Kate… WHERE have you been?

I know, I know, I know.  It seems like I’ve disappeared from the internet.  I’m not updating the blog,  and I’ve been slow to respond to comments.


You know… I moved to Japan.  That was a year ago now and I’ve gotta tell ya, this place is awesome! I have contemplated blogging about our experiences here but frankly I’m afraid I would just be worried about blogging all the time.  There are so many new – and STRANGE – things for me to experience here and I just want to focus on enjoying them.  Not on writing about them.

But I am still here.  Lurking around the internet. I’m still selling ecloth products and I respond to questions on the website (eclothusa.com) within a day. So if you’ve got specific e-cloth product questions, that’s the place to ask.

Keep in mind that I’m 12-16 hours ahead of USA time. So depending on what time you contact me (at eclothusa.com website), I may respond almost immediately… or it may take me a day.

In case you’re wondering, it’s stinking hot here in the summer.  Humid and evening temps rarely go below 30 degrees Celcius. I realize there are hotter places in the US but for this Canadian, it’s mighty uncomfy.

There are many, MANY things I could share with you, but here are just a few to wet your appetite.


Up close at Sumo practice


Squid is available everywhere, cheap, in massive quantities. Remy is NOT impressed!


$50 cake- beer can for scale. It was small!


There is a hole in our floor for storing rice.


This is the control panel for our TOILET!!! You should see the one for our tub. There are 7 more buttons on the outside of the flap that is flipped down.


All carrots in Japan are exactly the same size and shape!


There are some INSANE roads in Japan. Windy, steep and hair-raisingly narrow.


This is the truck that moved our furniture across town. It took 2 trips.

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10 Responses to Kate… WHERE have you been?

  1. Beth Elliott says:

    Hi Kate, I just found your blog from a review you did for e-clothes on Amazon. I have to say I’ve spent the last 2 hours browsing through your posts. lol
    I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in so long and then came to your home page (would have been a good place to start.) 🙂
    We were stationed in Japan (Yokota AB) for 3 years and we loved it. I cried so hard when we left and still to this day miss it. It was such an amazing experience. I miss my Japanese friends the most.
    What part of Japan are you in? If you are near Tokyo I could give you some hints of where to go see things and find things.
    Anyways, placing an order for some of the e-cloth items, excited to try them.


    • Hi Beth. I feel extremely guilty for not getting back to you before now. I took a break from the blog while we were in Japan so I could soak in every moment of it. Like you, I BAWLED when we left. The crying started about a month before we left. Sadly, we actually had to leave a month earlier than planned because of some people leaving my husband’s office here in Canada and they needed him back. It is hard to convey to friends the extreme “oppositeness” of Japan and the beauty of the country beyond the cities. I was amazed and in love with the countryside and mountains. We were in Nagoya so a very comfortable distance from Tokyo and Kyoto/Osaka. I loved the Kiso valley and Nagano. We spent a couple of weeks in Hokkaido in the summer and loved it of course. I’m enjoy hiking so my spare time was anywhere mountainous. Just before we returned to Canada, we spent 10 days in Shikoku. I thought 3 years would be a perfect length of time to live there. The 16 months we had went far too quickly. I envy the time you had there.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Where in Japan are you? That can make so much difference. Is anyone driving? Trying to read kanji while driving on the left is doubly challenging. Have you climbed Mt. Fuji?

    Enough questions!


    • Hi Rebecca – only took me 1/2 a year to get back to you. Sorry. I took time off from the blog to really enjoy our time in Japan. We were in Nagoya. My first time driving was extremely stressful! My husband mapped out a route on a ridiculously narrow road at the top of a dike. I was a nervous wreck and kept screaming at the kids in the back seat to shut up. Back in Canada, 3 months later I still occasionally turn the wipers on instead of the turn signal. We didn’t climb Fuji but I did a lot of other mountaineering and hiking. It was a haven for me.


  3. Rena says:

    Hi Kate, It was great hearing from you and getting your update from Japan. It sure is quite a change from living in the US. Your pictures and details were very interesting. Thanks for sharing about your new way of life and keep in touch.
    Are you able to do business there with the Ecloths?
    Stay well and be safe…Rena


  4. Joanne Sorensen says:

    Wow! Thank you for the update. What an awesome experience for you and your family. I’d like to try out the self cleaning toilet. Ha.


    • Sadly, the “self-cleaning” only means that it flushes automatically. Great… except… our upstairs toilet (also lots of buttons) does NOT have the self-cleaning option, which the boys regularly forget. So I frequently find… stuff… in the upstairs toilet. It’s like the boys have forgotten how to flush a toilet 😦


  5. Nancy Jones says:

    The experience of a lifetime!! How do they get the carrots to come out the same?



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