Kate’s Honest Norwex Reviews

Tired of reading sales pitches and hyped up reviews of Norwex products?  Want to know if they really work or if it’s just a bunch of bull?

Welcome to the most blatantly honest Norwex product reviews that you’ll find on the net.

My goal here is to provide real and useful reviews of Norwex products that will help you to decide which ones are right for you.

I used to be a Norwex Consultant (only so I could get the discount), but you’ll notice that they’re not all great reviews.  So you can trust them!

To read my reviews, hover over the Honest Norwex Reviews tab at the top of this page.

I hope that my Norwex product reviews are useful to you.  I would love to hear from you if you’ve got any comments to add or if you would like any further information.

Disclaimer: Please remember, these are MY opinions and reviews, based on how I’ve found the Norwex products to work (or not) in my house. You may have different experiences with them. You may love a product that I’m having trouble liking, or vice versa. I no longer have any affiliation with Norwex and the views and opinions expressed here are my own.

Also, you’ll notice that I mention cost a lot. I live in a single income home with my husband, 2 kids and a dog and the cost of things is important to me.

Update – Please Read: There seems to be a lot of confusion over my Norwex reviews lately. Apparently some people feel that I should delete all of my Norwex Reviews (that I wrote YEARS ago and are mostly glowing, I would add!) because I recently began selling e-cloth® products.
Please know that I have NOT altered my reviews of the Norwex products to suit my e-cloth® sales. I have provided a number of new e-cloth® reviews in which I compare them to Norwex products because that is what people have asked for.
So as you read my reviews, please know that they are indeed my HONEST reviews of Norwex products. The fact that I sell e-cloth products does not impact those reviews. And it is most definitely my prerogative to suggest that I find e-cloth products to work equally well at a far better price.
In case you skimmed through all that and weren’t really paying attention, let me say again: My Norwex reviews were written years ago. Since writing them, I started to sell e-cloth® products but my reviews (good and bad) of Norwex products still stand.

259 Responses to Kate’s Honest Norwex Reviews

  1. Stacey Engels says:

    What warranty does the ecloth offer? Is it antibacterial?

    • Stacey: E-cloth offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and all cloths are guaranteed to last for 300 washes.

      I find the word “antibacterial” to be a bit misleading because microfiber cloths (like e-cloth) do not kill bacteria. Instead, they work by picking up bacteria from a surface and trapping the bacteria in the cloth. e-cloths have been proven to pick up over 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces. Further testing showed that by simply rinsing an e-cloth afterwards, over 99% of the bacteria in the cloth is rinsed out and down your drain.

  2. Karen says:

    I think e-cloth has gotten more exposure due to you and should probably thank you I think norwex as well. Obviously both of these are good products and anyone who found you by wondering what norwex was found out about e-cloths and vice-versa so both companies, I would imagine, will remain mute, and thankful, that the discussion is still going on. It’s called PR, and positive or negative, you are doing free advertising and that’s the name of the game. I’m sure they salute you. Good job on the info. Really the best, most honest and real there is. I certainly salute you.

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    • I like the way you think! I’ll take a look through your blog over the next few days and get back to you. I’ve been down with a horrid cold the last few days but am on the mend. Might be mid-next week before I get a chance though. Can you contact me through my website contact page (I don’t like to leave my email address here)? I’ll put the message in my “must do” box! Here’s a link to that page.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hi I found this by looking for reveiws on the norwex face cloths but can’t seem to find your review, does ecloth have an equivilant?

  5. Donna says:

    I have a bottle of Blue Diamond bathroom cleaner. I always mix it in a small spray bottle. I started to use it today and found the concentrate has turned clear. Any idea why?
    Thanks for your input.

    • Donna – interesting question. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried or seen the Blue Diamond cleaner. I’ll leave your question here and hopefully we’ll get an answer. But you could always contact Norwex too. If you find something out let me know. You’ve peaked my interest now. I’ve got a good friend in the know at Norwex – I’ll check with her and post again if I find anything out.

      • Eileen Reilly Hoey says:

        I used blue diamond recently, to clean the grout and caulk in my shower. I sprayed it on moldy area ( diluted 7 parts water, I part ble diamond) and waited a minute, statins disappeared. Amazing result.

        • Kyra says:

          Thank you! I recently attended my first Norwex party and purchased the Blue Diamond. I asked the consultant how much Blue Diamond to water. Her response: “Very little.” Uh – that doesn’t help me at all. Very little to her may be very different from very little to me.

          • I’ve got to get me some of this Blue Diamond stuff and give it a try – seems like a lot of people have questions about it. Kyra, if you ever find out how much water to add, I’d love it if you comment here with the info! Did you try contacting Norwex Customer Service? To be honest, often baffled by the lack of info the Norwex Consultants are able to provide. Norwex provides good online training and lots of info to the consultants but some just don’t seem to get it.

          • c says:

            Just use it right from. Don’t bother to add water, it works me. Just put a dab on the tub/shower mitt and scrub.

            Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 13:58:55 +0000 To: cadam04@hotmail.com

          • Darlene says:

            Blue Diamond is highly concentrated and can be diluted 9 to 1 with water.
            *I am a Norwex Consultant that does my research….hth :)

    • Shira Hick says:

      My B.D.(blue diamond) cleaner turned clear as well, but it should not effect its efficiency (as I was told and experimented with). I sell Norwex and love it, especially the B.D. cleaner. I would recommend putting the month and date you OPEN the bottle on it as we are told most products are guaranteed for 2 years, after this they still work great- just are not guaranteed to be as potent because of the live enzymes being exposed to oxygen. Hope this helps Donna! :) Interesting comments @ Cleaningup Kate, I have tried both companies- but decided to sell Norwex b/c the quality weave pattern of the cloth, micro-silver, fair pay to oversea workers, and I loved the hostess benefits (my house=stocked!) :P

      • Darlene says:

        The Blue Diamond is just as effective even without the blue hue. My understanding is that due to a change in the formulation (w/a preservative), a change in color can be the result. And, I agree that this may be accelerated with the expose to oxygen. *Please note that Blue Diamond is NOT an enzyme product.

  6. Doesn’t E-Cloth use nano silver? I think the biggest difference between Norwex and E-cloth is that Norwex uses mico-silver (non leaching) and
    e-cloth uses nano-silver (which leaches from the cloth).

    • e-cloths do not contain silver. Why? Because they don’t need it! All e-cloths pick up over 99% of bacteria and lab testing has shown that when you rinse e-cloths after use, over 99% of bacteria in the cloth is rinsed away. All that silver does is speed up the killing of bacteria left in the cloth, but as you already know, if you rinse an e-cloth, there’s virtually no bacteria left in it so there’s no need for silver. Better for the environment and better for your pocketbook!

  7. Diane says:

    Great reviews, and great site btw :)

  8. Diane says:

    Hi Kate, I just noticed this when I got to your site- “Apparently some people feel that I should delete all of my Norwex Reviews (that I wrote YEARS ago and are mostly glowing, I would add!) because I recently began selling e-cloth® products.” I don’t know if this was addressed in the myriad of comments above, but i think it has to do with drawing power. I came to your site due to Norwex, which you don’t sell anymore. You do sell e-cloths, which I have never heard of, but have now because of your site, which I came to because of Norwex… get the picture? I don’t know if anyone at Norwex has contacted you, or if you have a “non-compete” clause, but I would guess this is the source of some of the argument. JMO

    • No doubt you’re right, Diane. But I do try to make it abundantly clear that I’m selling e-cloth. I do still get a lot of questions about Norwex products though and continue to give as much info on those as I can. When in doubt, I defer to my very good friend (and Norwex Consultant), Deja Peterson. If you’re looking for Norwex, she’s your gal!

  9. lorette weaver says:

    how can I sell e-cloths. do I need to contact you…? is it MLM….

  10. Gail says:

    Hi Kate – A little bit of an odd question. I bathed my infant granddaughter tonight, reached for the washcloth to help rinse off the baby wash product, and only after I was well into it did I realize it was one of my daughter’s Norwex cloths I was using to rinse her! I mentioned it to my daughter and she said it was the window cleaning cloth. It was green. But perhaps it was actually the more all purpose one? After reading a bunch of these posts, I see that even the face cloths have the embedded silver. So I’m thinking it was probably not horrible that I used this cloth on the baby. I thought maybe my daughter should ask her Norwex consultant, but my daughter said she wasn’t worried. But I’m still slightly uneasy. I know you are no longer a Norwex consultant, but I figured you could answer my concern, and I don’t know who else to ask. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Gail. Put your mind at rest, you have nothing to worry about! The only issue you may have with using Norwex (or e-cloth) cleaning cloths on a baby is that they can be drying on the skin. Both Norwex and e-cloth have products available for body use but I (and likely many, many others) use the cleaning cloths daily to wash the face and hands of my toddler and pre-schooler several times/day.

  11. Lona says:

    I really want to try your product, do you have a coupon code, I could use.-thanks,

    • Heather says:

      They are on sale right now, two for one and some if the best packs are on sale!!!! Just look under sale. Perfect time to try them! I bought them without a code and I am addicted;)

  12. Wendi says:

    E-cloths offer all the same comparable items as Norwex? What are your favorites of each? Thanks!

