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Apologies from the Chef: Do You Mind Your Cookies Crunchy?

I’m a reckless baker at the best of times – not measuring properly, never sifting, substituting non-substitutable ingredients. But gosh darn it, I do love me a good cookie. And (my grammar teachers are rolling their eyes here – starting … Continue reading

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Homemade Easter Basket – Sew Easy?

Sometimes I have, what I think is a great idea, but the execution of that idea leaves me wondering. Case in point, my recent decision to sew the little man an Easter Basket. And heck, while I was at it, … Continue reading

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Homemade Wool Soaker from Old Sweaters

Several months ago I saw the cutest wool soakers made from old sweaters in a local cloth diaper shop. Thing was, they were close to $40 and I figured heck, I can make one of those. So off I went … Continue reading

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Homemade Hand Lotion Trial 1: Dry Hands or Man-Hands

About a month ago, I happened to turn the container of my favourite name-brand hand lotion over and took a gander at the ingredients. Hunh?…what IS this stuff?  I recognized water and glycerin and then I saw several of the … Continue reading

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