Call me Crazy but…

handwashing floors is easy with eclothI know this is crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but this morning I was too lazy to walk to the mudroom to get my mop so I washed my kitchen floor by hand with a General Purpose e-cloth.

  • No, our house isn’t huge.
  • No, it wouldn’t have taken me more than 45 seconds to walk back there and get it.
  • Yes, my mind works in odd ways.

But, you know what?  It’s darned easy – and I dare say very satisfying – to hand wash a floor with an e-cloth (although while down there, I realized that it’s long past time to give the toe kicks a good cleaning too).

My trusty green e-cloth got pretty dirty (but remarkably, there were very few dog hairs on the floor.  Odd) so I set it to soak for a while in the sink and then put it by the washing machine to be laundered.

2 Reasons to Hand Wash your Floor with e-cloth

  1. It’s very satisfying – ok, this is a pretty lame reason but a list of only one reason seems sad.
  2. If you’re wondering if you should splurge on the Deep Clean Mop – I get a lot of inquiries about the performance of the Deep Clean Mop and whether I think people should get one.  My best suggestion is to try hand washing your floors with a General Purpose e-cloth.  If you find the cloth works well – and are amazed at how easily  and how much dirt it picks up – then you’ve got a very good idea of how well the mop will work.  Only the mop is much, much easier. Especially on large areas.

I had that floor washed by 7:30 am! So of course then I felt like I didn’t really have to do anything else today. So I sat down with a cup of tea and ate a handful of chocolates.  Good old Christmas 😉

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Holiday Clean-up: 5 Tips for Spending Less Time Cleaning with e-cloth

Stress-free Holiday CleaningAhh the holidays. A time of relaxing, gorging and drinking for some.  A time for tidying, cleaning and stressing for others.  For those of you in the latter group, I’ve got a few tips on how e-cloths can help you cope with the holidays.






  1. ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths

    General Purpose Cloths can wipe up and SOP up everything!

    Have 2 or 3 General Purpose cloths clean and ready for action.  They’re fantastic for spot-cleaning sticky, chocolatey messes and fingerprints off of furniture, phones, and appliances.  They’re also far superior to cotton cloths and towels for sopping up spilled drinks.

  2. The Bathroom e-cloth will get your bathroom sparkling in less than 5 minutes!

    The Bathroom e-cloth will get your bathroom sparkling in less than 5 minutes!

    If it’s important for you to have the bathroom sparkling for guests, you can do it all in 3-5 minutes with e-cloth! (a) squirt your toilet bowl with your cleanser of choice and give it a swish with your toilet brush (sorry, e-cloth doesn’t have anything for that) (b) place the brush over the toilet rim so the brush part is hanging over the bowl and the handle is hanging outside of the bowl and put the toilet seat down to hold it.  (c) while the toilet brush is drying,  grab a damp Bathroom Cloth and do a quick once-over of the sink, counter, cupboard knobs, toilet tank, seat and rim (d) If needed, give the mirror and faucets a quick wipe with a Glass & Polishing cloth. (e) Breath! You’re done.

  3. If you’ve got hard surface floors, put your vacuum away and just do a quick “sweep”

    The dust pad for the deep clean mop is the better tree needle picker-upper.

    around the tree with the dust pad on your deep clean mop. It’ll pick up any fallen needles (and dead spiders which I’ve found plenty of this year for some reason) way faster and more easily than your vacuum. Better yet, let one of the kids do that – it’s foolproof! 😉

  4. drinkware-cleaning-cloth

    The drinkware and drying cloth will rid your dishes and glasses of waterspots.

    If you’re wine and crystal glasses are prone to waterspots, try drying them with the Drinkware Polishing Towel. Actually, this little gem will work on all your dishes (and is cheaper than the kitchen towels) and is more absorbent than cotton towels.

  5. If you did the cooking, hand your Washing Up Pad and Kitchen Towels to someone else and let them do the cleanup.
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Cyber Monday (All Week) Sale at

cyber monday at eclothusa.comIt feels like all I’m posting about is sales these days.  But gee-whiz, e-cloth is having some great sales lately.

