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Kate is Going High-tech… kinda

5 years. Maybe more.  That’s how long I’ve been pondering an update to this blog. I like this old blog, with the picture of my old dogs (gone 3 years now). I got comfortable with the administrative side of it. … Continue reading

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Black Friday e-cloth Sale

Another great sale at I know it’s difficult to get excited about cleaning supplies but truly, the cloths make great stocking stuffers (especially for people that have huge, stretchy stockings that are hard to fill). As always, if you’ve … Continue reading

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How Does a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Sound to You?

We’ve got a doozy of a sale coming up.  Please make sure you’re on my list so that you don’t miss out.

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Return of the Great Dust Pad (and our 2 for 1 sale)

A couple of years ago, someone had the bright idea to… wait for it… DISCONTINUE THE DUST PAD for the deep clean mop! I was outraged! I mean, that thing is magic. AND after the General Purpose cloth, it was … Continue reading

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Cleaning your Instant Pot® – Getting to the Tight Spots

Foreword: I am aware that most parts of the Instant Pot® can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  I’m going to focus on the outer “Cooker Base” part that includes the buttons and heating element. Living in Japan as a (mostly) … Continue reading

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Kate… WHERE have you been?

I know, I know, I know.  It seems like I’ve disappeared from the internet.  I’m not updating the blog,  and I’ve been slow to respond to comments. Apologies! You know… I moved to Japan.  That was a year ago now … Continue reading

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What to do if your Norwex or e-cloth® “Accidentally” Touches Bleach

Let me give you a couple of scenarios, because I know YOU would never let your precious e-cloth or Norwex cloth come into contact with bleach. Disclaimer: These scenarios are loosely based on emails I received from kind readers like … Continue reading

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Buy One Get One Sale at

I get sooooooo  many emails asking “Kate, when is the next Buy One Get One Sale?“. Well wait no longer! Now’s the time. While supplies last we’ve got the General Purpose and Glass & Polishing Cloths on sale: TWO FOR … Continue reading

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Can I use Vinegar with my e-cloths?

Quick Answer: Absolutely! You can use vinegar with your e-cloth® (and Norwex) cloths. Long Answer: Read on… By now, you probably already know that e-cloth (and Norwex) microfiber works to clean almost everything with only water.  The science of those … Continue reading

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e-cloth Spring 2 for 1 Sale and New Items

FYI… if you were on our mailing list, you would have heard about this earlier. Wanna get on the mailing list? Just click this link and add your email address!Why join the mailing list?  Because I only sometimes post the … Continue reading

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