  13. Philip says:

    looking @ learning more about Norwex. I’ve seen a lot of videos on youtube about Norwex all positive. doing research on google and hitting these sites. the only thing I haven’t seen is the sales & marketing plan. is Norwex the same a melaleuca?. the 1 & only thing that turned me off from them was that every single month wether you liked it or not you had minimum of at least 35 base points worth of products sent to you door. regardless wether you needed them or not!…I like the idea of having environmentally safer products in my home that actually work & that are safe for my family. I just didn’t like the idea of having a stockpile of products in my basement like Melaleuca. thats the only reason I didn’t join melaleuca. I waiting to see a product demonstration & the sales & marketing plan from Norwex. thats the only thing holding me back from making a decicion wether to get involved or not. god hating sitting on a fence….

    • Hi Philip – Norwex is a multi-level-marketing company. There is an initiation fee which is different between US and Canadian consultants. You don’t have to buy things and they don’t automatically send you stuff that you have to sell but you do have to have a certain value of sales every 6 months(?). I no longer know the details, sorry. Deja Peterson has some good info on her blog. Take a look at this link. If you click on the link at the bottom of that page (US or Canada), you’ll see a bit more info about fees etc.

  14. Brenda says:

    oh my goodness! These reviews are so odd to me. I am a Norwex consultant, have been for over 4 years. The netted cloths is my very favorite product! I could not imagine being without it! First of all, it is not meant for cleaning counters (unless you have pie dough stuck on it). It sits in your sink and is strictly for washing dishes. Even if you have a dishwashers, it is great on corning ware, pots and pans, etc. It cleans up so well because the foods rinses off through the holes in the cloth! And if you can’t stand it when it starts to turn grey or yellow, just soak it in a bit of bleach and water for a half hour. It comes out like brand new! I really don’t like to hear people say they hate something. Just try it and if you don’t like it, oh well.

    • Brenda – thanks for taking the time to comment, but you seem to have focused on the bad. Did you not notice all my raving reviews of Norwex products? And I realize the netted cloth is for dishes – I just don’t like it and as I mentioned in my review, I’ve got a tiny kitchen and not a lot of room to hang cloths so I don’t feel the need for that one. It doesn’t clean any of my dishes or pots better than my usual cloth/scrubber and I can’t stand the feel of it. With the multitude of comments I’ve gotten from readers though, I’ve come to realize that I may be the only person on the planet that doesn’t like it. I’ve taken a lot of time to add my honest reviews of products. We can’t all like everything all the time, can we? I get a lot of feedback from Norwex consultants but unfortunately, 9 times out of 10, it’s to criticize me for a bad review on Norwex products. No offense to you or to other consultants, but I sure would like to get some feedback on my good reviews sometime.

      • You know what! I am a Norwex Consultant too and honestly I think it’s great that there are reviews out there. I absolutely love almost all of the products I have tried so far, but I recently came across one that I am not too fond of. I think it’s great to have honest reviews and that is what you’re doing. Thanks for sharing feedback, I think it’s great :)

        Rosalie Narveson

    • Margaret says:

      I just attended my first norwex party and isn’t the point that you are no longer going to need bleach in your home??

    • sahmcordova says:

      Brenda – it bothers me to say you would soak it in bleach! That is very hypocritical!

      • I am a Norwex consultant as well and would not soak anything in bleach. To clean “stained” items I use a a combination of things depending on the product and how old or difficult the stain is. My favorite is to take the dish soap and some of the Ultra Power Plus laundry detergent to make a paste for pre-treating items. I also soak items like cloths in hot water and the Ultra Power Plus detergent which is what I would suggest INSTEAD of bleach. Norwex sells a pre-treat product for laundry, but I have no experience using it and I am all about items I can use for multiple purposes. Most items also say not to use bleach on them or the warranty is voided. I have 4 small children between the ages of 7 and 4 months so I got rid of bleach in my home about 8 years ago (honestly I didn’t use it much before that). I also make my own soap instead of purchasing any of the store antibacterial junk because it isn’t true soap and there is no evidence that suggests that antibacterial hand cleaners do any better of a job. I realize I kind of went on a tangent there, but basically I WOULD NOT use bleach on any of the Norwex products.

        • Hi Angela. The frustrating thing about this blog is that it tells me what page you’ve commented on but not necessarily on which topic. So I’m not certain where the bleach reference comes from. In any case, I agree 100%. Bleach will destroy the fibers in microfiber cloths (if that’s what we’re talking about). Thanks for your tips on stain treatment. I have tried the Norwex pre-treat spray and did not find it effective – I’ve got a hand soap that works better and was much cheaper. I tried the Norwex stuff on almost every stain, letting it soak in and then using immediately before washing and it just didn’t work on the types of stains I was dealing with (mostly food stains on the boy’s shirt fronts).

          I’m a fellow soap-maker. Love it!

    • SMK says:

      I was told to NOT use bleach to wash the Norwex cloths

      • Oh yes, this is true. You most definitely do NOT want to use bleach with ANY microfiber cloth. It will destroy the fibers. Did I miss something SMK? Did someone mention using bleach and I missed it?

      • Brenda says:

        In my earlier comment. I said I soak the netted cloth in a bit of bleach. The netted cloth is NOT made out of microfiber. It is just a scrubber for washing dishes. I don’t like that it turns grey, so yes I do soak it in a it of bleach now and then. I never ever use bleach for my actual microfiber. In fact that is my only reason for ever usng bleach. .

        • Oh OK Brenda. Sorry if I was confused. I didn’t have time to go through all the comments that day and wasn’t sure what was going on. BTW, have you tried soaking your Netted Dish Cloth in lemon juice and hanging it in the sun instead of using bleach? That did wonders for mine. I also tried running it through the dishwasher which worked pretty well too!

  15. Hi Kate,
    I attended a Norwex presentation (here in Australia) over a year ago and loved the idea of chemical free cleaning. I hosted my own presentation shortly after and used it as the cheaper way of purchasing the items I really wanted.
    I purchased a variety of items; 4x enviro cloths, grey grease cloth, purple polishing cloth, natural 3-pack of body/face cloths, car pack, pet pack, blue bathroom scrubber and the blue mit for dusting.
    To this day, I still have not used my car pack at all. However the large lime green mitt with ‘noodle like’ fibres on one side I found is really good for cleaning flyscreens around the house (still haven’t used it on the cars). As I have been recently made redundant, I now have timme to wash our cars so this may change.
    My enviro cloths get a serious workout. They are constantly in use virtually anywwhere in the house and on the windows outside too. I have even used them for my outdoor timber furntiture and they work very well on that too but I need to rinse them out more often as the dirt is so thick. Our backyard is not landscaped as yet (we bought land and built a house) and so our back deck gets a whole lot of dust blown on to it as we don’t have grass/turf. (Particularly when I mow my weeds :P ).

    I find the grey grease cloth perfect. I have a large gas top and oven that I only clean once a week (too lazy) and it works an absolute treat. I used to use all sorts of cleaners to remove the grease, and then use windex to get the shine back, but the grease cloth and water is now all I use.
    I also have a black glass dining table, and every speck of dust shows up on black glass, and I have two cats too that are always shedding their coats. The cats of course are not allowed on my tables or counters anywhere, but when I get up in the mornning, I can see their little paw prints all over the balsted glass so I know what they are doing while I sleep!! I use just an enviro cloth and then the purple polishing cloth and it comes up sparkling in under 60 seconds. Anytime I find the purple polishing cloth dragging, I have found it heps to have it slightly damp to get it going again like you have said previously. It is the cloth I launder the most to reduce streaks.
    I don’t really use the scrubber cloth much except in the shower and am not too excited about the elbow grease it needs.
    The enviro cloths and the polishing cloth are again used in my bathrooms on the bathtub, mirrors and vanities and these work very well.

    I use the pet pack on my cats (which get ‘locked’ in the ensuite shower with my husband so they can’t run away) about once every 2-3 months for their shampoo and the towel cloths and mits are are great to assist in drying them alot faster so they don’t sit on the carpet with a wet bum. I don’t use them to wash the cats; only to dry them afterwards.
    The face cloths are used only by me. I did scrub too hard when i first used them and caused surface grazing so I learnt pretty quickly to not scrub so hard, or at least have more water in the cloth at the time. My skin is not so great on my face and chest, I get little sweat pimples alot on my chest so this cloth helps me control my breakouts now that I’m off the Pill. It’s not a cure, but it certainly helps. Q: Do you think washing these body/face cloths once a week is often enough? I only really use it on my face and chest.

    Lastly the blue dusting mit I find is barely okay. Once it is covered in dust, which really only takes a quick wipe on one or two surfaces, only laundering it seems to get it to work again. Shaking the mit or brushing it only helps a little, so i usually end up using a dampened enviro cloth instead. I really don’t need the dusting mit. I bought it specifically for my dining table but found it didn’t attract the cat hairs and dust as much as I though it would so it tends to stay in the cupboard.