If it wasn’t a Cyber Monday sale, I’d call it the “Best e-cloth GIFTS” sale.  These products are things that you want but don’t necessarily want to buy for yourself.  They make awesome gifts – so SHARE THIS SALE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND DROP A FEW HINTS 🙂

What’s on Sale?

 30% Off all Luxury Bath and Body Products!

Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel2Here’s Remy in the Luxury Bath Towel.  Isn’t he sweet?  He and Zander fight over this towel.  It’s ooooooh, soooo, soooooft.

Kate’s Top 3 Bath & Body Picks:

  1. Luxury Bath Towel
  2. Exfoliating Body Mitt
  3. Hair Turban

All the body products are fantastic, but those three are my favs! Visit for more info on all the body products.

30% Off all Pet Care Products!

ecloth microfiber pet grooming mittHere’s Roxy LOVING the Pet Grooming Mitt. She can’t get enough of that thing!

Kate’s Top 3 Pet Care Picks:

  1. Pet Grooming Mitt
  2. Pet Cleaning & Drying Towel
  3. Aquarium & Vivarium Pack (this is a weird one, but it’s a great set that can be used ALL over the house and now it’s on sale, so scoop it up!)

For more info or to see all the Pet Care products on sale, visit

 30% Off all Car Care Products!

auto care products at eclothusa.comThis is NOT my car, but crap I wish it was.  how cool would I be driving that around?

The e-auto products are great for all your motorized contraptions – cars, boats, bikes, planes, trucks, etc.

Kate’s Top 3 Car Care Picks:

  1. Glass & Chrome Polishing cloth (must-have for car interiors!)
  2. Dual Action Mitt
  3. Car Cleaning Cloth (for those of you looking for a larger version of our famous General Purpose cloth, this is it!)

For more info on these – and all the e-auto products on sale – please visit

What are Kate’s Picks?

Don’t get me wrong, all the sale items are fantastic! But I realize that we can’t have it all.  The items I’ve picked out above are my top three favs from each product line and the one’s I’d recommend as gifts.  You likely don’t need any of these items, but you will LOVE them!

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Black Friday Deals at

Just in case, like me, you’re sitting at your computer all day looking online for Black Friday sales, here are a few deals we’re offering at

Black-Friday-Deals at


international deep clean mop disassembled25% off the Deep Clean Mop International

Chosen as “Best Washable Mop” by Real Simple Magazine

This is the same great mop except that the handle comes apart into three pieces (leave one piece out for the kiddos) instead of being telescopic.

I have less than 15 of these left so act fast! More info…

kitchenUK-pack50% Off UK Kitchen Pack

This is the same as our usual Kitchen Pack except the colour of the polishing cloth (green instead of blue), which in my opinion is a bonus!

Safe on all counters, stovetops and appliances.

More info…


ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths BOGO General Purpose Cloths

Buy one, get one! These cloths are amazing and can be used throughout the house for everything from everyday wiping of counters and tables, to dusting, to deep cleaning of tubs and sinks, to spot cleaning spills in carpets.

I am absolutely in love with the brown one that’ll hide stains!

More info…


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Right Foot, Wrong Foot, Left Foot, Swear Foot – Sewing Machine Woes

Several years ago, I was walking through Home Hardware and spotted a sewing machine on clearance.

50 bucks.

Can’t go wrong for 50 bucks, Kate“.

So I bought it. And although I’ve gotten my 50 bucks-worth out of it, it’s a temperamental piece of _ _ _ _ and sometimes I just want to pitch it out the window. My incessant cursing at it has been enough for my husband to offer to pitch it out the window.

For instance, what kind of machine, I ask you, won’t sew over a pin?  Grrr!

On the off chance that any of my family members read this, I can’t divulge what I’m working on now (Christmas gifts) with my cheapie machine. But let’s just say it’s a little something-something that requires some piping sewn onto it.

I’ve never sewn piping on before, but I did come across a good tutorial. The tutorial says I need a zipper foot. Now imagine my incredulity to discover that my cheapie machine actually had one.

