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Cleaning your Instant Pot® – Getting to the Tight Spots

Foreword: I am aware that most parts of the Instant Pot® can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  I’m going to focus on the outer “Cooker Base” part that includes the buttons and heating element. Living in Japan as a (mostly) … Continue reading

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What to do if your Norwex or e-cloth® “Accidentally” Touches Bleach

Let me give you a couple of scenarios, because I know YOU would never let your precious e-cloth or Norwex cloth come into contact with bleach. Disclaimer: These scenarios are loosely based on emails I received from kind readers like … Continue reading

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E-cloth® Specialty Cloth Rundown: The Stainless Steel Cloth

Preamble This is the first of a series of posts that I hope to write over the next few weeks to help you decide which e-cloths are best for you.  I understand that there are many, many types of e-cloths … Continue reading

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How to Remove Salt and Water Stains on Flooring

Argh!  Despite placing mats over the majority of my mud room, the boys still manage to step on – or put their wet boots in – the one little spot where there’s no mat. It’s not that the salt is … Continue reading

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Stainless Steel Appliances – Why Norwex & e-cloths Leave Streaks and How to Fix it!

La la la-la la la, Sing a happy song. La la la-la la la, Smurf it all day long. That’s you singing the Smurf song.  Why are you singing the Smurf song?  Because you just got your new Norwex or … Continue reading

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Kate’s Bathroom Roundup Review: Norwex Bathroom Scrub Mitt vs. e-cloth Cleaning Pad vs. e-cloth Bathroom Cloth

In a Nutshell: Every one of these will clean your bathroom faster and more safely than any chemical cleaning solution ever could but for me, the e-cloth Cleaning Pad wins by a hair. Warnings: Warning #1: This could be a … Continue reading

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Call me Crazy but…

I know this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but this morning I was too lazy to walk to the mudroom to get my mop so I washed my kitchen floor by hand with a General Purpose e-cloth. No, … Continue reading

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Holiday Clean-up: 5 Tips for Spending Less Time Cleaning with e-cloth

Ahh the holidays. A time of relaxing, gorging and drinking for some.  A time for tidying, cleaning and stressing for others.  For those of you in the latter group, I’ve got a few tips on how e-cloths can help you … Continue reading

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e-cloth Power Packed Cleaning Duo – Kate’s “Must Have” Picks

UPDATE: 29 Oct. 2015 – These two incredible packs are now on CLEARANCE Sale while supplies last.  50% off on the blue set and 33% off on the pink set. Hidden away, in the deepest, darkest corner of my … Continue reading

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This Ain’t No Purdy Blog – Keepin’ the Cleanin’ Real

Sometimes I suffer from blog-envy.  I read the blogs of others and see how neat and tidy and pretty they are with wonderfully framed images of food and kids and crafts. People smiling, with backgrounds of perfectly ordered and sparkling … Continue reading

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