    I wanted to purchase the mop for my floor tiles, which being dark chocolate brown and a matt finish, show up everything. The daughter of the presentation host bought one (another Kate), and hates it and thinks it is useless. It’s kind of put me off, that and the cost, so I just stick with the vacuum cleaner.

    My neighbour, yet another Kate, also uses Norwex and swears by it, and she previously was an Enjo convert. I have never used Enjo. From the sounds of it I don’t think it would suit me as I’m a ‘wring it out’ kind of gal. I don’t think I would be patient enough to care for it according to the instructions.
    When my Norwex ones finally bite the dust, I’d be interested in your e-cloths to see how they go, but at this stage, I would think there will always be room for Norwex at my house.

    I’m off to boil my cloths now. Hope my feedback is off help to someone.



    • I just read this back to myself after posting and noticed all my typos: Sorry!! Should have read it first!!

    • Kate: WOW! Thanks for the very detailed reviews. I’m sure many will find your tips/thoughts useful. I’m with you on the Norwex Dust Mitt – completely useless on pet hair. I do find the e-cloth dusting cloths much better.

      As for the mop – I recently put dark chocolate tiles with a matt finish in our mudroom. We went for high grade ones so they’re very textured looking and really hide the dirt/cleaning streaks. But a friend of mine has the same issue as you with her dark brown tiles. What I suggest to people that are thinking about the mop is to try one of your e-cloth or Norwex cloths on it first. If you like the way the cloth works, then you’ll be happy with the mop. Obviously I’m going to suggest you try the e-cloth mop instead of the norwex one though :).

      Thanks again for all your feedback!

    • tami says:

      I wet my dusting mitt also and it does an amazing job! Dampen it and wring it out, it dries the surface so fast and doesn’t harm your furniture!

  16. monica polutranko says:

    Looking to purchase the norwex mop. But I don’t know which is better, dry superior mop pad or dry mop pad. I have children and pets. Also which size would give me my monies worth.

    • Hi Monica – Have you considered the e-cloth mop? I did quite an extensive comparison of it to the Norwex mop. It’s considerably cheaper. In any case, the comparison might be worth a read because the dry e-cloth mop pad is essentially the same as the Norwex dry mop pad and I compare that to the Norwex Superior one. So it should give you a good answer to your question. I’ve also got pets and kids and I use my e-cloth and Norwex mops interchangeably MANY times per day. Love them both but for the price, you can’t beat the e-cloth mop. If the post doesn’t answer your questions, please let me know. You can find more info on the e-cloth mop here.

    • MamaSmurf5000 says:

      One thing I did notice when I used the Norwex mopping system, is that you need to do all the steps. I tries to wey mop first but is left streaks. I should have dry dusted with the blue pad first and then the yellow wet one. I like not having to drag aroung a bucket of dirty water.

      • This is good advice, MamaSmurf5000! Using the dusting mop pad first is a good idea as it will pick up all those little dust particles and hairs so that the damp mop can concentrate on the messier stuff. Also important to rinse the damp mop pad out a few times as you go. For instance if your floors are relatively clean, maybe mop one room then rinse the pad under hot water and start on the next room. If your floors are more dirty (like mine can get right inside the back door), you’ll have to rinse more frequently. Some people find it convenient to have 2 damp mop pads so that one can be soaking while the other is being used.

      • Annie says:

        I am a Norwex consultant and just wanted to be sure you were using the Norwex mop correctly. The yellow pad is your dry dusting mop pad and the blue is the wet one. I also use a spray bottle to wet the blue pad which works great on my wood floors.
        Hope this helps a bit!

  17. Janet White says:

    I have tried using the white “nylon looking” dish cloth. I couldn’t get the stains out after one week of use, even after bleaching. So I tried another one. It stained after one use. How do you get the them to look clean? If I can’t get them clean I will discontinue use.

    • Hi Janet – I’m assuming you’re referring to the “Netted Dish Cloth”. Have you seen my review for it? It’s my absolute least favorite Norwex product. Although I seem to be a minority in my opinion because I’ve had several comments from people who love it. But I digress…

      I can’t really speak to staining on that cloth because I absolutely never use it. It’s not microfiber though so perhaps you can bleach it? Maybe ask your Norwex consultant about that one because I just don’t know.

      As for the other Norwex (or e-cloth) cloths. These are high quality microfiber cloths. That means they pick up dirt and grease and grime and don’t easily release it. It’s not that the cloths are stained – it’s more that the dirt gets trapped in there and can’t get out. Chances are, once you use you’re cloth, it will start to seem dirty. You can launder e-cloth ® and Norwex products in hot water. The hotter the water, the more the fibers will open up and the more dirt/grease will be released. This is why I recommend boiling your cloths occasionally. If you haven’t read it already, I wrote a post some time ago on how to launder/care for your Norwex and e-cloth products. Maybe worth a read.

      • Shirley Zimmerman says:

        I am wondering what the warranty on e-cloths is? Norwex is 2 years and have never seen it on the ecloth posts here. Thanks

        • Hi Shirley – e-cloths have a 300 wash guarantee. So number of years kind of depends on how often you wash them. I wash mine about once a week so 5.5 yrs. But I’ll probably get new ones before then, “just because”. ;)

  18. jag51 says:

    Another trick, especially for the bathroom drain is to use one one of those long plastic drain picks-it has little hook things along it that grab the hair & gunk. It isn’t a pleasant task, but very effective & NO chemicals. You can buy them for a couple of dollars at WalMart or Ace Hardware. It worked for me when the “drano” type of products didn’t do anything for my slow drain. Hope this helps.


  19. Amy says:

    Hello, o just tried the Norwex polishing cloth. I am very very impressed, to the point where I am recommending them to my fire chief to use for our trucks. I was wondering how the Norwex cloth compares to the E-cloth. I was thinking maybe from a financial point using these cloths would be.more cost effective than constantly buying cleaning sprays. Your input is gratefully appreciated.

    • Hi Amy. What a great idea! The e-cloth Glass & Polishing cloth has a different feel/texture than the Norwex one. It’s more like the Norwex Car Cloth (which you may not have tried). It’s got more of a silky feel but is amazing for polishing anything and getting into tight spots inside cars (and firetruck) dash boards etc. Performance wise, I haven’t noticed any difference between the e-cloth and Norwex cloths except that the e-cloth one slides more easily over windows and mirrors.

      Right now, e-cloth is having an amazing 2 for 1 sale on “Fall” colors of the Polishing cloths (2 for $7.99) with free shipping in the US. The General Purpose cloths are also on for the same price so if there are parts of the truck that need to be cleaned before they’re polished, they could be handy.

      Finally, e-cloth does have a vehicle-washing line. Nothing’s on sale right now but perhaps worth a look, depending on the department’s needs. But if you’re just looking for something to polish with, you definitely won’t go wrong with the 2 for 1 sale.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help.

  20. Heather says:

    I was recently introduced to Norwex. A friend let me borrow the general purpose and glass cloth and I was amazed! I looked online to see if this was truly a one of a kind product and found your site! Since my friend introduced me, I purchased the enviro cloth/glass set and some spiri sponges. I also ordered a general e-cloth and polishing cloth from your site (and the cleaning sponge!) to compare. I think the general cloth from e-cloth feel “fluffier”, but both work the same…e-cloth is just far cheaper! I do have to give Norwex the higher grade on the polishing cloth though. It doesn’t seem to get wet as quickly when using in combination with the general cloth for washing/polishing. The Norwex seems a little higher quality, BUT I could purchase 2 e-cloths for the price of one Norwex…so it’s a toss up! The sponges seem about the same, but I think I’ll end up grabbing the e-cloth sponge more due to the two different texture sides.

    Thank you for all the great reviews on this site. My house has never looked better (not even close because I actually sort of like cleaning again!)!

    • Dee says:

      my preference with Norwex is that there is silver in the aniti-bac products so the bacteria is getting ‘killed’ while the cloth is sitting/drying so the cloths don’t get an odour (which is bacteria)….I’ve had some of my Norwex cloths for 4 years and they still work (leave no streaks) and have no odour though I admit when I ordered new ones, they work MUCH much better (obviously).

      • Hi Dee. Thank you for taking the time to comment. There’s nothing like a brand new cloth, is there? e-cloth also offers a cloth with silver in it but I’ve come to really appreciate the non-silver ones. They dry quickly and I’ve never had a problem with the stinkies.

        • sandra says:

          what sort of silver is it and how is it put into the fibre? The Norwex Cloth has micro instead of Nano which is the unsafe one. I believe that Norwex have the patent on silver in microfibre cloths.

          • Sandra – e-cloth stopped manufacturing cloths with silver in them last year because the silver in NO WAY improves upon the cleaning ability of any cloth (including Norwex) and it only caused confusion to customers. Not to mention the extra expense and strain on the environment. I’m not sure if Norwex has a patent or not. If they do, it would most likely be related to HOW they put it in the cloth, not whether it’s in there or not. But again, I’m not certain.