Note to self: Kate, don’t forget to read the instructions in the tutorial CAREFULLY.

I noticed too late (i.e., AFTER I’d sewn the piping on) that the stitching had to be snug against the piping and the blasted zipper foot that I have is not the bloody right kind of zipper foot. So my stitching is about 1/2 cm away from the piping and gosh dang it, it don’t look good!

Looking through my sewing implements, I came across a Singer box of goodies.  A box of goodies that Mum passed along to me along with her old Singer machine.  And what do you suppose is in that box?

The stinking right kind of foot, that’s what.

But it doesn’t fit on my cheapie machine. So…

Cue doomsday music.

Dunh, dunh, dunh.

Down into my basement I go.

FYI, the unfinished basement of a house built in 1874 is not a pretty thing.  Some would call it the dark, dank place of nightmares. Some, especially those of the rodent species, would – and do – call it a haven.

But down I go, to get Mum’s old Singer machine.  The machine that I had wrapped carefully in a cotton sheet 10 or 12 years ago.  Left for what?  To become rusty and the home of mice apparently.

The sheet was laden with mouse poop and every rust-able bit was rusty.

And the dust!

Neglected singer sewing machine


Poor old neglected, dusty, Singer

Poor old neglected, dusty, Singer

In a rush, I grabbed my trusty e-cloth (you can see it on the table just to the left of machine in the 2nd pic) and cleaned off the dust, put on the blessed zipper/piping foot and plugged the old beauty of a machine in.

And, and, and…

Nothing. 😦

The dang old thing wouldn’t go.  Could be the corrosion on the prongs of the plug.  Could be the bits of “stuff” that I found in and on the machine that the mice had chewed. Could be there’s an on/off switch that I’ve forgotten about and simply can’t find.

In any case, the sewing project that I’ve put off to the last minute, is being put off until the “everyone better stay the bleep out of my way while I try to make these bleeping things because I only get one hurried chance” minute.


You’re likely wondering why there are no “after” pics of my sparkling clean Singer machine.  I was so freakin’ frustrated by it not working – and the very large scratch that the rusty leg of it left on my dining table – that I put the thing away without taking the after pics.  But, I can tell you that the e-cloth cleaned all the dust and mouse poop off with very little effort.


I think I’ve got the Singer working! Oh happy, happy day!  I cleaned the corrosion off the plug prongs and presto-happyO! It’s going.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.




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e-cloth Power Packed Cleaning Duo – Kate’s “Must Have” Picks

UPDATE: 29 Oct. 2015 – These two incredible packs are now on CLEARANCE Sale while supplies last.  50% off on the blue set and 33% off on the pink set.

Hidden away, in the deepest, darkest corner of my website, are the two best kept secrets in the e-cloth world.

Unless you search for the word “breast” – which, lets face it… searching for the word “breast” on a cleaning website is about as likely as someone searching for “healthy” on the Mc’D’s site. It just ain’t something you’re gonna look for.

But if you do… up pops the gorgeous (if you’re into pink) The Breast Cancer Research Foundation e-cloth Pack.  Now that’s a mouthful.

And if, like me, pink isn’t your thing, check out the Aquarium and Vivarium Cleaning Pack.  Another doozy of a product name.

kate's cleaning pick - basic cleaning packageI’ve got to hand it to Norwex.  They have a similar package that they simply call the “Basic Package” (see below if you’re interested in my comparison of the e-cloth and Norwex packages).

What do These Packs Include?

  1. One General Purpose cloth
  2. One Glass & Polishing cloth

How Much do These Packs Cost?

$14.99US – But note, A $1.50 Donation will be made to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for every PINK pack purchased.

Why Does Kate LOVE These Packs?

With the two cloths in each of these packs, you can clean almost everything in your house.

