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This Ain’t No Purdy Blog – Keepin’ the Cleanin’ Real

Sometimes I suffer from blog-envy.  I read the blogs of others and see how neat and tidy and pretty they are with wonderfully framed images of food and kids and crafts. People smiling, with backgrounds of perfectly ordered and sparkling … Continue reading

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Is Norwex a Scam?

Kate here.  Your good old Canadian Stats Geek. I spent an hour looking through the stats of my blog this morning – wondering how many people visited, where they visited from (a shout out to those that visited from from … Continue reading

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Norwex Baby Wash Cloths Review: Indispensable if you have small kids!

In a Nutshell: No cloth is better for wiping small hands and faces after meals. Like the title says, these are indispensable if you’ve got small kids.   Jackpot! I’ve been using the same 6 Norwex baby wash cloths for … Continue reading

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e-cloth® Washing-Up Pad Review: A Sponge-hater Converted

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In a Nutshell: the e-cloth® Washing-up Pad fits well in my hand, can be used with or without dish detergent, has a scrubber that’s safe on all surfaces, and has changed my mind about using a sponge to wash dishes! And … Continue reading

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e-cloth ® Glass & Polishing Cloth Review – Why Can’t Everything be so Simple?

In a Nutshell: The e-cloth® Glass & Polishing Cloth is a silky dream for cleaning all things glass or shiny. It doesn’t bunch up like some window polishing cloths and even your kids will enjoy using it. Worth every penny! … Continue reading

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e-cloth ® for Beginners – What Microfiber Products Should you Start With?

Been looking at the e-cloth website and finding yourself overwhelmed? Asking yourself “What do I REALLY need? Where do I start?“. Sooooo much to choose from. Well don’t worry. You’re NOT alone. I get the question a lot and believe … Continue reading

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e-cloth 101 – Cleaning Trim Over Doors and Windows with Microfiber

Just when I thought I could call myself a cleaning rock star, I somehow got a glimpse of the top of the wood trim over my bedroom doorway. Eeeee-yeah, the trim over doors and windows. Who ever thinks to clean … Continue reading

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When and how to Launder / Wash your Norwex or e-cloth ® Microfiber Cloths

YES, you do have to wash your microfiber cloths – even if they have silver in them! Last week alone, 8 people asked me how often and how to wash their Norwex antibac microfiber cloths. So if you’re confused, trust … Continue reading

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e-cloth ® Dusting Cloth Review – Finally a Dusting Cloth that Picks up EVERYTHING!

In a Nutshell: If this was a mitt, I’d give it 5 stars. This cloth goes above and beyond the call of dusting duty. It picks up very fine particles like drywall dust and pet hair clings to it like … Continue reading

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e-cloth ® General Purpose Cloth Versus Norwex Enviro Cloth Review – Which is Better?

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IN A NUTSHELL: The e-cloth® General Purpose cloth is half the price of the Norwex Enviro cloth but matches it’s performance 100%. The e-cloth ® General Purpose Cloth seems to get into tiny cracks better than the Norwex Enviro cloth … Continue reading

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