            I’ll take this opportunity to remind people that e-cloths (and Norwex) cloths work so well because of the quality of the microfiber. It’s the microfiber (not the silver) that picks up bacteria (over 99%!), grime, grease, dirt, etc from a surface. e-cloth has had some very good lab testing done and have proven that if you rinse the cloths well after you use them, over 99% of bacteria that was picked up by the cloth will be rinsed out.

            The purpose of the silver is to speed up the killing of bacteria in the cloth. BUT, as mentioned above, if you rinse your e-cloth well after each use, there will essentially be no bacteria left in the cloth. So the silver is kind of superfluous.

  21. Carole says:

    not yet, haven’t had time to contact website you mentioned.

    • Carole – if you don’t have the receipt you’ll at least have to tell them the date of the party, host and consultant. Beyond that, I don’t think I can help you since I’m no longer a consultant. But I will be interested to hear what happens so will you please let me know?

  22. Carole says:

    My dealer no longer sells Norwex 7 person who hosted has moved…now what?

    • Hi Carole – I’m going to sound a bit frustrated here but it’s not directed at you. It’s at Norwex and consultants and ex-consultants. They make it difficult for people to make returns/exchanges when it should be easy. There is no reason why your ex-consultant couldn’t point you in the right direction. She made the money off the sale and she knows the ropes. Or at the very least she could have taken the time to tell you what you need to do. Instead you have to resort to contacting a stranger (me) for advice. It just frustrates me.

      You’ll need 3 things: The date of the party, your receipt and the name of the consultant. Ideally, the receipt has the party date and consultant name on it. Scan in the receipt and email it to customerservice@norwex.com with a description of what happened to your mop. Tell them that your consultant is no longer with Norwex and that is why you’re contacting them directly. If you don’t get any response from them, let me know and I have one more email that you can try. Either way, please let me know what happens. I’m sure others in the same situation will appreciate any comments you leave about your experience with the return/exchange.

    • Carole – did you get your mop situation sorted out?

  23. Martha says:

    If I were to buy a few products just to get started, what would you reccommend? A friend invited me to her Norwex party tomorrow, and I would like to support her, but I think I will put most of my money towards e-cloths. Which e-cloths would you get first.


    • Hi Martha. This is a great question. Personally, I’d start with the e-cloth starter pack. I always recommend that people get at least 4 general purpose e-cloths (which the Starter Pack has) so they have one for the kitchen, bathroom, and “everywhere else” and then an extra one for when the other 3 are being laundered. The Starter Pack also comes with a Glass & Polishing e-cloth which you’ll want for your windows, mirrors, glass stovetop, and everything shiny. The General Purpose cloth will do the heavy cleaning and the Glass & Polishing e-cloth will give everything a streak-free finish.

      You can clean most of your house with these 2 cloths.

      You can also use the General Purpose e-cloth to dust, although I find the dusting e-cloths work much better.

      And of course, there’s the mop – which I LOVE.

      But I’d start with the Starter Value Pack to get used to this kind of cleaning and as you figure out where the General Purpose cloths are lacking, or if you need more, you know where to come :o)

      If the Norwex Consultant knows her stuff, you’re probably going to be dazzled at the party. The Norwex products are great and the consultants have the selling of them down to a science. I’ve got a couple of suggestions:
      1) Don’t take your wallet – consultants usually leave the party “open” for a few days, or you can ask that they do. If you don’t have your wallet with you, there’s no pressure to buy “spur of the moment” and you can go home and think about it for a day or two (and read my reviews again – or ask me questions about products I haven’t had the time to review yet)
      2) I’ve mentioned time and time again that the e-cloth microfiber is as good as the Norwex. So if you’re only interested in microfiber, stick with e-cloth, because you’ll save yourself a lot of money (except the Norwex makeup removal cloths. e-cloth doesn’t have those…yet). But, e-cloth doesn’t sell any of the cleaning solutions and Norwex does have a few that might be worth it to you. I use them in my house because I’ve still got some that I got free as a consultant. I’m not sure that I’ll actually every buy any though as I find I can do the same job with baking soda and vinegar in most cases. But that’s just me.

      One last suggestion:
      3) Don’t get hung up on the “antibac” cloths with silver. I hear that Norwex is downplaying this a bit lately because of huge misconceptions about how it works. If you have time, I’ve posted some info on how it works that you may want to read before the party. If you do decide it’s what you need (personally, I don’t think so), e-cloth has the Professional Cloth with antibacterial silver.

      I hope this helps. Have fun at the party!

  24. Lori says:

    Omg do I love the Enviro cloth! It is saving my carpet! If u have any stains just dampen cloth, lay over stain and leave for awhile…Amazing <3!!! It has removed most of my stains in my carpet that I thought was set forever. Great product that I will never live with out!!!!

    • Lori – glad to hear you’re loving your Enviro cloth. I just had to retire my Enviro cloth. After 2.5 years of constant use it has served me well and it was sad to say goodbye. You’ll know it’s time to retire yours when it just doesn’t seem absorbent any more. I’m using my e-cloths now and love them just as much. Here’s to greener and easier cleaning! Take care of your Enviro cloth and it will take care of you.

  25. cindy says:

    i find that after washing my windows, and then using the pollishing cloth it does not wipe with ease, it sticks and the results are STREAKY windows, i have had several people complain about this… what to do.. and i take care of my cloths rinse them after each use so do not believe they dirty

    • Hi Cindy. I have the same problem and mentioned that in my review of the Norwex Window Cloth. To be honest, I don’t know what you can do about it. The only “work-around” I’ve found is to use it slightly damp. It moves more easily across the glass and seems to leave my windows streak free.

      I haven’t written an official review for the e-cloth Glass & Polishing Cloth yet but it’s on my list. It has a completely different feel from the Norwex one and doesn’t stick as you wipe. It’s smaller and more manageable as well. Not that you want to go out and buy another cloth after you invested good money on the Norwex one. But if you’re ever looking for an alternative, or a 2nd one, it’s very good.

      I will be interested (and perhaps others will as well) if you find dampening your Norwex Window Cloth fixes the “sticking & streaking” problem. Will you please keep me posted?

  26. Allison says:

    Thanks for the help. I did have plenty of water in the pot while boiling but maybe too many cloths. Do you clean them each individually? That would take forever! I did try vinegar and then soaking them in hot water with a little soap, which helped. Thank you.

    • Hmmm. You’ve baffled me, Allison. I usually boil 1-2 Enviro Cloths or 3-4 of the body cloths together in a small pot (sometimes 4 or 5 Enviros in a larger pot – 4 litres(?)). Anyway, I’m glad to hear the smell is gone. If it comes back, just return them!

  27. Allison says:

    I tried boiling and now my cloths are burned… Am I suppose to boil the water and then soak, or keep the water boiling while the cloths are being cleaned? They still smell a little funny too. Will I have to pay full price for replacement cloths? I do love my cloths, just struggling with the cleaning them part… They do great work cleaning other stuff! Thanks ;)

    • Hi Allison – I’m really surprised to hear that your cloths burned. Did you have lots of water in the pot? Did it boil dry? Did the cloth touch the element? Do you have a picture you can send me? I boil mine (keep the water boiling) for 10 minutes about once a month and have never had a problem. They were Norwex cloths right? Norwex has a 2 year warranty so as long as you bought them less than 2 years ago there will be no charge for the replacement. You’ll have to go through the consultant you bought them through to get the replacement.

  28. Jenny says:

    No, I haven’t tried the dishwasher soap, but my dishwasher does have a stainless steel interior so I wasn’t going to purchase it. I was out of my regular dishwashing detergent and thought that because the Norwex laundry soap is also non-sudsing it might be a good substitute. The inside of my washing machine is stainless steel and the laundry soap didn’t specify not using it in that instance. Do you think it would be worth a try in the dishwasher?

    • Jenny – I wouldn’t. To be honest, I’ve never used the Norwex laundry detergent as I’ve always been happy with Charlie’s Soap. I would guess that even though it’s advertised as “non-sudsing” that it will still bubble up some. But I could be wrong. I’m thinking that since Norwex has never marketed their laundry detergent for the dishwasher that it’s not a good idea. Especially when they sell a dishwasher detergent that can’t be used in a stainless dishwasher. It seems to me that if the laundry detergent COULD be used in a dishwasher (stainless interior or not), Norwex would be marketing it that way – or at least spreading the word. If you’re really set on trying it, contact the consultant that you bought it through and they can put the question to head office (I no longer have access to that kind of help since I’m no longer a consultant).

      If you do find something out, please let me know as I’m sure others will be interested to hear.

  29. Jenny says:

    Can you tell me if the Norwex laundry soap can be used in the dishwasher? They are both non-sudsing so I wondered if that would be an option?

    • Hi Jenny. Interesting question and I’ll be honest, I don’t have a clue. Have you tried the Norwex Dishwasher Detergent? Although it’s not recommended for dishwashers with stainless steel interiors.