The General Purpose cloth is great for:

  • everyday wiping of tables, counters, and appliances
  • deep cleaning of fridge interiors, sinks, entire bathrooms
  • spot cleaning of walls, trim, light switches, door knobs
  • sopping up spills
  • used dry or wet for dusting
  • taking stains out of carpets and clothing
  • cleaning greasy messes
  • and more and more and more
  • If you’re wondering how the General Purpose cloth compares to the Norwex Enviro cloth, check out my comparison here (written when I was a Norwex consultant)

The Glass & Polishing cloth is great for:

  • windows and mirrors
  • silverware
  • jewelry
  • glass stove tops
  • granite and engineered counter tops
  • stainless appliances
  • glass shower doors
  • and more and more and more
  • If you’re wondering how the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth compares to the Norwex Window cloth, check out my comparison here.

Used together, the 2 cloths can’t be beat on shiny or reflective surfaces.  Use the General Purpose cloth first for the “heavy cleaning” and then follow up with the Glass & Polishing cloth for the streak-free finish.

How Do these e-cloth Packs Compare to the Norwex Basic Package?

Essentially, the e-cloth® packs are the same as the Norwex Basic Package.  They all include one cloth for cleaning (e-cloth =  General Purpose, Norwex = Enviro) and one cloth for polishing (e-cloth = Glass&Polishing, Norwex = Window).

Performance-wise, I have found the Norwex and e-cloths to be comparable.  For detailed comparisons, please read my comparison posts here (General Purpose/Enviro) and here (Polishing/Window).

Price-wise, there is simply no comparison.  The Norwex Basic Package is $31.99 to $39.99 (depending on whether you’re in the US or Canada) plus shipping.  The e-cloth packages are $14.99US ( UPDATE 29 Oct 2015 – These are now ON SALE!!! $7.49 for the blue pack and $9.99 for the pink one) with free shipping in the US. Sorry to my fellow Canadians, no free shipping up here.



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This Ain’t No Purdy Blog – Keepin’ the Cleanin’ Real

Sometimes I suffer from blog-envy.  I read the blogs of others and see how neat and tidy and pretty they are with wonderfully framed images of food and kids and crafts. People smiling, with backgrounds of perfectly ordered and sparkling clean houses. Their house probably smells of fresh-baked cookies and there is twinkle music playing in the background.

And then I look at my blog – filled with foul language, talk of rectal explosions, and pictures of messes and dirty cleaning cloths. There isn’t much that’s “pretty” about my life – although my son tells me he likes my pretty pink sneakers (the first pink item I have ever owned and it was a difficult sale for the salesperson!)


And what gem do I bring you today? A pic of one of the walls in my kitchen.  Something had been rubbing against it and left this scuff mark.

Scuff mark on wall

Scuff mark on wall

I know, I know.  It doesn’t look like much.  Something I would typically say “not worth the effort, Kate” to.  But it’s been there for a couple of years and… well… it’s time.

My e-cloth alone was not enough to remove it.  I remembered a customer had emailed me some time ago to say that the Universal Stone had removed years of scuff marks on the baseboards and walls in her mudroom. So I got my almost empty jar out, along with my sadly discoloured sponge and gave it a try.

Could I have gotten out a fresh tub of Universal Stone and a brand new, WHITE sponge for the “photo shoot”?  Sure, but that would be so…staged, wouldn’t it?

I mean, come ON, look at that sponge.  It’s U-S-E-D (For those of you that haven’t seen the sponge before, it’s supposed to be white. Not orange).


My old e-cloth and Universal Stone sponge look old, but they still work like a dream!

How to clean scuff marks off walls with Universal Stone and e-cloth

  1. slightly dampen the sponge – I say “slightly” because if the sponge is dripping, you’re going to have a drippy, drooly mess on your wall
  2. work up a bit of lather with the sponge in the Universal Stone
  3. gently rub the scuff with the sponge
  4. wipe the wall with an ecloth (or norwex, or any other good cloth).  The Stone works great, but it leaves a lot of residue.  The better the cloth you use, the quicker you’ll get the residue off the wall

What the Heck is Universal Stone?

