloth afterwards 😉

And the colours on the Glass & Polishing cloths ain’t bad either.

2 Glass & Polishing Cloths OR 2 General Purpose Cloths for $7.99



Buy now

Take Note: These sale cloths are in limited quantity and are only available while supplies last.

As always, if you’d like more information or have any questions, drop me a comment below.  If you’re wondering how these compare to Norwex cloths, take a look at the drop-down menus at the top of my blog.  I’ve got lots of e-cloth vs norwex comparisons including the e-cloth General Purpose vs Norwex Enviro AND e-cloth Glass & Polishing vs Norwex Window.

Now go save yourself some money! Sale

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