  30. Dorothy Maes says:

    Hi Kate I just found this site looking for feed back on Norwex, I have a cleaning business and the norwex cloths have saved me so much time. I love them, I clean my cloths with norwex and other laundry soap on the whitest white cycle of my washer (Never to use bleach, sofener or dryer sheets) Because it is the hot water wash cycle, When I wash my microfiber its a load of like material all microfiber and nothing else. I noticed people complain about them geting stinky, When ever I am done with my microfiber cloths I clean and rinse them with water wring then tight and then hang them open and flat to dry until the next use. My cloths have never got stinky and I have been using them for about 1 year. I handle my cloths with the best of care. Always rinse clean and ring dry after every use and hang them to air dry. I love them.

    • Hi Dorothy – thanks for taking the time to comment. Sounds like your laundering regime is similar to mine. I’m sure others will find your tips useful! Here’s hoping you get MANY years of use out of your cloths!

  31. Nicole says:

    Hello! Have you had any negative feedback on the dryer balls? I recently washed a load of whites then dried them with the dryer balls and all the shirts came out with yellowish blotches on them…They are definitely not the bright crisp white they were before I washed them…The Norwex consultant I bought them from assures me it was NOT the dryer balls that caused the odd coloring, but I am not convinced…

    • Hi Nicole. I wish there was a way for users search the comments on my blog because I KNOW I’ve gotten some comments on them but I can’t remember what post they were related to. The main negative/problem comments I’ve gotten were related to the dryer balls falling apart. I have not heard of any discoloration issues but there’s always the chance that your set has a problem. Is there something you don’t really care about that you can try drying them with – like an old white towel or dishcloth (or your husband’s underwear ;) ). If you don’t trust them or just don’t like them, remember that Norwex has a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and just tell your consultant you want to return them. She/he doesn’t need to know the reason other than that you’re not happy with them. Sorry I can’t be of more help. But I will be interested to hear what happens if you try them again with an old towel or something. Will you keep me posted?

    • Cathy says:

      I have had a few pieces of clothing (usually my husbands work shirts) that have a small yellowish/greenish spot on them. I can’t figure out what is causing it. I have suspected my Norwex dryer balls (because they are the same color as the spots), but really didn’t want to think that was the cause. Nicole, have you had any more issues with your wash getting spots?

  32. Allison says:

    So, I clean my shower regularly with the Norwex cloth but it tends to smell like my shower even after the cloth dries and after washing. Can I soak them in vinegar first? What about oxy clean?

    • Hi Allison. Have you tried boiling it? You could try soaking in vinegar. I’m not familiar enough with oxy clean to know whether that’s a good idea or not. I would try the boiling and vinegar options and if the smell is not there, contact the consultant that you bought it from and ask for a replacement.

  33. Jackie says:

    Hello. I have a question about my outside windows that have developed stubborn water spots (likely from watering flower gardens). I have tried the e-cloth followed by polishing cloth with no success. Suggestions?

    • Hi Jackie – I’ve had the same problem. I sprayed my windows with a good dousing of vinegar and let that sit there for a few minutes before wiping with the e-cloth. That worked for me. If you’ve got the stainless steel or stovetop e-cloth, they have a bit of a scrubber on them that you could use too. I’ll be interested to hear if this solves your problem so please keep me posted.

  34. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I was just recently introduced to Norwex products at a party, and the whole idea of chemical-free cleaning with microfiber is new to me and very appealing. I ordered several of the cloths and towels and can’t wait to try them! Reading your blog has been extremely helpful in understanding how to use the cloths and also how to care for them – thank you! I do have some questions about cleaning them, though: 1) First…My husband likes for his clothes to be dried with dryer sheets, so we do use them with some of our laundry loads. So even though I won’t be drying my Norwex cloths with dryer sheets (which I don’t use with my kids’ clothes, either), do I need to be concerned about “dryer sheet residue” in my dryer from previous loads affecting the cloths? If so, what should I do about it? Would washing and drying the cloths inside a pillow case or garment/laundry bag prevent any issues? 2) Second…After a really bacteria-heavy job (like raw meat or chicken juices, toilet, kitchen sink, etc), could I just boil the cloth for 10 minutes instead of waiting until the next laundry load? Would that “clean” the cloth just as effectively (and also make it ready to use again right away)? Also, you’ve often mentioned adding a teaspoon or so of dish soap to the boiling water; is this necessary, or can I just boil the cloths with no soap? And since you’re supposed to use “water only” (no soaps or cleansers) with the Enviro Cloth, or other cloths, do I need to worry about the oily dish soap “coating” the microfibers of the cloth in any way during boiling, thereby making them less effective? (or is simply rinsing the cloth in the sink afterwards sufficient enough to get the dish soap out?) I hear different things and sometimes it gets a little confusing. Thank you so much for all of your help, Kate! I’m so grateful for your site and so thankful to have found it!

    • Hi Rebecca – I think you’ll love your Norwex products. I’m glad my blog has helped you a bit. e-cloth and Norwex products are both very simple to use but it’s such a departure from the old fashioned type of cleaning that I know people have a lot of questions.
      1) using dryer sheets – if you want to avoid dryer sheet residue on your microfiber cloths altogether, you could just hang them to dry. I don’t know the “science” of dryer sheets enough to say whether putting your microfiber cloths in a pillow case will keep the residue away or not. I would think that if you put them in the dryer and periodically boil them with a bit of dish soap (or detergent), you’d get rid of any fabric softener residue.
      2) Boiling instead of laundering after cleaning a heavy bacteria area would be fine. Personally, I would boil for 10 minutes and then rinse in hot water (or boil again) just to flush everything away.
      3) I add a tsp of dish soap (in reality, I probably only add 1/2 tsp because when I add a full tsp, the bubbles overflow onto my stove) when I boil my microfiber cloths because my cloths are typically full of grease from around the stove. The boiling will open the fibers and release a lot of the dirt but sometimes you need to use soap too. You don’t have to add it every time you boil them. But imagine washing your laundry without detergent. It wouldn’t work.
      4) If you’re boiling your cloth with dish soap (or detergent), make sure to rinse them in soap-free hot water (or boil again) afterwards. That should be enough to get rid of all the soap. If you find your cloths start to stink, just boil them without soap to get rid of any residue.

      One last thing – I wouldn’t boil them after every use. It’s probably fine, but I wouldn’t want you to wear out your cloths too fast. Once or twice a month should be fine.

      Enjoy your microfiber!

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you so much – this was really helpful!!! I also appreciated your blog post outlining this in further detail; thank you for taking the time to do that for all of us. The link to the cloth diapering site was a big help for me as well, as I have actually been wanting to switch to a “cleaner” but still affordable laundry detergent – not just for my microfiber cloths but also for my children’s clothes. That site was a huge help!!! Thanks a million. By the way, I just got my Norwex cloths and have started putting them to the test…and WOW. I am definitely a believer now! I’m simply AMAZED at how well they work (even just in drying dishes – amazing)…The water, dirt, dust, etc just disappear! It’s like magic. Thanks again for all of your help! I’ve enjoyed your site and will be back again and again!

  35. Lsyts says:

    I was thinking of getting the mop, but didn’t want to spend close to $100 on the whole system. But then I got to thinking, I’ve got a dust mop (looks similar to a Swiffer, but with a longer base) what if I attach some velcro to the bottom of it and used that with the Norwex mop pads! Do you think that would work? My sister in law is getting the mop system, so I may just have to look into this idea. It would certainly save some money and I could still keep my dust mop.

  36. Audra says:

    Hi, i just got a microfiber cloth and window cloth and love them! I am still experimenting with all the ways i can use them. Can the microfiber cloth clean a tub with hard water stains or do you need something with a bit more abrasive power?
    Also, how should i “clean” the microfiber cloth after use if i want to wait on laundering for a few days? Thanks!

    • Audra – glad to hear you’re loving your microfiber cloths. Did you go with Norwex or e-cloth? How big of a build-up of hardwater stains have you got? If it’s just slight, good microfiber cloths will pick it up but it may take a few tries so just be patient. If that doesn’t work, you can use a scrubby microfiber like the e-cloth stainless steel cloth or the range and stovetop cloth. They’re both non-scratch but give good “scrubbing” power. If however, you’ve got a lot of buildup, you’re going to want something stronger the first few times. Baking soda or Cream of Tartar are great (depending on the surface, you may want to try in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn’t scratch). Once you get the buildup off, a daily or 2-3 times/week wipe with your microfiber cloth will stop it from building up again.

      If you let me know what type of cloth you’ve got I can point you in the right direction of cleaning instructions but generally, I recommend washing it after every use in the sink with HOT water and a bit of detergent or dish soap. If you’re washing around your toilet, don’t use it again before laundering it properly.

  37. Connie says:

    I have recently purchased a few products, one which is the cleaning paste. My plan was to use on our tub/shower which is fiberglass but I haven’t read where it’s safe for that finish. Can you tell me if I can use the paste on my shower without scratching or removing the finish? I also have a glass top stove. Can I use the paste on that?