I’m so glad you asked! I wrote a little information about the Stone here (I just read that and see that I STILL haven’t done a proper review of it. Sorry ’bout dat). And you can get more on my e-cloth website. Be sure to check out the “Kate’s Comments” tab, where I share info on where I’ve found it does and does not work.

How long does the Universal Stone Sponge Last?

I get this question a lot.  Look at mine.  It’s a slightly distasteful colour ( I can’t remember what caused that but it was something in particular that I was cleaning), but it’s still in perfect form.  It’s 2 years old and it’s the only one I have.  I use it a lot, all over the house – and even on my old truck to get rid of rust.

In case you’re wondering, this is what the sponge is supposed to look like.

universal stone

Universal Stone and a WHITE sponge

How Long does the Universal Stone Last?

Another frequent question.  It’s hard to say.  I’d say if you’re using it to clean everything in your house (sinks, stove, tub/shower, counters, silverware, stains in fabric, walls, etc.), you’d get 6 months out of it. Using it once a week in select areas is gonna get you a year.  These are obviously estimates.  It depends on how much you use it.  I can only tell you that it works well and a little goes a long, long way.



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The Case of the Wet Toilet Seat: A Mystery Solved and a Lesson Learned

It was the dentist appointment that started it. A semi-annual visit that lead to the neighbours hearing screams and a Mum learning a valuable lesson.

The day was cold.  Bitterly cold. The snow was flying and the wind was blowing. Blowing hard.

Mum and Son were walking home from school. The plan was to drop the backpack off and then walk the one block to the dentist.

As they walked, Son looked up at Mum and through the scarf wrapped around his face, yelled: “I’ve got to go to the bathroom, really, really, REALLY bad, Mum!“.

Mum smiled at Son and said: “well we better run then“.

So off they ran, down the street, through the snow with the bitterly cold wind gusting in their faces.

Mum opened the door for the boy to let him in the house but she stayed outside.  And maybe that was a mistake. But the truth of it is, they had that darned appointment at the dentist and she was worried of being late.  So she told the boy: “go quick and I’ll wait out here.

Many minutes later, the boy emerged.  The boy is typically a dawdler so Mum was not surprised that it took longer than she had expected. Plus, “he had all those winter clothes to put on.“, thought Mum.

And off they went to the dentist.

But the dentist was running late. Ordinarily, not an issue, but on this day, the other son was at the babysitter’s and had to be picked up at 5 pm. And so Mum became anxious as the minutes ticked by.

Finally, at 5:05 pm – late already for the other son pickup – the appointment ended and Mum and Son hurriedly put on their coats and ran home to get the car.

At home, Mum started the car and put the boy in. But alas, the cold weather had hit Mum’s bladder and a quick trip to the toilet was called for.

Now, on any other day, Mum would turn on the light when she used the toilet.  But on this day, she was in a monster of a hurry, so she ran in and sat down without turning on the light.

Only later would Mum discover the extent of this mistake.

wet toilet seatSitting on the toilet, Mum says: “Geez, the seat is wet. Why the heck are those darned boys always peeing all over the seat?“.

But what can a Mum do about it when she’s in a rush? Nothing. And so, she finishes and flushes and runs out the door to pick up the other son.

Pickup of the other son, as well as the following couple of hours were ordinary and uneventful and so we will skip ahead to 2 hours later…

Two hours later. Mum has made supper and everyone has eaten.  Mum gets her gym clothes on because she’s got a fantastic fitness class to get to and because it’s cold outside and she KNOWS that she’ll have to “go” before the fitness class starts, she heads to the bathroom for a little business before heading out into the cold.

Tip-tap, tip-tap, tip-tap, Mum walks across the floor to the bathroom.

Click, Mum turns the light on.

A brief moment of silence and then:

“AAAAAAAAAAaaaaack! “

Then: Serious – and multiple – taking of the Lord’s name in vain.

Then: “What the bleep, bleep, bleepity bleeeeeeeep?!?”

Mum disgustingly discovered that the wetness on the toilet seat was not pee as she had first assumed (like sitting in pee is not gross enough). No, it was most definitely not pee.

