FREE Wash & Wipe Dish Cloth with Select e-cloth® Purchases!

The new Wash & Wipe Dish Cloths have been very, VERY popular.  So popular that we sold out of them in record time and the poor, poor people had to wait for more.

And let me just tell you that my husband said “I like that new cloth”.  Them’s strong words coming from him! He is NOT one to voice his opinion on cleaning products.  Or on anything really, for that matter.

We think you’ll like it so much that for a limited time, we’re giving them away FREE!

Free?  What’s the catch?

No catch, you get one free with the purchase of either a General Purpose cloth or a Glass & Polishing cloth.

I know, I know. You want to reach through your computer and kiss me, don’t you.


free wash & wipe with General Purposefree wash & wipe with Glass & Polishing

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4 Responses to FREE Wash & Wipe Dish Cloth with Select e-cloth® Purchases!

  1. Stacey says:

    I was curious about these clothes. I’m wondering what would be best to wash dishes with – probably with dish soap. My husband prefers a sponge to rag though and if he’s willing to do the dishes I don’t want to stop him. Do you prefer the non scratch scrubbers or the kitchen Dynamo? If I can get him to a cloth do you prefer the red cleaning pad or one of the previous two for cleaning big areas and tile and grout?


    • For washing dishes, I prefer the Washing Up Pad. I like the Kitchen Dynamo more for cleaning in and around the sink – although I know lots of people like it for dishes too. My only issue with the Dynamo is that it doesn’t have loop to hang it up with. WHYYYYYYYYYYY?!?! With the longer fibers, it takes longer than our other cloths to dry, which can lead to stink. If using to wash dishes, ensure that all the soap is rinsed out afterwards – soap and oil on fibers also leads to stink.

      For big areas like tub and shower, I prefer the red cleaning pad. I usually fold it in half, so I get 4 sides to clean with before I have to rinse it out. It stays flat in my hand and is nicely padded by the sponge.


  2. i just ordered this window polishing cloth with the free dish cloth. I really like the dish cloth, but am not sure if I should be using dish soap or not! If it takes off the bacteria like the other cloths, then no, right?!
    Thanks for all your reviews. I have been wanting to purchase some of the norwex cloths, but have been reluctant because of the high price and I detest the “sales parties” when I want to buy a product. But after reading almost your entire site, I’ve been confident to buy and am really liking the ecloths I started out with. I will be buying more!!


    • Homecoordinator – I simply cannot believe how long it has taken me to respond to your comment. Sincere apologies. I use dish soap with my e-cloth dish cloths. The only thing to remember is to (1) rinse them out well afterwards to get the soap out and (2) hang them to dry. If you washed some really greasy dishes with them, I suggest hand washing them in some fresh hot water with a bit of dish soap to get all the grease out. Residual grease and soap lead to stinky cloths.



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