    • Connie – the Norwex Cleaning Paste is slightly abrasive so they always recommend doing a “test” first. So pick a small part of your tub/shower and give it a try. The same goes for your glass stove top. That being said, I know people have used it with great results (and no scratching) on both. In my opinion, if you’re regularly using a good microfiber cloth (like the bathroom e-cloth or the Norwex bathroom mitt), you won’t need the paste. By regularly, I mean if you’re wiping your shower/tub after every use. Or if you’re in a household like mine, you’re wiping after YOU use it. I know others here aren’t ;o)

  38. Jess says:

    Hi – love reading through all this info. I am new to norwex, by I am hooked! One problem – my husband (trying to be helpful) washed one of my kitchen cloths with other towels and bleach, and put it in the dryer. No dryer sheet with that load, but I have used them in the past, so I know there is dryer sheet residue. Is the cloth completely ruined for microfiber / anti bac purposes?

    • Jess – too bad about the bleach. To be honest, I’m not certain how that will impact the silver in your cloth (you may want to contact your consultant and have them put the question to head office). Washing with bleach is a big no-no though as it can degrade the microfibers. As for the dryer. It is fine to dry your cloths in the dryer. The dryer sheet residue may accumulate over time – in which case I would recommend boiling your cloth with a little dish soap for 10 minutes. Actually, I always recommend to do this periodically anyway. One other suggestion would be to NOT wash/dry them with linty items like towels. The cloths will pick up ALL the loose lint. That should come on in the next wash/dry cycle or two. Right now, the bleach is the only questionable factor for your cloths.

  39. Katie says:

    Hi Kate,

    I saw your post about the all purpose e-cloth…is there a noticeable difference between it and the professional line cloth with silver? I am just thinking about how many to order & which type- can you only use the non-silver ones for one cleaning session? I have some Norwex cloths & I really appreciate not having to launder them after only one use.



    • Hi Katie. There is absolutely NO difference in the performance of the the e-cloths with and without silver. They’re both great! As for frequency of laundering, it depends on what you’ve been cleaning and I leave that to your judgement. Personally, I wash/rinse my cloths (regardless of whether they have the silver or not) in the kitchen sink after every use. I use hot water and a bit of dish soap. If I’ve used it to wipe up a lot of grease, I let it sit for a while. But if I’ve used it to clean up after dealing with raw meat, I launder it. You should do this with the “antibac” cloths too.

      If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading my post about how the silver in “antibac” microfiber cloths works. It gives a little information on when you should launder your cloths.

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  40. Molly Kortuem says:

    Thank you for all the posts and HONEST answers. I just recently became a Norwex Consultant and really love the products I have used. I still had some questions and most of these were answered on this site! Thank you Clean-up Kate for taking YOUR time to inform others. Thank you bloggers for all the great questions!

  41. Anjie Johnson says:

    Hi! I was wondering about the story I heard about using the enviro cloth at a hospital. Supposedly they used the same wet cloth to clean like 10 table surfaces with MRSA, e coli, etc. & it picked up 99.9% of all the germs & did not cross contaminate. I was wondering, would they have to fold the cloth & use separate clean areas on each table? Or would the same surface of the cloth really clean up that much bacteria & viruses? Thanks!

  42. Casey says:

    Hi, iv been using the norwex antibac cloths on my face for about two weeks and I’m very scared to continue using them as its caused acne. Help!!??

    • Hi Casey. I would recommend sticking with it – at least for another week. The thing is, your skin has to get used to this new way of cleaning. Most of the feedback I get about using the cloths on your face is similar – the first week or 10 days, people tend to break out but then it clears up and their skin is better than ever.
      One point I’ll add though – I recommend using the makeup removal cloths for DAILY use and the body cloths only a few times per week. The body cloths are used more to exfoliate and can be drying on your skin.
      I hope this helps. Keep me posted on what happens over the next week or so. I’m always eager to hear.

  43. Christeena says:

    Kate, that is on my list of items to “win” at my presentaipn next week – I’ll give it a whirl then and let you know what happens! Thanks!

  44. Heidi says:

    Hello, I own several Norwex products and am very happy with all of them. I was wondering if you could explain the “antibac” cloths- In the catalog is says the antibacterial agent is for self-cleaning purposes only. I was under the impression that they have that same effect on the surfaces you are using them on. In other words, when I use the kitchen cloth, is the cloth actually sanitizing my kitchen counter/table as well?

    • Hi Heidi. GREAT question and funny enough, I just posted an entry on my blog a couple of weeks ago that discusses how the “antibac” feature works (and doesn’t work). I think that will answer your questions, but if not, pop me another note here. Here’s the link.

      • Heidi says:

        Thanks so much for your quick response. So, are your surfaces (i.e. kitchen counter) considered “disinfected” after washing them with a wet “antibac” microfiber cloth? One of the demos at the Norwex party I hosted, the consultant rubbed raw chicken on my kitchen counter, tested it with a test swab to show the bacteria present, wiped the counter with the cloth, then tested it again and it showed no more bacteria present. That leads people to believe that it’s sanitizing the surface, which is what I’m trying to clarify. I really like the idea of the Norwex mop as well, but am a little leary because I’m still a little confused with the “antibac”. Does a wet norwex mop clean better or the same as washing your floor with a water/vinegar mixture?

        • Heidi – I think the best way to explain it is to tell you to forget about the antibac (well, for a minute anyway) feature of the Enviro Cloth. Think of it just as a very good microfiber cloth. The MICROFIBER picks up the bacteria, dirt, grime, germs, etc. The MICROFIBER traps that bacteria, dirt, grime and germs in the cloth and doesn’t let it go until you wash the cloth. The Microfiber is doing the cleaning.

          So, now you’ve wiped your counter with your Norwex microfiber cloth and the counter is VERY clean. The Enviro Cloth has been proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from smooth surfaces. (All our microfiber is good and likely removes over 99% of bacteria, but the test have actually only been completed on the Enviro Cloth). For instance, your consultant showed you that the Enviro Cloth picked up all the bacteria from the chicken.

          This is when the “antibac” kicks in. AFTER you’ve wiped your counter. The “antibac” works to kill the bacteria that your cloth picked up and is now trapped within the microfibers.

          In my mind, “sanitize” means killing bacteria on the surface. That is NOT what ANY microfiber does. All microfiber (including Norwex) picks up the bacteria and traps it. The antibac works to kill any bacteria that is picked up by the cloth. It does NOT kill bacteria on the surface of your counter like chemical cleansers do.

          I hope this clarifies things for you.

          The mop is good but it IS pricey. Have you read my reviews here and here? Like our cloths, they pick up the bacteria and trap it. The wet mop is “antibac” so it works to kill bacteria that is picked up by the mop. It works better than a traditional mop because it traps dirt instead of pushing it around and because you use it only slightly damp, there are no streaks and it’s safe for wood floors (that you’re not supposed to use a wet mop on!).

          If you’re interested in the mop, you can buy it here. Personally, I recommend the large one as it makes sweeping/mopping that much quicker.

          Hope this helps.

  45. Christeena says:

    Kate, thanks for your response – yep -using my enviro cloth damp on the wall! Sorry , I kinda double posted – wasn’t sure if my one post went through. I’ll get the gray cloth from my show next week! Thanks!

  46. Christeena says:

    Kate, The urine is definately topical as I can take a really strong cleaner in a hidden corner and get some off so I know it hasn’t bleached the wall. If I had to do it over again, I’d encase the walls around the stool in plastic when having little boys in the house!! :) Also, I cleaned my aunt’s fireplace glasses which the cloth did great but how do I get my once lovely blue cloth blue again instead of black!!!???? Thanks!

  47. Christeena says:

    Kate, Thanks for getting back to me! I don’t think the urine has bleached the wall because if I use a “toxic” cleaner in an unseen spot, the yellow urine shows up on a white cloth but it also takes off the finish. :( I really hate to have to repaint these two walls because the faux finish is textured to it will just be one big mess. Also, took my cloths over to my aunts to clean her fireplace glass and it worked great but now the BLACK cresote and soot does not want to completely leave my cloth! And she had just cleaned the glasses yesterday so they were not even nearly as dirty as they can get! I’m having a show next Tuesday so I’ll see what a bit of paste does for the wall. I just boiled my cloth with a dab of Dawn and it helped some but there is still black on my lovely blue cloth!

    • Christeena – the urine is a mystery to me. Honestly, I can always get it off the walls with no problem. You’re using the Enviro cloth damp, right? As an aside, I’ll be keeping my 2 boys sitting as long as possible ;o).

      It IS great for the fireplace glass,isn’t it. I used it as a test for my “30 days of the enviro cloth” posts and couldn’t believe how clean the glass was afterwards. But, you’re right, it does turn your Enviro Cloth black. Unfortunately the “stains” are a side effect of great microfiber cloths. They grab dirt and don’t let go! Every time you boil/launder it, you’ll get rid of a little more out but it may never look brand new again. I managed to get rid of all the soot from mine, but there are other “stains” in my cloth now. You could also try boiling it with a bit of laundry detergent. I mostly use my all purpose kitchen cloth for “dirty” jobs like the fireplace, oven, BBQ. It’s gray and hides that black soot really well.