It was the aftermath of a rectal explosion.

Evidence of the explosion was everywhere and had now dried and hardened on the seat, the tank, the wall behind the toilet, the floor and on the glass shower walls.

When asked, the boy said only: “well, I do remember farting.”

Mystery of the wet toilet seat solved, Mum has learned her lesson and vows to forever after turn on the light before doing the business.

After a brief “toilet etiquette” discussion between Mum and Son, Son offers to help with the cleanup.  Mum, loving her son – but concerned by the quality (or lack thereof) of a 5 year old cleanup of a rectal explosion – says she’ll do it this time.

Which leads to today’s lesson:

How to Clean Up Explosive Poop Messes with e-cloth

  1. If the explosion is fresh, lucky you. It may stink worse than a dried mess but it’s easier to clean.  Simply dampen a General Purpose cloth or Bathroom cloth, fold and then wipe.  As one side of the cloths gets “full”, move onto another side. As necessary, rinse the cloth in hot water and continue on.  This may not be necessary but to remove any “ick-factor” left in your brain when you’ve finished, get a fresh e-cloth, dampen it and give everything a final wipe down.  Give both cloths a final rinse and then set aside to be laundered (to set your mind at ease, make sure to launder them in hot water this time).
  2. If the explosion is not fresh (i.e., dried up and hardened). My condolences.  Dried up poop isn’t really any more difficult to clean with an e-cloth, but in my brain it’s just that little bit worse. For dried up explosions, you’re gonna want a cloth with a bit of scrubbing action.  Like the Kitchen e-cloth, or the Range & Stovetop cloth. The scrubbers on those cloths will make easy work of the mess.  Once everything is loosened, use the microfiber part of the cloth to wipe everything.  As necessary, rinse the cloth and continue on.  And like for the “fresh” explosion, if you’re worried about the extent of the cleanup, use a 2nd e-cloth to give everything a final wipe when you’re done.  Give both cloths a final rinse and then set aside to be laundered (in hot water).

Note: I have a liquid green cleanser and brush that I use for IN the toilet bowl.  Although I can wipe poop off the walls and floor with an e-cloth, I just can’t wrap my head around sticking my hand into the toilet.


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Kate’s Top 5 e-cloth “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks – Get the Most Out of 20% Off

This sale has ended but if you’re looking for great gift ideas or some of my favourite ecloth items, read on!

In case you missed the announcement yesterday, there is an incredible sale on right now at

Pretend I’m You For a Moment:

Did Kate just say SALE?!? I like sales.  Christmas is coming. I need gifts.  I need stuff for ME.  I gotta get over to that website.

And then you head over to and gasp and then mutter with a sigh: “Geez, there are a lot of e-cloth products. How do I decide what to get?

Back to Kate Being Kate

I know, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to begin.  And when you see those 4 magic letters… S…A…L…E, you want to go crazy and buy, buy, BUY!

But before you get carried away, let me help you.  Here are my Top 5 Picks for what to get while the 20% off Friends & Family Sale is on (Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND. Sale ends at 11:59 pm central time, Nov 17, 2014).

