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Holiday Clean-up: 5 Tips for Spending Less Time Cleaning with e-cloth

Ahh the holidays. A time of relaxing, gorging and drinking for some.  A time for tidying, cleaning and stressing for others.  For those of you in the latter group, I’ve got a few tips on how e-cloths can help you … Continue reading

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e-cloth Power Packed Cleaning Duo – Kate’s “Must Have” Picks

UPDATE: 29 Oct. 2015 – These two incredible packs are now on CLEARANCE Sale while supplies last.  50% off on the blue set and 33% off on the pink set. Hidden away, in the deepest, darkest corner of my … Continue reading

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Waddya know? I can fit my e-cloths onto my Swiffer Sweeper!

This morning I was cleaning out a dingy old corner of the house and came across my old friend, Mr. Swiffer. He was feeling neglected and was looking very dusty and grimy. Since switching to washable microfiber products (and my … Continue reading

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