      • Renee says:

        If you are cleaning fireplace glass, a great non toxic trick is to use wet ashes! Take a wet paper towel, dab it in the whitest ashes in your fireplaces and scrub away! Use a clean wet paper towel to wipe off any leftovers. THEN use your good cloths.

  48. Christeena says:

    So Kate, I’ve been cleaning like crazy with my Enviro cloth and have to say, I’m in love! It is amazing what it cleans with just water. I just tried to tackle my bathroom walls around the stool where several little boys missed and I did not catch it quickly and now it is dried on there but good! I tried wiping it off but it won’t budge. It is a faux finish wall so strong chemicals have never been an option! Any advise???

    • Hi Christeena. Glad to hear that you’re liking your Enviro Cloth. I’m intrigued by your little mess. The Enviro cloth has always wiped it up for me. Is there any chance that the pee has actually bleached the paint and those are the spots that you’re seeing?

  49. Angie says:

    I have a question about the Norwex green dryer balls. I got my first set over a year ago and within 10 months, one ball was breaking apart. I got free replacements and have now been using these for a few months and now I just discovered one of these balls breaking in half. I don’t get it why this is happening. I have a friend who used her dryer balls for two years without anything going wrong. I do a few loads of laundry every other day so I’m wondering if these balls cannot stand having the heat applied a few times in a day. It’s just frustrating because I do like using them. Any ideas of why this happens?

    • Angie, I’m really sorry to hear about the troubles you are having with your dryer balls. To be honest, I don’t use them and have not heard of anyone else having this problem. I’ll put the question out to other consultants and report back here if I hear anything. In the meantime, I would suggest that you contact the consultant that you bought them through and request another replacement. Sorry I’m not more help.

    • Angie – I’m not sure where you are so this may or may not apply but someone mentioned that because dryers vent directly outside, the inside of your dryer can get quite cold in the winter. So, if you’re keeping your dryer balls in the dryer, when you start the dryer, the balls go from cold to hot very quickly and can crack. It’s recommended that you keep the balls out of the dryer when not in use.

  50. what happens if i dry the norwex with other lint producing stuff

    • Michelle – Norwex cloths are like a magnet to lint. If you dry them (or wash them) with lint-producing stuff, you may find that they don’t function as well because they’re full of lint. The fibers expand with heat so most of the lint will gradually be removed the next few times you put the cloth in the dryer. Some people tie their cloths inside a pillowcase (obviously not a fleece or flannel one!) when washing and drying with other items to keep the lint away.

  51. Katie says:

    Hi Kate,
    I am relatively new to the Norwex line (bought the starter pack a couple of months ago) & have some questions about them:
    - For a toddler with eczema, is it okay to use the baby body cloth on his body & use the makeup cloth for face?
    - I cleaned some very dirty areas of our home & the cloth is still visibly dirty after washing with detergent, is this a stain or do I need to try boiling it & washing again?
    - Have you heard anything about the dishwashing detergent & magnet ball?
    - What products (including skincare line, etc.) besides the cloths do you use in your home?
    - Last one – have you had any experience or feedback from folks who have used E-cloths? They seem to be very similar to Norwex at a more affordable price…
    Thank you!!

    • Katie – thanks for the questions.

      I use the baby body cloth to wipe up my sons’ hands and faces after meals. It does a great job but I find it does dry the skin on their face. For a toddler with eczema, you may want to stick to the makeup removal cloth for the body too.

      You’ve probably noticed that your Norwex cloths are VERY good at cleaning up messes and picking up dirt. So good that they pick it up and don’t want to let it go. So I’m not surprised that your cloths look stained (you should see mine!). I always suggest boiling it for a while. This will open up the fibers to release some of the stuff stuck in there, but it likely won’t get rid of it all. Unfortunately this is a side effect of having great microfiber. In the future, if you’re cleaning something that you’re worried will stain the cloth, try rinsing it immediately in HOT water in your sink.

      I use the dish washing liquid and like it. If you’re referring to the detergent for the dishwasher, I have NOT used it but hear good things. My dishwasher is stainless steel inside so I can’t use it.

      I’ve heard mixed reviews about the magnet ball. Same with the dryer balls. Some people really like it. Some people just don’t.

      Personally, I use the descaler (and love it), the cleaning paste (love it), the toilet cleaning system (love the solution, absolutely hate – and will NOT recommend the brush), the face and neck gel and the face cream (love it but the new price, along with the price of ALL the creams is FAR too high in my opinion), the oven and grill cleaner (love it), the mattress cleaner (to be honest, I’m not certain it has done anything for me). I’ve got reviews for several of these items here on my blog. I keep meaning to add more reviews but time gets away from me. If you have any questions on any of these products, let me know. I’ve provided links to my website which will also provide some info.

      Funny you should ask about e-cloth. I’ve got a blog entry in the works. Stay tuned – i hope to post it in the very near future.

  52. Barb Panichelli says:

    I am extremely dissapointed in the increase in price in the Laundry soap. When I was introduced to Norwex I was extremely pleased with the product and I passed this on to co workers, family and friends. We have a group of up to about 20 people and one of the products most of us purchased was the laundry soap. The price has jumped from $29.99 for a 2kg bag to $20.99 for a 1kg bag. When the consultant inquired about the increase indicating patrons were unhappy this was the response:
    Hello Barb,

    Due to the rising cost of raw materials, the current packaging of the laundry detergent was to experience a significant price increase, resulting in a purchase price of more than $32. We elected to repackage this top selling product in the new 1kilo/2.2 lb package to support a more affordable purchase price. Again, we know how many customers LOVE our laundry detergent but we also recognize that many consumers would be hesitant to purchase the laundry detergent for the first time at a price of more than $32 therefore we elected to reduce the package size AND the purchase price in order to keep this competitively priced. The new price is an increase over the former per ounce/kilo price and could not be avoided. No decision is ever made at Norwex without us having first considered how it affects our consultants, their families, and our customers.

    WOW talk about blatant inconsistency first of all lets do the math how could a $2 increase for the 2kg pkg compare to a $6 increase for 1/2 the size? Someone needs to attend marketing 101. Also how dare you be so RUDE as to say NO DECISION is ever made blah blah blah I guess what a lot of consultant are concerned about does not matter ie here is an e-mail from another consultant
    Hi Barb,

    I have forwarded off this concern to head office as I think they need to hear this feedback.

    I also just had a customer today call me to re-order laundry detergent and decided to cancel her order when I told her the change so I understand your concern completely. :(

    I have worked real hard over the past 6 years marketing the laundry detergent and now it is going to be really hard to keep marketing it because of the price increase.

    Thanks so much for your email.

    Lorraine Coutts
    Executive Sales Manager
    Norwex Enviro Products

    I and others will definately NOT purchase the laundry soap with the above attitudes!!!!!!!!!! As well I will forward this to as many as possible

    • Barb – thank you for your comment re: detergent pricing. I’m 100% in agreement. Although I love the Norwex products I’ve been disappointed by the price increases and find it increasingly hard to justify the cost. The cleaning solutions and skin care products are wonderful but the price makes them out of reach to the average consumer. Even with my consultant discount, I am unable to afford them.

  53. Krista says:

    I purchashed some norwex kitchen cloths and forgot that they should be washed separatetly from clothes.They were washed with plain detergent with no fabric softener or bleach though. Since then I have washed them separate and let them air dry but they do have a smell to them. I have been using them as just cleaning rags in other places such as floor spills, windows, etc because I just can’t get past using them in the kitchen with the smell. My question is..are the cloths still effective even though I washed them with a full load of regular cloths? I was told that the fibers from the clothes probably got into the cloths which is why they smell.

    • Hi Krista. I’m surprised to hear that your kitchen cloths are smelling. I’ve mistakenly washed my cloths with other items and the only problem was that they grabbed EVERY-PIECE-OF-LINT-IN-THE-WASHER! You CAN wash them with no-lint items like jeans but try to avoid throwing them in with towels and fleecy clothes (like what I did).

      In any case, I would suggest boiling the cloths with a bit of dish soap or laundry detergent. By “a bit” I mean less than a teaspoon. Boil them for 10-15 minutes, drain the water then boil again without any detergent. The boiling will open up the fibers and release any lint and dirt. You can hang them to dry but Norwex actually suggests drying them in the dryer.

      Let me know if this helps (or if it doesn’t).

  54. Lou says:

    I’m a House manager for a high quality home and just recently started using Norwex. I ordered the starter kit and have only used it to clean glass shower doors, mirrors, glass tables, and bathroom vanities. Very impressed!
    Will Norwex products safely clean crystal stemware, silver flatware, and finished leather furniture/decorative panels? I’m mainly concerned with scratching or dulling of these surfaces.
    Thank you

    • Hi Lou. Welcome to the wonderful world of quality microfiber! Norwex cloths are safe for all types of cleaning. For polishing glassware and silver, I recommend the Suede Envirotowel. I think you’ll find that the Enviro Cloth that came with your starter pack works wonderfully as a duster when dry and heavy-duty cleaner when wet. If you’re looking for a more dedicated “duster”, you can try the dusting mitt. It makes dusting small ornamental items, baskets, blinds, fabrics very easy.
      As for leather furniture. I would recommend using the Enviro Cloth or Dusting mitt DRY. A damp cloth may pick up some of the dye and frankly, isn’t good for leather. Norwex has a new product – Leather Shine Bees Wax – that many people have commented favourably on.