Kate’s Top 5 “Get it While it’s on Sale” Picks

  1. Universal Stone – this stuff is amazing and everyone should have some.  But yup, it’s universal stonepricey so maybe hard to justify (even though it’ll replace many of your other cleansers). Try searching on this blog for Universal Stone – I’ve got lots of examples with pictures of how well this stuff works. So get it while it’s on sale.  We also have the Universal Stone Cleaning Set that includes a General Purpose Cloth and a Glass & Polishing cloth and will save you even more money (but save even more by getting the Universal Stone and a couple of the 2 for 1 General Purpose instead – see below)
  2. Deep Clean Mop – another big-ticket item that people covet.  Probably something you win an ecloth mop contest - even a baby can use it!hum and haw over, wondering if it’s really any better than your existing mop.  Well stop wondering… it IS better. WAY better! Again, I’ve got a review of the Deep Clean Mop on here so check them out. If you’ve got pets, this is a must-have. Especially this time of year when the shedding is on full tilt and muddy paw prints prevail. We also have lots of mop “bundles” that’ll save you big money if you’re looking at getting multiple items.  But the bundles aren’t on sale right now. NOTE – I highly recommend that if you get the mop that you also purchase the dusting pad for it.  The mop dusting pad is my MOST USED ITEM and it’ll save you lots of time – and frustration.
  3. drinkware-cleaning-clothDrinkware Drying and Polishing Cloth – This little beauty is often over-looked. It’s kinda hard to find on the website and likely not something you’d search for.  But it’s a gem of a dish-dryer and it’s a couple of bucks cheaper than our Kitchen Towels.  Use if for all your dish-drying – not just glasses. You’ll be impressed by how quickly – and how much – water it absorbs. Not to mention the streak-free finish on your glasses!
  4. Kids love the e-body luxury bath towel4Luxury Bath Towel – The title says it all. Luxury… Bath… Towel. This thing IS pure luxury. It dries you quickly and feels like velvet against your skin.  And here’s a little secret for those of you that don’t like the fact that it’s white… shhhh, don’t tell anyone… the Large Pet Towel is exactly the same. So if you’re afraid of white, try the brown pet towel instead. And while I’m at it, I’ll just mention that the pet towel is the 2nd best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog (the best thing is #5, below). If you’ve got a dog that likes to swim or run in the rain, you’ll love how quickly you can dry them off with the pet towel. Search this blog for my reviews of the luxury towel. We still only have one that the entire family fights over.
  5. Pet Grooming Mitt – This is the single best thing I’ve ever gotten for my dog. She loves how it feels and I love ecloth microfiber pet grooming mitthow it cleans her coat and removes dander.  Note, this is not a brush and it isn’t great for removing hair. This mitt makes my dog’s coat shine! I use it AFTER I brush her to remove the dead skin that the brush brings to the surface. And I use it a LOT in spring, summer and fall to remove dust and dirt from her hair. Roxy loves the feel of the bristly side on her face and in her ears.

Why Aren’t Any of the Cleaning Cloths on Kate’s Top 5 Sale List?

You know I love my e-cloths. You know I love the way they clean. So why aren’t they on my Friends & Family Sale list?

Because we’ve still got 2 for 1’s available and they aren’t eligible for the 20% off. You could get any of our regular priced cleaning cloths and use the Katesfriend Coupon Code to get 20% off them, but you’ll save money by getting the 2 for 1’s instead.

ecloth 2 for 1 General Purpose cloths

General Purpose Cloths on sale BOGO

So get your luxury, coveted items from the list above at 20% off (Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND) and get our best-selling General Purpose at 2 for the price of 1.

If you’re a Norwex user and are wondering how these compare to the Norwex products, you may want to click on the “ecloth versus Norwex” tab at the top of the page.  I used to be a Norwex Consultant – and while I’m a big fan, I like to save a bit of money too 🙂






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20% Off Storewide – e-cloth Friends & Family Event

It’s that time of year again:  the time when I get to thank you for reading my blog and for all the great comments and tips you leave here.

Thank you!

Now is your chance to save big on everything e-cloth®.  20% off everything at

friends and family sale at

What’s on Sale?

Almost every darn thing!

Yes, that includes:

  1. all the great e-cloth cleaning cloths
  2. the Deep Clean Mop and the new Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster (I haven’t done a review yet but I do have all my first thoughts about the flexi-duster here)
  3. the entire e-body line (these make great holiday gifts!)
  4. the pet products (if you have a dog, the grooming mitt is pure luxury!)
  5. all the e-auto products

What’s Not on Sale?

The sale applies to everything except items already on sale and the big bundles (because those are priced so darned low already!)

How Do I Get to the Sale?

Shop as usual at and then at checkout,  enter this Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND

WHEN is the Sale?

The Friends & Family Sale runs from today (Nov. 14) until Nov. 17, 2014.

As always, if you have ANY questions about ANY products, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I use them daily and I absolutely love helping you decide which products will work best for you.

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