Kate is Going High-tech… kinda

kate's ecloth blog is under construction

5 years. Maybe more.  That’s how long I’ve been pondering an update to this blog. I like this old blog, with the picture of my old dogs (gone 3 years now). I got comfortable with the administrative side of it. I know how it works.

I can hear you saying: Come ON, Kate.  This blog is kinda “blah-looking”!

And in response, I think to myself: Self, you’re an engineer, not a designer. Straight lines, 90 degree angles and logical menus – that’s what you need, Self. You don’t need “pretty”, Self.  Heck, you can’t handle “pretty”

But gosh dang it, it’s time for change.

I’ve bitten the bullet and and am upgrading. I’m doing all the work by myself – which is scary – and possibly stupid.  I’m going to learn a lot or go crazy trying!

Full Disclosure:

I have no idea what this switch-over entails.  I don’t know if the blog will:

  1. be off-line while I do the work (worst case)
  2. all messed up while I work on it (not great, but not the worst) and/or
  3. look the same until I’m all done (best case)

Whatever happens, I appreciate your patience.  I hope to have it all done by mid-Dec (or at least a first draft). I look forward to hearing from you then!

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4 Responses to Kate is Going High-tech… kinda

  1. Susan Roethke says:

    Hi Kate, I’m trying to place an order from your new website but am not having much luck. Do you still have the 2 for 1 sale going on for the glass set of e-cloths? Or the aquarium set? Please let me know how I can complete an order. Thanks, Sue Roethke seroethke@att.net

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  2. It actually hasn’t bothered me how it looks. I just hope you continue with your blogging about e-cloth items and Norwex comparisons… along with some personal family blogging! I also hope your “older” blogs don’t go away as I reference them every now and then. Good Luck with your new endeavor/project! I know and understand how time-consuming and painful this can be!


    • Nana Donna 2 6: Thank you for taking the time to add the comment. I just love that picture of the dogs at the top. I don’t have pictures of them around the house so it’s a nice reminder of them every time I open the blog. Certainly I will keeping all the old posts and I have SO many partially written posts/comparisons/reviews that I need to get on here too. I’m hoping the new layout will make it easier for people to find the info they’re looking for.



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