    • Hi Lou. I just wanted to provide you with an update here as e-cloth has a fantastic cloth made specifically for polishing glassware. The Drinkware Drying & Polishing e cloth is more reasonably priced than the Norwex suede cloth and is ideal for cleaning/drying crystal stemware, silver flatware and fine china.

  55. Joanna says:

    Another thought regarding excema, could the makeup removal clothes be a good subsitute for washclothes for my girls? I really like the idea of just being able to wash them with just water but wanting to know if this would be enough. Thanks again!

  56. Joanna says:

    My girls are allergic to dust mites which manifests in excema. I just bought the matteress cleaner( waiting for it’s arrival) in hopes to decress their breakouts. I was wanting to know a little more about the techenical workings of the product and where do the micro organizims come from? I was also wondering if the baby body pack would be recommended for their skin? Or any other products that would be helpful for their situation. Thanks!

    • Hi Joanna. I’ve pasted a bit of information about the mattress cleaner below. If you need more than that, let me know.

      The baby body cloths are nice, but I think they may irritate your girls’ exzema as they work to exfoliate and can be quite drying on the skin. I would definitely recommend the makeup removal cloths as they give a thorough cleaning without drying and are gentle on the skin.

      I also have a couple of skin care products that you might find work nicely. The Mediterranean Olive Oil Salt Scrub moisturizes really nicely and lasts a long time. The Shea Butter deeply moisturizes and relieves the itch of dry skin.

      I hope this is of some help.

      • Joanna says:

        Thank you!!! Also great site, I have found it to be very useful. Especially the 30 day enviro cloth challenge.

      • Margaret says:

        Hi Kate, I was searching for your info on the matress cleaner and couldn’t locate it. Could you repost or email it?

        • Hi Margaret. I’ve actually never done a review of the Norwex Mattress Cleaner. I have some but wasn’t sure how to review it since there’s not really anything to see so to be honest, I never know whether it’s actually doing anything or not. I never had a problem with our mattress in the past. I usually vacuumed it every time I flipped it and otherwise just left it alone. I got the Norwex Mattress Cleaner free. Otherwise I never would have gotten it. I’ve use it on our dog beds thinking it would keep the smell down but again, no noticeable difference. I continue to use it on our beds but like I said, I’m not sure what it’s doing for me. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

          I once a saw a review of it about someone who got night sweats. They said they started using the mattress cleaner and the sweats stopped. Personally I find that hard to believe – but you never know. I also get the night sweats and can tell you that the mattress cleaner hasn’t done a thing for that and I just can imagine how it would since sweats are generally a hormonal/health issue – or sometimes if there’s a plastic/foam mattress protector.

  57. Margie says:

    I use the Nowex products and love them all. I use the enviromental cloth for all cleaning projects with water, and feel it really works well. I wiped down the stainless apliances and finish with the polishing cloth, and love the results. I have been using it also on the painted walls to get off fingerprints and grime from dirty hands, and it leaves no streaks and doesn’t fade the paint, like some harsher cleaners.

    I also use the body cloth and make-up remover clothm and feel my skin is much softer, and do not need to use lotions And no i am not a Norwex cosultant or have interest in the company, just a stasfied customer. mc

  58. justmeandclean says:

    As stated above I attended my 1st party about 2 weeks ago and was very impressed. I’ve ordered close to $150. But I was talking to my sister and she told me about a competitor and their cloths are about half the price. So I was so anxious to get mine, but the hostess held the party open for close to a week so I ordered from the competitor too, and have had my cloths almost a week now (with very clean windows and house :-) I might add) still waiting on my Norwex order. I was going to have a party but I don’t think I could live with myself knowing that my friends could get the same thing at half price. On the cloths. There are some that the competitor don’t carry like the bath towels and a few others. But I’m going to order the toilet cleaner and the paste.

    • Thanks for your comments. I fully understand what you mean about the price. Even as a consultant, I find the prices high but the products are extremely well made and last a long time. I am glad to hear that you’re happy with all your products.

      As for the toilet cleaner and paste. I love the paste and like the toilet cleaning solution but absolutely hate the brush (what a saleswoman I am, hey?). If you haven’t done so already, you may want to see my review of the toilet system .

  59. Angie says:

    I have acne and combination skin type. I am also concerned about wrinkles. Are there norwex products that would work for this? And if so what line would work best. I am 35yrs old and have a busy schedule.

    • Hi Angie. Great question (although it sounds a bit loaded. Are you a Norwex Consultant by any chance?). I always recommend the Makeup Removal Cloth for problem (or any type!) of skin. It is gentle on skin and will clean your face with just water. Some people have mentioned that it takes a couple of weeks for your skin to get used to this new way of cleaning (i.e., not cleansers) but then the results are astounding – so don’t give up on it. You can also use the Antibac Body Cloth to clean and exfoliate the skin, but I don’t recommend using it more than a couple of times per week as it can be quite drying.

      Norwex has the Naturally Timeless line of skin care products for those of us over 35 (sigh, that’s me too). These are relatively new products and I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried them personally. I had used (and loved) the old “organics” day and night creams but I find the new line just too expensive at $60.00/jar. For a stay-at-home mom, that’s way out of my price range. Some people really love it (mostly Norwex Consultants that get a discount on them), others find the results less than thrilling. Not a great sales pitch, I know, but I do thrive to be honest!

  60. elle says:

    Hello, I just bought some products. If we find that we need to continue to use our old detergent with fabirc softner, then it sounds like we need to wash our cloths separate? That will be a very small load and wasterful on water. I don’t have the time to keep boiing them, Any suggestions? Thanks!!

    • Hi Elle. You can wash your cloths in the sink with a bit of dish soap. Use hot water – add some from your kettle if you can – and rinse them when you’re done to get the soap out.
      Your Norwex cloths will last you a long time as long as you take care of them. Think of them as an investment. You can use any laundry detergent as long as is doesn’t have fabric softener or bleach in it. Also, if you want to do a larger load in your washing machine, you can wash them with other non-lint items (like jeans) that don’t require fabric softener.

  61. RD says:

    Hello, I have just recently been introduced to Norwex. I have a question regarding the descaler. It did a wonderful job on my very difficult shower (my husband even commented) and stubborn ring from hard water on the toilet. It does say keep off of skin which of course I read after using, but do I need to be concerned with having artifical nails (acrylic) will it cause them to lift? Should gloves be worn with products?

    Silly question I know, I guess I will find out if I keep using it.

    • Hi RD – I’m happy to hear that the descaler is working well for you. I’ve got to be honest – I have no idea if it will cause your acrylic nails to lift. Personally, I don’t wear gloves when I use the descaler, but then my hands don’t really come in contact with it. I have gotten it on my skin without it bothering me at all, though. If you’ve got very sensitive skin – or cleaning in a way that you’re getting lots of direct contact with the descaler I would suggest that you wear gloves.

  62. Dawna says:

    (I love this blog! Good questions, great answers!)

  63. cjpb says:

    hi there! I recently bought some Norwex products and stumbled across these comments. They are super informative—thank you!

    Would you use your EnviroCloth to, say, clean up a puddle of pee left from your potty-training toddler? After rinsing it off, can you immediately use it again or do you have to wait for it to dry?

    Also, would you, if you HAD to in a pinch, wipe down your kitchen sink, rinse it off, then wipe off your baby’s messy mouth? I use one of the travel-size EnviroCloths for my baby’s mealtimes, and a normal sized EnviroCloth for everything else. But I was wondering, if it really works, I should be able to, say, wipe the sink or the floor, rinse off, and then use on my baby’s face and hands….right?

    • Hi. Thanks for your questions.

      There are 2 things to remember when cleaning areas or messes that are high in bacteria (such as potties, around the toilet, raw meat juices, yogurt and dairy products):
      (1) it will take 18 to 24 hours for the silver in our antibac cloths (like the Enviro Cloth) to kill the bacteria and
      (2) it is possible that there is so much bacteria picked up by the cloth that bacteria starts feeding on bacteria and you get hyper-growth of bacteria that the concentration of silver in the cloth cannot kill fast enough.

      So it’s recommended to launder the cloth in hot water or boil it with a bit of dish soap after using it to clean bacteria-laden messes.

  64. Natalie says:

    Hi I have loved my Norwex cloths and their ability to clean but recently sent them through the wash with Tide detergent. Is there anything I need to do or can do to reverse the effects? Or is it OK to just to keep using them? Thanks in advance for the information.

    • Hi Natalie. Don’t worry, your cloth should be OK. If you accidentally wash your Norwex cloths with a detergent that contains fillers, or if you accidentally use fabric softener, you can:

    • run the cloth through the washer a few times with a detergent that does not contain fillers OR
    • boil it for 10 minutes with a teaspoon of dish detergent. If you use the boiling method, just make sure to rinse it out thoroughly afterwards to make sure the detergent is out of it.